Wargaming is billing Update 1.10 as World of Tanks’ “Biggest Update of the Year.” Hyperbole aside, it is pretty big, offering a new equipment system, Polish tanks, and the return of a popular map. And at least WG’s not trying to play the “biggest of the year” card in, say, late January.

Equipment 2.0 removes the older equipment system while introducing a new one that’s “more interesting, yet simpler and more attractive.” Equipment is now divided into four categories: Firepower, Survivability, Mobility, and Scouting. Slots are dependent on vehicle type and tier. In addition, nearly all types of equipment will be further divided into three classes, with a fixed credit cost for each. Make sure to read the blog post on the topic for all the details.

Seven new Polish tanks, a.k.a. “the Winged Hussars,” also storm into the game: six researchable from Tier IV-X, as well as a premium tank. The Tier X medium CS-63 has a unique gas-turbine engine, which allows it to reach speeds up to 70 kph. Learn more about these tanks in their dedicated blog post.

The Pearl River map is also making a comeback with this update. It was removed five years ago because players didn’t like its “excessive linearity and convoluted routes.” Now it’s back in a steamy tropical map “inspired by the beautiful scenery of Southern China’s Yangshuo county.” Beautiful, that is, until a few hundred tons of armored vehicles trounce through the countryside. OK, it’s still beautiful after that, thanks to Wargaming reworking the map in full HD.

Learn more about Update 1.10, along with teasers for the final part of World of Tanks’ 10th anniversary celebration and the return of the Steel Hunter game mode, on the WoT site.

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