It’s the Season of Giving in World of Warships — meaning that Wargaming will be giving players things for every day of the month up until Christmas on the 25th. You’ll also receive daily quests that you can complete to get additional gift containers from Santa, as well as premium time and doubloons. This month’s weekly combat missions culminate in the “New Year” permanent camouflage for Tier VIII ships, and three new American battleships — the Tier VIII Kansas, Tier IX Minnesota, and Tier X Vermont — are now fully available.

That’s all for the current update, 0.9.11. The next update, 0.9.12, will arrive before the end of the year and offer a new Dockyard, more free daily bundles, two campaigns, new ships and Commanders, and more. The dockyard will allow players the opportunity to build the Tier IX Japanese battleship Hizen, while Snowflakes will be back with the update, designating your Tier V and higher ships as being eligible for bonus rewards. Learn more about both updates in the patch notes on the Warships site.

Meanwhile, if it’s anime girls and consoles you prefer — and who doesn’t? — you can acquire commanders for World of Warships: Legends based on the Azur Lane mobile game until Dec. 21. You can get the five new commanders from containers, and each of them offers a unique voiceover and skills. Three of them have premium ships available, while two have camouflages, all of which can be found in the shop.


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