Carbine has announced the next major update for its free-to-play MMO WildStar. The update, titled “Destination Arcterra,” will send players to “some of the most remote and mysterious locations on planet Nexus.” It promises dangerous enemies, famous heroes, and deadly critters; and will be available soon on the PTR.

Arcterra is a max-level zone offering new content for solo players or groups; including “Snowballing” boss encounters that will spawn even more powerful bosses in response to players defeating bosses in the zone. There will also be a blizzard event where players will compete to collect keys from bosses and gain access to a secret dungeon for their faction.

WildStar’s world story will also continue in this new zone with Vault of the Archon; a new story-driven instance that will continue the tale of Drusera.

More information on the update will be coming at a later date — including information on zombie pirates.

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  1. Great game, I had bought the HumbleBundle for 2$ last year so I have played for few months, and after f2p launch I organised myself a guild. Having lots of fun atm, raiding Genetic Archives and starting Datascape raid. Game production is great, voice acting and guiding player trough story while leveling. Ofc its possible to skip alot of stuff and get max level in 3-5 days but it would be a shame for new player to do that. Leveling zones are littered with challenges and path missions which do take out time from leveling but it gives so much charachter to the whole game. Btw we since it is f2p we do get people who try game and after a while quit but that is the same with all f2p. This content update is much needed to make game worth playing for old players who have been around since game start though and all are looking forward to it. As far as pay to win goes its litteraly non-existent as I have not spent money since initial purchase of the game, and I wonder if the game is making enough money to be able to make new content and stay afloat. Anyone having near-accurate info on that would be nice.


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