Blacklight Retribution (4)

Blacklight: Retribution is moving on.

The owners of BLR developer Zombie Studios made the announcement today that they would be retiring and shutting down the company. The goodbye letter was posted to the Zombie website Wednesday evening:


As noted in the letter, continuing development of the F2P shooter, which is published by Perfect World Entertainment, has already been transferred to Builder Box Games. The changeover actually occurred on Jan. 1 and was announced in the BLR forums. Builder Box Games employs much of the staff that created Blacklight: Retribution, including Zombie Studios’ former Director of Production and Technical Director.


  1. Well tbh, I hope the game doesn’t go to the cash exclusive item route after this..
    I stopped playing the game a year or two ago when hacks started to ruin the game for me. Aim bots..At that time the cash shop was pretty balanced that I made three fully loaded guns and most of the equipment without spending a dime. Which i guess it’s not a good thing for them..

  2. Played this game for a while, but still can’t enjoy a game with a build’in wallhack.

    Like, if they just throw away this game mechanic [HRV], this game would be better (my personnal point)

    • Well,I play this game Alot and the HRV is the most original thing I have ever seen + they can’t shut the HRV system down,Its the game’s main mechanic mechanic.The game is not for everyone and you just need to know how to co-operate with the built-in wall hack (HRV).

  3. There’s a video about this actually by a dude on Youtube. The PC version wasn’t nearly as updated as the PS4 version because of PerfectWorld and some stuff went down. But this’ll basically be good for the game.

    • what are you talking about? The only thing you can buy exclusively with money is premade stuff, that you can make yourself

      and killed? Nothing was killed, the game is doing just fine

      • Lol you’re dillusional if you thought the game was just fine..aside from the pay2win aspects of buying the highest level gear instantly with real money (which can easily fux up competitive aspects), the PC version was horribly neglected next to the console version. The game was not doing “just fine”. It was part of perfect world’s “not so perfect” annual report, afterall.

        I understand you like the game mate..but you have to look at it objectively if you want to have a remote sliver of credibility.

        • I highly disagree with the P2W thing. I stopped playing the game 1-2 years ago, and I do have 1,000+ hours in the game, so I think it’s fair to say I know my stuff. Anywho, back to the point, the game has a p2w aspect, but all the items in the game can be bought with the ingame currency. The fact that you can buy items with real money doesn’t really affect the competitive side of the game. From what I know (I still have friends who play the game, so I’m somewhat up to date with what’s going on), there are still Scrims (Clan vs. Clan) going on and there was a tournament recently. I do, however, agree with the fact that PWE hasn’t done much good for the game, they have neglected the game to the point of it almost being dead.

          P.S: the new dev team did say they’re going to update the PC version on the 13th (now 22nd) of July. As an old BL:R vet, I would love it if the game was up-to-date with the PS4 version.


  4. This kind of came out of the blue, it’s nice to see doors being closed by choice not failure. At ;east I hope that really is the case.


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