World of Warships Kamikaze

If you want World of Warships’ newest implement of destruction, you’ll have to go diving for pearls to recover its blueprints. Makes perfect sense, right?

Realism aside, Wargaming’s got an interesting community initiative underway, called Project R, to commemorate the launch of the Kamikaze, a Tier V Japanese destroyer whose partial blueprint was supposedly “recovered” recently, and it’s up to players to recover the rest. To do so, they’ll have to play in specially marked battles to earn pearls, and once 10 million pearls have been found, the warship will be recreated in full!

Along the way, there are many goals and rewards for participants, such as additional credits, premium time, signal flags, bonus XP weekends, and you can even earn special treasure chests that win you real-world goodies like Razer headsets. At the end of the line, all players who acquired at least 150 pearls will be put into a random drawing to receive one of the new warships.

Project R kicked off this morning, and there’s a separate count for North American and European progress, so get to diving!

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  1. So boring one map over and over pay to win shi t like tank world from rushi t jews from belarus, buy golden ammo and one shot anyone


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