Wargaming’s big esports show, the World of Tanks Grand Finals 2016, was announced earlier this week. The event will take place April 8-9 in Warsaw, Poland, and showcase 12 of the best tanking teams from around the world, who will wage war over a $300,000 prize pool.

Battles will be 7v7 affairs, with a 10-minute time limit, up from last years’s seven-minute mark. The game mode will be Attack/Defense, where one team defends two bases while the other team attempts to capture them or destroy all their vehicles. Tier X tanks will also be in the mix for the first time, offering even more heavy-hitting action.

Two teams each will represent the Asia/Pacific region, the Commonwealth of Independent States, Europe, and North America; one team will hail from China, and there will be three wild cards, “selected for their outstanding performance and/or other criteria.”

The Grand Finals will, of course, be streamed, and you can catch highlights of last year’s event in the above video. Full details can be found on the World of Tanks site.

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  1. Love this trailers! Promess something and when you finally get there its nothing compared what you expect. I was playing this game thinking it could be fun and competitive and it look like promissing when after intensive hours of playing i get that its not even close what i was expecting. Grind and more grind to get high tier tanks, the true competitive tanks. The game modes are always the same, not to mention its P2W. I haven’t seen nothing competitive that could make me focused to the game. In other words, don’t waste you time playing it, or to get something decent just invest, and when i say this i mean a lot. Boring game, i won’t recomend it!

    • Agreed. OPure cancer. Pre PAtch 8.0 I was ranked top 3 every match. It took a while. I learned how to master terrain, peek places, move around, etc. you felt an earned kill through skill. And a defeat well earned. Post patch 8.0 P2W higher gold standard. They admited in an official statement months after a post patch to “lessen the p2W early tiers”… I started ranking bottom, and no matter how skill you are, the steam roll gold standard wins with P2W crew perks, and other stuff. There is technically a Silver option on some items, but, it is INSANE not possible amounts. For example, 45K for about 15 rounds of ammo. I blow through 10 – 15 per match. And you only get about 4K silver per win… The method is Farm four months for one or two “balanced” matches.
      The last patch ruined it for me. Just pure roflstomping P2W cancer. The only enjoyable thing is to get to about tier 4 and farm the silver standard, then just invest in your little Tier 1-2 tank battles…but since they pit you ranomly against higher ups, you can never escape the P2W. It is a fun addicting game, but ruined. I also spoke with a GM via ticket. The team based in TUrkey takes care of in game issues, the devs and publishing in Germany (with bad English) take care of forums and website, and general chat bans etc are volunteers.
      All abuse power. And the Gm admited: “We can not control the forum bans, make a new account and try and contact the moderator” XD


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