WindSlayer 2 Beta Sign-Up

MMOBomb Staff
MMOBomb Staff

Ignited Games is bringing 2D side-scrolling, multi-player, role-playing game (RPG) WindSlayer 2 to online gamers across North America. Gearing up for the dynamic online game’s release, players can now sign-up for their chance to be in the closed beta test.

WindSlayer 2 takes players on a journey through the beautiful world of Beuritania. Featuring colorfully rendered, 3D characters converted to a fast-paced, 2D gameplay experience, the lively game delivers a dynamic visual presentation. Players battle their way through Beuritania dealing fast and powerful attack combos to vanquish their foes.

Online game fans can jump into multi-player action with friends in WindSlayer 2’s battle arena for Team Fight, Death Match and Capture the Flag. WindSlayer 2 also features:

  • A Mentor System where expert players can teach new players in exchange for rewards, creating a strong sense of community within the game
  • AI-enhanced pets that provide help in hunting, collecting items and other tasks
  • A variety of character classes to choose from as users advance through the game and gain experience, including archer, mage, monk, priest, rogue or warrior
  • Unique combos, techniques and weapons for each class
  • An Enchant System that enables them to strengthen weapons and armor by combining different ingredients, growing players' characters even stronger

As WindSlayer 2 heads into closed beta testing, eager players can register for their chance to be among the first to play the game by signing up at the official web page.

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Discussion (35)

xsnrgman 11 years ago
The community is a bit small. I had a bad experience with this game. One person in my dungeon asking if I was a 10 year old and saying I don't listen. I'm playing a freaking game! Next time I'll go solo. Parties aren't that necessary being you get tons of potions from quests done on your own. The PvP is unbalanced and I don't recommend it until you're above level 21. You'll get owned.

GunnerMage 11 years ago
This game is pretty amazing! Most of my friends are playing this one. If you wanna check it out just follow the link I have provided:

seeker 11 years ago
Im actually new to 2d games like Windslayer 2 ,but when I saw those videos for this game I got excited to play this game. Plus they have a nice system’s for the game like the MENTOR system. Cant wait to play!!!!

manofsteel09 11 years ago
i love the game, it's really wondeful game and a full of fun. i tried it.

LurkMaster 11 years ago
Just finished watching the video of dungeon run. Loved watching those tons of combos I just saw. Grrr! Can’t wait to try that!

Elena 11 years ago
It looks cartoony. But where did gaming really start? It started with 2D cute-looking characters, and despite that, they can kick butt. And it looks like they have PvP too! Who wants to get their butts kicked by a girl? :D

mommie 11 years ago
I just watch the video on face book... i like its 2D graphics and its new futures ... Can’t wait to play Wind Slayer 2... This would be fun.. =)

manofsteel09 11 years ago
this game is interesting i think it's really fun to play because of 2d graphics and the characters are really cute!! fantastic..

Hannah Shyla Watson 11 years ago
Rawr! They are still cuties! ~(*. *~)
I'll wait until they release it!! (giggling)

pandamonium 11 years ago
What a nice game. Its cute, yet action packed just like its predecessor. One of the best games ive ever played. I hope they will add a lot more skills and quest with WS 2. Can't wait to sign up.

FreakCombo99 11 years ago
I've just watched their video on their facebook page! It amazed me when they did their combos. Can't wait to see how will my character do when i try. Hehe >:)

HoneySyrup 11 years ago
The graphics looks good I must try this one out!Waiting for CBT

kakat 11 years ago
i just loved to play on 2D games. Wind Slayer 2 got new futures and i can wait to try. Mage class look interesting... hmmm>. =) must try it..

Lory 11 years ago
I haven't tried the 1st Windslayer but this looks promising. I've played Maple Story for a while and kinda getting sick of it. I'm hoping WindSlayer 2 would keep me entertained! I can't wait to try it out!

noeshau2dougy 11 years ago
i beg to disagree! for those people who says windslayer is a doppelganger of wonderking, THINK AGAIN! Windslayer differs in many ways..they have different features in many ways, though wonderking is including windslayer on my "MUST TRY THIS GAME" list...

onihime 11 years ago
FTW! I'm a player from WS. I hope Ignited will bring out the real beauty of this game. I wish i can download now the game client. Im really excited to play it. I already signed up for CBT! See you all there.

FFFin2D 11 years ago
I hope this is far more better from its first version.
I am curious how they will handle this game.
Better to see it first-hand, see you in-game.

Raijin 11 years ago
Excellent! I for one will be signing up for beta right away.
Have a good feeling that they will get it right with this one. Plenty of time to get things nicely polished.

DeathWink 11 years ago
I admit to being intrigued by this game, but I have to agree with ----- here.

XFarmer 11 years ago
It's been a while since I played a 2D side scroll game. Better give this game a try once it's out.

Memoirs 11 years ago
I'll be creating guides for the game once I played it. I want to help the community in my own little ways.

ankola smasher 11 years ago
I hope it has more updates compared to the previous version. WS1 lacks on updates and each area is like a ghost-town.

PvP on this game is awesome!!

BlueCasket 11 years ago
Me and my friends will be joining the Beta. Anyone planning to create a guild? You can hook us up for members. :D

panchinko 11 years ago
I already registered too and patiently waiting for the release for the CBT launch.
I hope its not the same as WS1... Kudos to IG!

Priceless 11 years ago
Been waiting for its beta launch, I have already registered days ago.

CommonMan 11 years ago
Found the WS2 Facebook fanpage, they have released videos of dungeon runs and numbers of screenies.


I might try this after CBT.

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Eoy 11 years ago
That was the worst picture to publish the game -.-

Lyfe 11 years ago
I didn't like the game play of the first one i hope this one is better.

Gamer 11 years ago
The first windslayer was pretty bad, the combat system was pretty horrible, the community was dead, not much updating, and it was mainly pure grinding.

I hope this second one will be a huge improvement.

jameshwin 11 years ago
The first windslayer was pretty good, though I don't know if this is some sort of sequel or remake. Anyways, the first one was okay but needed some touch-ups and hopefully this one will be good, I'll give it a try.

Sader 11 years ago
Hopefully it will be better than windslayer, I love 2d side scrollers but windslayer just failed in my opinion

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