WildStar’s next update is landing in just a few days and it’s bringing with it some new content and quality of life changes. It will introduce the next chapter in the World Story — titled Vault of the Archon, a new tutorial, and a new addition to the in-game store.

The Vault of the Archon will take players on both sides into the secret base where the Eldan Archon hid most of his secret data. Players will have to fight the cold to get to this information, making strategic use of the warmer areas in the areas they will need to traverse to get to the vault.

The new tutorial will give new players (or returning ones) everything they need to know to make it in the game while the store addition is a perk for Signature players.

More information on all of these changes can be found on the WildStar site.

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  1. aoe “action” ….. make this crap tab target and maibee it survives till 2018 crapy combat or true acton or semi action not this crapy combat….

  2. They still need to fix the hotkey system, pressing 1-9 for skills in a action MMO is just wonky and really gets on ur nerves fast, also again the voice actors need to either shut up or actully say the things in the text.

    • I’ve been playing mmos since 2000 and all i see is kids complaining about everything so basic as pressing 1 to 9 for skills, meh what’s next, 9999999 mana potions and 9999999 healt potions, pvp insta kill, noclip and god mode abilities for premium users?

      • The Community is a hell storm completely now. I think people who complain on most forum like MMO Bomb and other Game forum to make matter worst also the people who just sit here Complain nonstop everyday.
        it is really became so bad now it can bring down your health in a Couple of second. I just don’t see any point playing online nowadays. (Online Games is a Joke now.)
        Even The News games have become Most negative 90% Percent by Gamer. (I’m no Gamer myself Though)


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