World Of Warcraft: Dragonflight Explains New Talent Tree System, Previews Priest Trees

Because two trees are better than one.

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WoW double talent trees

Dragonflight is continuing with major updates to World of Warcraft’s classes and class system with the re-introduction of talent trees. With the goal of increasing player agency over their characters' progression, WoW has circled back to talent trees–a familiar concept to those who played WoW before the Mists of Pandaria expansion.

Dragonflight talent trees will have some significant differences from previous versions of talent trees in WoW. First, there are now two trees instead of one. This will allow characters to have some hybrid flavor. There will also be a specialization tree that will focus on bonuses that enhance a player’s power in their main role. Keeping these two trees separate will ensure that players have some choices in both areas of growth.

Another change is that much more of a player’s class will be represented in the tree with a vast majority of abilities being obtained via the tree. Players that have questions or concerns should make their way to the bottom of the official post where WoW addresses these common, but understandable, questions. The post also previews the trees for you priests out there so you can start locking in your talent decisions.

Note: Activision Blizzard is still under investigation by the state of California for serious harassment charges. CEO Bobby Kotick is alleged to have known about such actions within his company – and performed some himself – and shielded the perpetrators from consequences.

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