A classic icy landscape will be making a reappearance in the Neverwinter series with the upcoming Curse of Icewind Dale expansion. This new addition is expected to bring some nostalgia to the old fans of the frigid realm, along with new PvE content, fresh features, and even new elements to PvP.

An evil influence has cast Icewind Dale into peril, keeping it under a spell of dark magic. Black Ice, a strange and dangerous substance used to create powerful items, resides in Icewind Dale, and has attracted unwanted visitors to the area, causing chaos amongst the land.

Curse of Icewind Dale is projected to be released later this spring.

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  1. ZhaoYun on March 6, 2014

    ye ye tell me when they raise the max level this game got repetitve for me after i reached max level

    • First on March 6, 2014

      What MMO is not repetitive at end game to some degree? They could just raise the level cap, but that will not by itself make it non-repetitive. Unless you just like to hear the ding of another level reached. Like wise they could come up with some non-repetitive activities and not raise the level cap.

      • ZhaoYun on March 6, 2014

        everything gets repetitive eventually but some games manage to still be fun although being repetitive for me 2 examples would be Tera and WOT but ye u right raising the cap would just delay the inevetable

  2. Aeryoth on March 6, 2014

    third !. oh yea… does not care for neverwinter. its like a strict buy our diamonds game. the currency system blaaa.. not mention the horible character animations.

    • LordDreed on March 6, 2014

      Oh yeah, not like you can earn astral diamonds by just playing the game or anything. And not like the animations are better and more satisfying than any other MMORPG. (That I’ve played personally)

      • Boody on March 6, 2014

        The you can get diamonds by playing argument is retarded. If you aren’t paying you will get items after ages of playing rather than just selling zen for millions of diamonds and getting whatever you want quickly.

        • LordDreed on March 6, 2014

          And it’s “Retarded” saying that isn’t a legitimate way to play the game. There isn’t much you really NEED that many astral diamonds to buy anyways. You can generally play the whole game without touching the auction house, and everything else that requires astral diamonds are reasonable enough to get by or after level 60.

          • Annonymouse on March 7, 2014

            Have fun PVPing against wallet warriors that have items that increase power that would take you years to get if you aren’t willing to hand over the credit card details.

  3. Im Batman on March 5, 2014

    Its summer \o/

    • Mystika on March 5, 2014

      If you’re in the Southern Hemisphere, then it IS coming…actually technically it’s coming for the Northern Hemisphere as well, just it’ll take longer to come.

      Tbh, I thought this would be about Game of Thrones.