Explore The Sea Of Void In Torchlight: Infinite’s Second Season

The update adds new content, including a new playable hero.

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Torchlight Infinite Blacksail

If you were out of pocket last week, you might have missed the launch news for Torchlight: Infinite’s second season, “Blacksail”. Today's update takes players to The Sea of Void, where they will experience a “swashbuckling saga” that will eventually see them taking on the new endgame boss, The Lord of the Void Sea.

Blacksail unlocks new Hero Traits for two existing Heroes, Rehan and Moto. This means fans of those characters have more ways to optimize their builds. The update also adds a new playable Hero named Cateye Erika. Erika dual-wields blades and uses them to deal fast damage. She’s good for people who like to go on the offensive and can be unlocked via the battle pass.

Speaking of optimization and customization, a new loadout slot has been added to the game, allowing players to equip Hero Relics. This is a new class of gear powered by Hero Memories. Twelve new Pactspirit have been added as well. For those wanting to play on controller, there’s even more good news. Controller support has been added.

Of course, a new update often means new events. This time, players will be able to take part in the “Prayer’s Light” event. During this event, they’ll complete Spring Festival quests and earn Celebration Lanterns. These are exchanged for rewards, including Revival Tokens, Oblivion Points, and Insight Crystals. Players can even get more of these items as part of their daily log-in rewards.

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