Gamevil, publisher of numerous free to play mobile games, has entered into a deal with XL Games to bring ArcheAge to a mobile device near you. In the deal, XL Games will still be the primary developer of the title and Gamevil will publish the mobile title (similar to the deal XL Games and Trion Worlds have on the North American version of the PC title.)

We still don’t have a release date or many details on exactly how (or even if) the mobile version will tie into the PC version or information about a potential release date. From the actual press release though, it sounds more like a adaptation than a direct, cross-platform tie-in.

In addition to receiving praise in Korea, ArcheAge has also amassed over 2 million players in North America and Europe after being released in these regions in September 2014. By adapting this online game into a mobile RPG, GAMEVIL and XL Games hope to let even more gamers around the world enjoy ArcheAge.

There’s certainly a lot of systems in ArcheAge that lend themselves well to a mobile app of some type but it looks like we’ll have to wait to see exactly how far this version goes.

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  3. Classic, since the game is failing on desktop, lets try to expand it into the mobile market. Hoping they can milk more money from this fiasco before it dies?