World of Tanksbattle royale mode, Steel Hunter, is back in action for one week, starting today. In this mode, 20 players — either competing by themselves or in teams of two — slug it out to be the last tank standing. Ammunition, heals, and XP items that let you purchase upgrades can be found around the map or salvaged from destroyed vehicles. And, of course, the map shrinks as the match goes on, requiring tankers to eventually get up close and personal until only one remains.

This year’s version of the mode offers some changes, most notably the addition of two new tanks to the roster, up to five, and a new map, Arzagir 4.04, which joins the Dreamland map from last year. Daily missions have also been changed, which should make progress a little slower than before.

This is the second time Steel Hunter has been offered this year; the first time was in late August, and there will be additional weeks in October and November featuring the mode. Learn more about this week’s contest on the World of Tanks site.

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