Wargaming’s got a limited-time event in the works and it brings with it a new pair of modes for pilots in World of Warplanes. While they’re active, you can complete missions to earn a pair of high-tier planes from the U.S. and Germany.

Invasion is a classic attack-defend mode, tasking one team with defending locations from the other, with limited respawns. Attrition Warfare has unlimited respawns and control points. The more points a team controls, the greater the effect of shooting down the opponent’s aircraft on the overall score.

The new modes alternate the weekends they’re available, starting with Invasion from March 2-4, Attrition from March 9-11, and so on, up to the final weekend of April 6-8. The new modes come with new maps, Lighthouse and Winter War, which are inspired by real locations.

Running alongside these new modes is Operation Westwall, which offers 60 new missions, the culmination of which has players earning the German Dornier Do 335A-1 Pfeil and the American Curtiss XF-15C, a pair of speedy Tier VIII planes. Learn more about these new game modes and missions on the World of Warplanes site.

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  1. How many still play this anyway? They’ve pulled statistics from the game so there’s no way of knowing for sure, but it does feel very much dead.

    • There some people still playing this game but the statistics part is not showing real people who are playing the game. mostly bots accounts that you see on stream and other sites.


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