Once again, it’s Thursday, and that means Epic has updated the free offerings on the game store. This week, gamers can snag two indie games — each generally costing $20. The first is Matt Makes Games’s Celeste and the second is Inside from Playdead.

Celeste is a pixel-art platformer that tells the story of a girl named Madeline as she travels to the top of Celeste Mountain. During the journey, players uncover secrets and solve the mysteries surrounding the mountain.

Inside is a puzzle game that focuses on a boy caught up in some sort of dark project — that apparently involves other kids. The game is literally and figuratively dark. It’s also rated for mature audiences, in case any of that matters to you.

Also of note on the freebie game offering front this week, Humble Bundle is offering Dirt Rally for free as part of its End of Summer Sale. Normally, the game will run you $40 on Steam. So, if you’re into racing games, this would be a good one to grab.


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