The WildStar team is getting in on the Back to the Future Day fun by celebrating all things hoverboards. Over the next five days players will be able to participate in the Hoverboard zPrix Invitational and test their hoverboarding skills.

The Invitational takes place on zTracks (courses) located in three different regions of Nexus. Hoverboarders will have a chance to show off their skills in the forest of Celestion, the desert of Deradune, and the icy slopes of Whitevale. Each track has daily quests associated with it and offer chances at celebration-specific loot.

For more information on the event and how to participate, read the official announcement on the WildStar site.

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  1. Fake free to play game, if u not pay u are very locked, game design sux, atleast in starting area for my char, hard to see where is up or down and where to go, boring, game dying slowly with this free to play scam, they should make game f2p from start with transaction shop only, failed, counting till game goes down.

    • Did you even tried to get out of the tutorials? And what do you mean by “locked”? Anyone can get to max lv, anyone can do pvp starting from lv 6, anyone can have housing, anyone can get ALL pets and mounts etc. without a cent. The game do have transaction system, you can buy OmniBits with real money or you can get OmniBits by just playing so you can buy mere cosmetics for your char and house. And pls don’t blame a game if you don’t know which side is up and down, your disorientation disorder it’s your own problem cause the game quests allways tells you where to go with a big blue holo arrow pointing excatly at the place you need to go. Thank you.


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