About the game:
Title: Dragon Evo
Status: Beta Graphics: 2D
Genre: TCG
Developer: Magical Pictures / Zegenie Studios
Publisher: Magical Pictures / Zegenie Studios

Explosive Features:

  • RPG-like Leveling And Advancement
  • Card Trading
  • Factions, Classes, And Races

Dragon Evo is a browser-based CCG that mixes in plenty of RPG-style elements into a game that casts you as the warlord of a powerful faction intent on ruling the land of Tyrenir. Build your deck, form alliances, attack your enemies, and defend your homeland to bring victory to your army!

You’ll choose from among three factions, four races, and four classes for your character, whom you can level up during game play and equip with powerful items. There’s a full storyline for each of the three factions, and you can buy and even trade cards among players.

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  1. Taco on August 1, 2017

    Been her a long time. The new layout looks a lot better than the old one. Everything feels very fluid and well put together, even for an early access game. Looking forward to every update!

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