Did upgrading your PC to a core gaming machine leave your wallet a little light? Don’t worry, you’re still entitled to a premium gaming experience and City Interactive SA is going to give it to you with World of Mercenaries, a new free to play first person shooter currently in development exclusively for PC.

Powered by Unreal Engine 3 and to be distributed digitally via Steam, World of Mercenaries is a skill based competitive FPS with stunning graphics, fluid controls, customizable weapons and focus on teamwork as a core element for player progression. Immerse in the life of a fearless mercenary!

“Our veteran team is comprised of some of the most devoted FPS fans in the world and we’re excited to use our knowledge and experience to fuse the best elements of previously released games in the genre with new and exciting advancements – be it in terms of graphics, controls or skill based game play.” says Bogdan Oprescu, Executive Producer for the title. “Our closed beta program will be an integral part of the development process for World of Mercenaries, as it is our goal to deliver a game made by, for and with FPS fans. We are shaping the future of competitive FPS, and are fully confident it will be achieved with the enthusiasm and help of our beta testers.”

More information on the game and the launch of the Beta registration process will be made public soon at www.worldofmercenaries.com.


  1. Sounds interesting, going to have to look into this more, not sure if there are any videos of game play out there since the site still says 7 days until we can sign up for the beta.

    • To be honest, you did want them to stop, despite you not caring, that’s not possible.
      You obviously care enough to complain about it ^^
      Caring goes both ways you know 😛

      • Drakeon, you complain because you don’t care and don’t want to care. What Dan said is factual. Don’t be such. It is possible to want them to stop, despite him not caring. What if your girl siblings play barbie loud and you want them to stop? Does that mean you care about playing barbie? lol

    • Don’t worry Dan just see them as Illiterate retards who is incapable of extended communication beyond that of mimicking those around them don’t get mad but feel sorry for their existence it’s not their fault they just lack the brain power necessary for such simple work


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