Is ZeniMax Online Studios looking to expand its MMO offerings beyond The Elder Scrolls Online? That might be the case, to go by a job listing on the ZOS careers page, which calls for a Core Tech Programmer with “MMO development experience” to “work on an exciting new IP!”

We already know about Starfield, Bethesda Softworks’ (a division of ZeniMax) next-generation sci-fi RPG that’s in early development, so it’s just possible that the two are one in the same — though there’s been no talk of the “MMO” being attached to Starfield’s “RPG.”

Also, given that The Elder Scrolls Online is still a pay-to-play game, there’s no guarantee that this new MMO — no guarantee that it’s an “RPG” — would be free-to-play. That said, the project is likely far enough down the road that anything is possible; an MMO that began development in 2009, when F2P games were all but unknown, would have found a very different launch environment in 2013.

The position also requires “Strong technical knowledge of Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC,” so whatever it is, it’s likely going to be multi-platform. We’ll probably have to wait a good long while, though, before we get anything more tangible. In the meantime, let us know: What kind of “new IP MMO” would you like to see ZeniMax working on?

(Thanks to MassivelyOP for the heads-up!)


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