Are you ready…. to perma-die? If so, what is wrong with you! But in all seriousness if you’re ready to try your hand (and patience) at the new MMO from Sony Online Entertainment Wizardry Online then you’re in luck.

SOE recently revealed the closed beta for their upcoming perma-death MMORPG would begin on October 29th. Sony didn’t say how many individuals will gain access to the fantasy MMO starting next Monday but they did leave us with a trailer showcasing some of the action players can expect.


  1. it looks a lot like Dark Souls, and with permadeath, i guess its like the equivalent of dark souls, but free and online, I WANT TO PLAY!!

  2. Nice to finally see another game in the Series (well, kind of at least) since it’s been over 10 years sine Wizardry 8, although It’s hard to tell how much this has in common with the series.

    • Wizardry series has been out waaaaay before SAO. Wizardry Online has been out in JP before SAO also. So check yourself before you wreck yourself, weeaboo scrubbie.


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