When we last checked in on World of Warships‘ April Fools’ shenanigans, Wargaming had us tooling around a bath tub. This time, the dev team has something grander in mind: the final frontier.

When Update 0.7.3 goes live — sometime next week, we’d expect, though no exact date is given — players will be able to unlock nine spaceships and their corresponding commanders for epic 9v9 battles in the void of outer space. Asteroids, not islands, serve as cover, with meteor showers and a mysterious “psy field” serving as “weather” hazards. For participating in these limited-time battles and completing missions, players can earn signal flags, patches, and achievements.

The dev diary video below goes into more detail, including a somewhat distressing bit starting around 2:15. That’s when 3-D Team Lead Andrey Kuksov talks about all the hard work that went into designing this update:

“Usually it takes us from three to six months to create a ship. But in this case, we had about two months to create all the content for this event. About 25 people worked full time to bring you these nine spaceships. Last month, we worked overtime. And naturally, if you don’t manage to finish everything, you need to put in some personal time.”

Yay, crunch?

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