I’m actually constantly surprised by what En Masse Entertainment keeps adding to their free to play shooter, ZMR (Zombies, Monsters, Robots). Just when you think things can’t get any more outlandish (I mean we’ve already been to space for crying out loud), the next update launches and makes me laugh. Today’s update news did exactly that as soon as I saw the title; Game of Drones, launching April 14th.

If you’ve always wanted a mechanical companion to help you bring down destruction, now you have it. The Game of Drones update adds 4 types of mechanical mayhem inducing machines that can be modified to your liking and to complement your play style.

The update adds 5 new maps into the mix including the meaty new Assault Ops co-op campaign, “Occupied Earth,” which includes an extremely challenging Nightmare difficulty mode. For competitive mercenaries, the update debuts “Charnel Halls,” a new multi-level map for ZMR’s exclusive Mercs vs. Monsters mode, in which players assume control of one of more than 20 unique playable character classes, including a demonic emperor, a stealthy witch, or a destructive mech-suit.

Game of Drones will introduce a “revamp” of ZMR’s leveling rewards, too. If you’ve felt that the rental and permanent weapons were a bit stingy for free to play players this will be good news for you. Take a look post update and let us know what you think as the Game of Drones update adds a lot of freebies for players as they level.

You can download the game and get started here.

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  1. Thing I hate about this game is timed weapons and equipment….I hate when a game does that. I mean I have fun with the game but I dont necessarily like having weapons only for a certain amount of time …its like they magically dissapear LOL


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