WildStar’s Homecoming Update Will Let Players Build Housing Communities


As many video gamers know, why bother going outside during the hot and humid summer when you could stay home and have fun? Carbine Studios knows how you feel, so the next big update for WildStar focuses on housing and is called Homecoming.

For the first time, WildStar homeowners can join together to form communities, giving them the “opportunity to relocate their homes to shared land.” Also new is the Residential Renovation event, which will take place for one week every month and task players with housing-centric activities, rewarding them with cool decor for their efforts.

In non-housing news, a couple of dungeons — The Sanctuary of the Swordmaiden and Deep Space Exploration Expedition — get the Prime treatment, offering greater challenge for greater rewards. Finally, Homecoming coincides with the Madame Fay’s Fortunes Update, giving players another shot at goodies from the previous year’s event.

Homecoming comes to WildStar Sept. 6. Learn more about the update on the WildStar site.


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