Yet Another Sexual Harassment Suit Has Been Filed Against Activision Blizzard

How does this just keep getting worse?

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Activision Blizzard Lawsuit Again

Another lawsuit has been filed against Activision Blizzard claiming that the company failed to prevent sexual harassment and discrimination against an employee by one of the company’s managers, Miguel Vega. The suit – originally reported on by the Daily Mail – claims that the manager in question made repeated sexual advances and harassed the claimant and even resorted to revenge porn and battery.

According to Polygon, the employee making the claim is listed as Jane Doe in the 24-page complaint document. Her lawyer, Lisa Bloom, has already made a statement on Twitter saying, “We’ve filed another sexual harassment lawsuit against Activision Blizzard on Friday.” It goes on to say that her firm is representing eight women with claims against the company and encourages any other victims of “its rampant frat boy culture” to contact her. At this point, it wouldn’t be too shocking to see more claims made in the future. Not surprisingly, the newest claimant has stated that the “unwanted sexual advances” have affected her performance at work. Doe also states that they’ve caused her to be “humiliated, depressed and anxious”.

A big portion of the complaint is that while Vega was eventually fired in September of 2021 – staff suffered “years of alleged sexual harassment and misconduct” without it being addressed. Doe claims that Vega would “abuse, belittle and insult” her, “making comments to her about oral sex, masturbation, and orgasms, threatening her job if she would not consent to sex, mocking her breasts, and commenting on other female employees’ attractiveness”. The claim also states that he threatened to release a “compromising photo”.

An Activision rep told Polygon that the company "“take[s] all employee concerns seriously,” and "when the plaintiff reported her concerns, we immediately opened an investigation, and Mr. Vega was terminated within 10 days. We have no tolerance for this kind of misconduct."

Note: Activision Blizzard is still under investigation by the state of California for serious harassment charges. CEO Bobby Kotick is alleged to have known about such actions within his company – and performed some himself – and shielded the perpetrators from consequences.

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