WoW’s Dragon Aspects Burn Their Way Into Hearthstone


In today’s patch, Blizzard introduced dragons to Hearthstone — not only as a minion type but also as new Heroes. Six dragons, Galakrond and the five original Dragon Aspects of World of Warcraft, are now playable heroes in the card game, along with Reno Jackson. The update also introduces 18 new minions to the game, 12 of which are of the Dragon variety.

To celebrate the new additions, Blizzard is offering a Descent of Dragons card pack to anyone who connects their Blizzard and Twitch accounts and watches three hours of any Hearthstone stream. Instructions on how to link your accounts (if you already haven’t) are available in the announcement post on the Hearthstone site.

Also of note in the post are details on the game’s sixth-anniversary event beginning March 4. Among the celebratory activities, players can count on special Tavern Brawls, a legendary questline, and — of course — log-in rewards.


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