Beginning today — and running through the end of the month — Hearthstone players can join in on the seasonal festivities and earn some nifty rewards. That’s right, Winter Veil is back. The halls (or tavern) has been decked, there’s a tasty new card back, and there is even a special bundle.

During the Winter Veil festivities, players can participate in the Returns & Exchanges event. Build a deck of 20 minions. The game will choose 10 random spells. Then once you’re in game, “gift” the majority of your deck to the other player. They’re sure to love that. But the good news is that a “gifted deck comes with a 5 mana Gift Receipt card that when used refreshes the player’s crystals, swaps the decks back, and prevents the other player from using their Gift Receipt card.”

Oh, and did we mention the limited health? Yeah. Both players only start with 20 health.

The good news is that players who play Returns & Exchanges matches and win will get the special Winter Veil Treat card back — which looks like a tasty, tasty cookie.

A second event, the Gift Exchange Brawl, gives players the chance to smash open crates dropped on the battlefield by Greatfather Winter in order to get new cards. Players can destroy their own crates or their opponent’s. But keep in mind the card inside will be tied to the class of the player whose side of the field it was dropped on.

This is also a second chance to earn the Winter Veil Treat card back, just in case you’re having difficulty getting it the other way.

Finally, if you have some cash to blow, there is a special holiday bundle that includes six packs from each of the game’s five expansions, for a total of 30 packs. The bundle costs $20 and is available until January 14.

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