Following a two-week test in February, aircraft carriers are back for good in World of Warships: Legends. Captains can immediately research American and Japanese aircraft carriers at Tiers III, V, and VII, and take them into battles. They’re mostly unchanged from their February test, though keep in mind that cruisers now have an anti-aircraft fire consumable that can increase their AA guns’ performance against hostile planes.

Also starting with today’s update is the new Limit Breaker campaign, which offers 100 tiers’ worth of rewards to be unlocked over five weeks. The ultimate prize is the Japanese cruiser Suzuya. Competitive players can check out the return of Arena Mode, operating in two-week sessions. The current session utilized Tier III cruisers and destroyers, with the leader board wholly dependent on your kill count.

Finally, Legends turns two years old this week, and Wargaming is celebrating that alongside Japanese holiday Golden Week, which starts around the end of the month. You can get golden camouflages for some Japanese ships, as well as a golden flag for all ships. There are also a pair of new maps, Solomon Islands for low-tier battles and Hotspot for higher-tier engagements.

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