Work Has Finally Begun On A PvE Combat System In Dual Universe, But That's Not All 2023 Has In Store

Players will be getting one of their most requested features.

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Dual Universe PvE Combat

When Novaquark began work on Dual Universe, they had no plans to focus on PvE combat but plans often change – particularly when your players are asking for a specific feature. In a dev post from a member of the game’s production team, Mark van den Heuvel (aka NQ-Deckard) announced that work has begun on the PvE combat system. According to the post, the first iteration of the PvE mission system will focus on ship-based combat. The mission in question will scale in size, so players can take them on alone or as part of a team. Of course, it will be a bit before players see this feature in action, as work on it has only just begun.

PvE combat isn’t the only thing Dual Universe Devs are working on either. According to the post, PvP improvements based on player feedback are in the works. This includes things like increasing the importance of voxel armor on PvP ship designs – or just making it a requirement outright. They’re also looking at ways to encourage multi-crew ship setups and perhaps restricting the ability to remove cargo in combat.

The post also goes over what the devs have achieved thus far, as well as things like contest winners. Those interested in reading it in full can find it on the Dual Universe site.

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