BioWare announced that Warhammer Online: Wrath of Heroes, a new Player-Versus-Player (PvP) Play4Free game based on the MMORPG, Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning, has entered open beta. Starting today, gamers around the world can challenge others to highly competitive, fast and frenetic arena-style PvP combat for free.

“BioWare Mythic has a strong heritage in creating fun, intense PvP combat, and they’ve stepped up their game to deliver a whole new challenge to even more players with Wrath of Heroes,” said Dr. Ray Muzyka, Co-founder, BioWare and General Manager, BioWare Label. “I’m really proud of the team for creating a fiercely competitive, fast-paced online PvP arena experience; Wrath of Heroes has compelling progression and awesome depth in strategy and tactics, — all in a highly accessible free to play game.”

“With Wrath of Heroes, BioWare has taken some of the most exciting elements of Warhammer Online and created a wonderfully compelling experience that will delight our existing fans and introduce even more players to the unique and diverse Warhammer world,” said Jon Gillard, Head of Licensing, Games Workshop Group PLC.

Warhammer Online: Wrath of Heroes is delivers fast-paced and competitive three-sided 6v6v6 PvP arena gameplay! the game throws three teams into battle against each other, where players can choose from a wide range of unique heroes from the Warhammer universe on the fly. This cutthroat setup creates highly dynamic matches where teams constantly live on the edge of victory or defeat and alliances are quickly formed and just as quickly forgotten. With the instant playability of battles that last an intense 15 minutes, a small download size, and no cost to enter, Wrath of Heroes can scratch the competitive PvP itch for gamers of any type.

Players worldwide can sign up for the open beta and download the client by visiting the game’s official web site at


  1. Can’t take healer 1×1? I’ve seem a healer tank a full team for 1 minute, when I get caught as healer I die in 5 seconds lol. Op “runes” are op! a hero is 60k you get 20-50 for a loss and 100-300 for a win, since it’s 3 teams so your chances are very low, like a roullet 20% since skills and “runes” actually matters.
    Unninstalled after 10 matchs, every single 5x5x5 I was like “WTF IM DOING, WHO The F IM ATTACKING there’s like 15 people here, I have nfi what I’m doing!” hahahahaha oh and i raged like OMGGG I HATE THIS GAMEE OMGGGGGGGGGG I HAVE NFI WHAT IM DOING OH MY GODDDDD, how he tank as healer 5 people for 1 minute, i die in 10 seconds!

    Maybe, I’ll give it another try tmw, have only been playing LoL for a year or so, it’s getting boring. But there’s simply none decent games comming out, and not sure if I’ll have money for d3 sooooo.

  2. I just tryed it out. It is not bad but the heroes cost to much like 30k and you get per lost 50 and win 300. And it is unbalanced very . Helers heal to much. I mean like you cant take on a healer 1 vs 1.

  3. Oh my god, just installed. it’s 5x5x5 game, every single match. The team with 5 healers beat anything, plus in 5x5x5 team fights you can’t figure out SHIT, who to click, what’s going on, who’s using spell, who’s dieing whos not. It’s completely messed up game/system, totally trash, oh my god /mad.

  4. This game is terrible and unbalanced, I did like 10kills + some assists, we still lost 56(Green) 350(Orange) to 270(Blue) and don’t tell me its because of my team, they did quite good.
    The characters are too expensive if I get like 50golds per loss and 300 per win, Its impossible to get 30-40k golds for a character to actually start spending skill points on him just to start enjoying the game.

    • also forgot to add the graphics, like omfg Warcraft3 if you zoom in up close and turn the camera behind a hero so that it look like a 3rd person game, the graphics is still better in a 2003 Wacraft3 than a 2012 EA and Bioware developed game. wth is up with that !?

  5. if only they will make a game that is a game like this with a concept of dota, without a PAY TO WIN, with alot of heroes, not like seeing the same hero as you playing in one arena, without a stupid MIRROR match like game, (like using the same hero on both sides).

    hope this game will not gonna shutdown fast like faxion lol


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