It’s time to go Dutch in World of Warships, and no, that doesn’t mean that you’ll be going on a date with anyone. Rather, it’s Dutch cruisers that are now available in early access form in the latest update, meaning that you’ll be able to try them out for yourself by completing various missions and by earning a new token currency ahead of their release in the full game, when they’ll be fully researchable.

The new cruisers span tiers IV to IX and while they don’t have the most long-ranging guns, the tier VI and higher ships come with an interesting new consumable: Airstrike. This allows you to call down a squadron of planes to drop HE bombs equipped with parachutes. Due to their slow-falling nature, and the delay between calling them in and their deployment, they’re best used against slow-moving enemy ships.

Two new seasons of Brawls are also underway, both being 3v3 slugfests, one each requiring Tier VI or Tier VII ships. If you’re a super-serious player and part of a competitive clan, there’s now a Hall of Fame to commemorate your achievements. And if all you want to do is look at your ships in fancy ports, the St. Petersburg port has been spruced up to celebrate the Russian Navy, and there’s a new Rotterdam port that’s perfect for parking your new Dutch ships.

Learn more about Update 0.10.6 in the patch notes on the World of Warships site.

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