A new first-person puzzle game is now available on Steam. Imagine portal with an Art Deco feel, and instead of a portal gun you have a weapon that allows you to use your own previously used bodies as part of the puzzle solving process and you have Salt Mine Studios’ Lab Rags.

In Lab Rags, players play as a crash test dummy. Whenever they fail (and they will), a dummy body is left behind that can then be used in a variety of ways to complete the puzzle. That may mean leaving a line of crash test dummy bodies behind to use as jumping platforms or morphing them into something else, like trampolines. It’s one of those silly, but pretty genius, ideas.

Among the game’s features — which includes things like elevator music for the elevators — is color blind support. Players are able to change the colors of red and green buttons and lights via the graphics menu to make the game more accessible.

Lab Rags is available to play now via Steam and Itch.io.

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