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MMOBomb Staff
By MMOBomb Staff,

During this year's Gamescom I had the opportunity to talk with Nic van't Schip, product manager at Perfect World and all around good guy. Although Perfect World has yet to officially confirm what's up next on the publisher's plate, Nick and I had an interesting conversation concerning what the future may hold in store for Perfect World's next MMO ambitions.

We now know for sure Perfect World is currently examining whether there is a market in Europe and the U.S. for the following three games: Saint Seiya Online, Swordsman Online, and Legend of the Condor Heroes.

Saint Seiya Online is an MMORPG that's already being published by Perfect World in China. The MMO is based on an old Manga series called Saint Seiya which hasn't been published since 1991.

Swordsman Online happens to be an MMO based on a popular Chinese martial arts novel by Louis Cha. If the MMO looks eerily similar to Age of Wushu and for good reason. The MMO uses an upgraded version of Age of Wushu's engine which has had a noticeable impact on the game's overall fidelity. Whether Swordsman Online represents an upgraded Age of Wushu or an entirely new martial arts MMO remains to be seen.

Finally, Legend of the Condor Heroes represents Perfect World's first self-developed action MMORPG. No Neverwinter doesn't count, Cryptic Studio had a hand in that one. The MMO has yet to be released in China, so unless Perfect World plans on releasing it in various regions simultaneously, chances are we won't see Legend of the Condor Heroes anytime soon.

In conclusion, whether Perfect World opts to release these titles in the West all depends on the market. If you are really interested in playing those games in Europe or United States, now is the time to let Perfect World know. So what game interests you the most?

By Luis Dobreira

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Discussion (56)

Animefan 9 years ago
edit "mangá"

Animefan 9 years ago
crap colored mmo ridiculous clothes, mounts and followers, the mangá are wonderfull the anime excelent but this crap really only a same perfectworld crap model, and really chineses cant read the magá to make this shit...

ANTI PW 9 years ago

DRako 9 years ago
saint Seiya online Wanmei (perfect world) = PAY TO WIN repetitive and with some ridiculous clothes monts and pets really is a perfect world with saitn seiya characters is a garbage i waste my time down and try this is a shit

vladko92 10 years ago
To be honest, I am really looking forward for Saint Seiya Online, I've keep a close eye on everything going on around Saint Seiya franchise, and I am currently playing in the Chinese Server, and I have to tell you people, Saint Seiya is nothing like any of the other titles of PWI, the combat system is entirely new combining two different styles, click-and-point and tab... beside that there is many unique skills, there is no Mana System, all depends on the CD's of the skills. I have to tell you, I've never played such type of game and I have great time playing it... the only really hard thing which I can mention for this game is that it's hard to get the Gold Cloth sets, because it requires a lot of time... as far for the Graphics, they are on very good level if you play on High or HD textures... so it's not 8 years old graphics as someone mentioned above... so I am really looking forward for this game if it comes in the west, or at least in Europe if the America don't want it...

Zeoslade 10 years ago
I have played Saint Seiya Online and it was amazing, you can attack more than one enemy at once, there are legion wars with hundreds of people in them, there are unique armours for people and mounts, and the graphics are beautiful :3 I really want it to be released global :D

Digiandromeda 10 years ago
I will love them forever if they bring over saint seiya!!!! Saintseiyasaintseiya!!!

tanathorn 10 years ago
saint seiya :)

Rhyalan 10 years ago
Worst disadvantage of these games might be the publisher.
While they finally seem to wake up a bit by now, almost every game of them has nearly no staff backup at all, their ticket system is malfunctioning since two years in a row now, still awaiting a fix.
Lets face it, "service", "customer care" or "product care" is something, every f2p publisher would have to google, then would need a staff of 2000 instructors to explain then still would not understand.

From what i experience, pay to win is pretty defacto standard with "free" to play as absolutely bad service also is.
PWE currently tries to enforce some frontend adware called "arc", quite like ignite but even more buggy and less "benefiting". New players of any game are forced to install this malware as no arc free download is available for any game anymore.

So whatever quality the games might have some day, its the publisher that scares me off.
After all, all these asia mass crap games are more or less all alike so publisher quality begins to count more and more for me. Publishers wo invest a lot more time in deleting negative feedback and negative feedback givers than actually resolving the issues at hand usually are not a good choice, no matter how great the game may look or be, every piece o´software needs good servicing and maintenance.
Never seen this with PWE at all.

Mewzard 10 years ago
Worth a note that Saint Seiya has been continuing since 2006 by the creator in Saint Seiya: Next Dimension. That's just the official continuation, not counting several side manga (Saint Seiya: Episode G, Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas, and Saint Seiya: Saintia Sho), a currently ongoing anime-original sequel called Saint Seiya: Omega, and a CG movie being worked on by Toei right now.

Needless to say, I'm a fan, and would love to see this game turn out to be awesome. The more this series can be enjoyed by fans legally here, the better.

hardmode 10 years ago
Legend of the Condor Heroes is all what i was specting since very long time!!!... in fact i cant play it right now and that its really sad. S O its the only mmm hwo keeps me until level 40 and i quitted cause dont understand how to get the new class skills cause i dont speack the language. (really, they should did it like any mmo where you get the skill automatically).
SS online i think is what fans was specting cause the others SS online games are trash. I didnt play it cause i hate tab targeting mode ... but i will play any of these if comes to eu or na, thats for sure

stolennn1 10 years ago
More PWE P2W games inc. Exactly what we needed right now :)

Tamei 10 years ago
I don't care what the comment said. I'm on it. I'll play it anyway. I'll try. Just try. Just try

Hitzumaru 10 years ago
Saint Seiya Online OMFG do i really see this T_T tear of joy MY LIFE IS GONNA BE COMPLETE SOON!

TheDutchFudge 10 years ago
c'mon the name still isn't right. it actually says nic and nick later on. do your homework guys.. mmobomb is better than that... i guess.

Bic Boi 10 years ago
This is just sad that I see these, look at other games they've already made and cringe at the very samey-looking art styles. Revolting.

mgamer 10 years ago
Saint Seiya Online is the only game I'm looking forward to. the last two are like other Chinese games out there...great arts, but gameplay not as good as it is.

devilr 10 years ago
The 2 last game look intereristing ,graphic look cool ,i will try sure if the game are published. I ami french but english ils not a real probleme on mmo ;)

marocan 10 years ago
Legend of the Condor Heroes is the best..;)

zakena 10 years ago
dear mother of god.... swordman online beats age of wushu in action though ....
PW you dont deserve to launch any new MMO

alanegrudere 10 years ago
PWE owns Cryptic. so u can say neverwinter kinda counts ...maybe champions online and star trek don't count cuz they were done before the company was taken by PWE

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Urs0 10 years ago
Saint Seiya and the last one, both are worth check in out... hope they bring those at least we can try them

ps: is funny how people don't know the difference between PWI (Perfect World International, the game), PWE (Perfect World Entertainment, the western publisher) and PW (Perfect World the chinese developer and publisher (under the name of wan mei))... those are developed by PW, like PWE, FW, BoI, WoI, ESO, Jade Dynasty and some that didn't even came to the west, they have at least 3 different studios to develop games, so it won't necessarily be the same as PWI or WoI... the payment model is decided by PWE, it is mostly fair, only problem is usually their enchant gear boosters that they sell in cash shop, which doesn't break the game at all; and the problems with people's feedback usuaylly happens with games like RH and RaiderZ, because they are made by different developers and not always will have a straight forward communication like they have with Jade Dynasty... and PWI has nothing to do with this xD

kely 10 years ago
I played Saint Seiya,it's a fast combat and very nice game,I love it.

from__hell 10 years ago
I love how people can watch a trailer which contains very little to no gameplay or detailed information and come up with every thing that's wrong with the game

rylee 10 years ago
sword man online is not like age of wushu look at combat gameplay before u talk sht about it im looking forward to legend of condor also looks amazing plus im asian so i like these chinese martial arts games.

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Keylock32 10 years ago
Most of their games are good actually, it just their business model that ruin it
they blatantly selling so much overpowered items in cash item shop.

you don't have to agree with me, see for your self. just in case you never play any PWE games.

dagudman 10 years ago
If the payment model is good the games will probably be average besides swordsman online which could do really well if it is not pay to win as people who played age of wushu will probably transfer.

BARON 10 years ago
all them interest me I will love to see them

Just some Person 10 years ago
From what i can see- Saint Seiya Online is click a enemy, attack, and move on while Swordsman Online "action" can be related to T.E.R.A. Online...Swordsman Online graphics looks nice ;3

disarmed 10 years ago
age of wushu games no thank you

from__hell 10 years ago
Saint Seiya looks pretty interesting, I grew up watching the anime

buggy 10 years ago
if you fking dont like a game shut up and move forward and if you search innovation go fking make one,i dont think is so easy to get innovations when fking ppl play with pc from 2005 or 2010,innovation takes time,money and other resources.So fk you and fk off with those stupid comments

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Cloak 10 years ago
Oh Yay more garbage to replace the old garbage once they close them down. R.I.P MMO's.

clockwerkninja 10 years ago
If PWE is involved I want nothing to do with it.

Pete 10 years ago
Legend of the Condor Heroes is the only game from these 3 that I MIGHT check out if it comes out in Europe and USA.The other 2 look like boring,generic crap that litters the Free MMO market more and more every day.

nUNO 10 years ago
R.I.P all theses games, pw lawl

wangchun 10 years ago
So more boring generic korean and chinese games then? These f2p publishes need to go out of business.

TheDutchfudge 10 years ago
Personally i think he is called Nick van 't Schip it is a dutch name. (theres no such thing as nic and van't

ExHuman 10 years ago
about the first title: I always ignore that kind of trailers. They does not give any tips about how gameplay may look like. Which most likely means, its going to be tab targeting.

Second: if like Age of WuShu with action combat, than cant be bad.

Third: again, its action nature begs to check it out. at least.

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bruthsaw 10 years ago
I am kinda interested in Swordsman Online considering the only thing that drove me away from Age of Wushu was the payment model. Condor Heroes looks at least worth a look at. I mean they're free, what are you losing besides some time and a little hard drive space.

Kess 10 years ago
Oh boy, a generic anime title and two extremely beaten-to-death Chinese martial arts games. What groundbreaking MMORPG innovations will PWI throw at us next?

perfectw_sucks 10 years ago
3 completely same generic crap games.

Please save us and do not publish these games in EU, we dont suck this crap anymore, thank you.

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Jooq 10 years ago
Swordsman Online is Age of Wushu copy? All of these games are kinda ugly -.- Nothing new as always.

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Mystika 10 years ago
Uhh....if they showed this at Gamescon, wouldn't this be confirmation that there are plans to release it in the West? After all, Gamescon is a Western gaming expo, not an Eastern one.

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