World of Warships: Legends has gone full steam ahead with its Italian cruisers, which were released in early access form last month. We’re not really sure what the difference is between something being added to a F2P game in “early access” versus “full launch,” and it sounds suspiciously like a ploy to get double the press coverage for one event, but in this case, I suppose that loose lips keep ships afloat. Or something like that.

The Steel Redeemer campaign also kicks off this week, running for five weeks and culminating with the Tier VI Benham destroyer sitting as the ultimate prize at the 80th level of rewards. Players can also look forward to the Rust & Rumble event, which kicks off on the 19th and serves as the game’s Halloween event. It’s a post-apocalyptic team deathmatch with no concealment, so it should be a quick-and-dirty brawl to the death, set among the ruins of a sunken city.

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