Whether they want it or not, Techland has a surprise for Dying Light fans. You guessed it… their own take on the battle royale genre. The company revealed Dying Light: Bad Blood, a free-to-play, standalone, 12-person PvP/PvE game featuring the gameplay Dying Light is known for.

Dubbed a “Brutal Royale,” Dying Light: Bad Blood drops 12 players into a zombie-infested area where they must not only try to survive the hoard, but each other, defeating the other players until they’re the only one left standing.

In addition to announcing the game, Techland has also revealed playtest dates and the cost of early access. The first playtest phase kicks off in two days, on August 25. Only selected players will be able to participate in this one. Don’t worry, though, because on September 1, another two day playtest will take place, and everyone who signed up will be welcome.

As for Early Access, it’ll run a standard-ish $20 and will be available on Steam sometime later this year.

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  1. Darn, 12 people? I was going to say this might actually make it big but 12 people, really? They need to up that number to at least 50 or something.


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