Get A Closer Look At The Elder Scrolls Online: Lost Depths Combat Changes During July 11's Dev Stream

They'll also be hosting a giveaway and discussing combat changes coming to the game.

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ESO Lost Depths DLC Dungeons

On July 11 at noon Eastern Time, the Bethesda Twitch channel will start a stream hosted by The Elder Scrolls Online Community Managers Jess Folsom and Gina Bruno, showcasing the two new Lost Depths DLC dungeons and revealing the combat changes coming with Update 35.

First, the hosts will welcome Encounters Lead Mike Finnigan to the show and have him walk viewers through the Earthen Root Enclave and Graven Deep dungeons. Finnigan will explain what went into their design, what challenges to expect, and the rewards players can earn for completing them. The dungeons will release on August 22 for PC and September 6 for consoles.

After learning about the new dungeons, the hosts will be joined by Combat Designer Alec Verish and Lead Combat Designer Brian Wheeler to answer viewer questions and discuss combat changes coming to the game once Update 35 goes live. The patch will debut alongside the Lost Depths DLC dungeons. As of now, we only know the update will introduce balance changes, fixes, new features, updates to the combat system, and bring new mini-games to Battlegrounds.

The hosts will also be doing a giveaway and have Twitch Drops enabled, so those looking to watch live should link their ESO and Twitch accounts from their dev blog before the show kicks off.

Will you be watching the show on July 11 at noon Eastern Time? Let us know below!

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