WoT Blitz BDR G1 B

World of Tanks Blitz is getting to be as huge as its parent game. Today, Wargaming announced that the 7v7 battler (which you can get on mobile devices and on Steam) has crossed the 80 million download milestone. To celebrate, a new line of speedy French tanks are being added to the game.

The French tanks start with the Renault FT, described as “the first tank in history to have its turret on top, engine in the back, and the driver in front.” Doesn’t seem all that innovative, but I guess the French were trendsetters even back then. The line culminates with the Tier IX and X AMX 50 120 and AMX 50B tanks.

Also, on Feb. 23, you can partake in the Lost Division event. Completing battle missions will earn you intel, which can snag you chests with prizes and other loot inside — potentially including some premium tanks. You can read up on the French tanks on the WoT Blitz site, as well as checking out all the other changes in today’s patch.

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