As if the United States didn’t already have more than sufficient armament to conquer the world three times over, now it’s also getting reinforcements in World of Warships. Today’s Patch 0.9.9 brings a pair of new American battleships into the fray, which have big guns and a bald eagle as a figurehead, just so you know they’re 100% American.

The ships are the Tier VIII Kansas, which can be unlocked by completing objectives, and the Tier IX Minnesota, which you can obtain from lootboxes for purchase with Doubloons. There’s also a new currency, American Tokens, which can be redeemed for various bundles, camouflages, and Premium account time.

A new season of Clan Battles also launches with this update, and commanders can hire “mercenaries” — a.k.a., players from outside their clan — to lend a helping hand. Mechanical improvements to the game include damage being added to main battery penetrations and Wargaming has “improved the sea rendering quality for all graphics settings.” In other words: water is prettier.

Finally, there’s a major change to the game’s server architecture, with all players now being able to play using a single client, regardless of region. Your server will be selected automatically based on your preferences. If you have additional versions of the game installed, you should delete them before installing 0.9.9. For more on everything else in this update, hit up the World of Warships site.

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