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About the game:
Title: RuneScape
Status: Released Graphics: 3D
Developer: Jagex
Publisher: Jagex

RuneScape is one of the most popular free-to-play Browser MMORPG, from the British development studio Jagex. Set in a detailed, medieval fantasy world of epic scale both geographically and historically, RuneScape proudly draws its inspiration from classic role-playing games to deliver a contemporary, innovative and original experience for millions of players across the globe, with a popular subscription option of even greater scale and ambition, both running directly within almost any computer’s browser.

Thanks to its character-class-free skill system and elective gameplay, there are no limits to the hero players can become, no quest you cannot complete and no requirement to collaborate with others or face them in player-versus-player combat unless you so choose. RuneScape’s distinctive role-playing style rewards players who think strategically and play smartly. Its witty, intelligent tone, finely balanced gameplay, epic questing and myriad in-world diversions combine to create a must play browser game.

Explosive Features:

  • Millions of players worldwide.
  • Skill based progression.
  • Large game world.

News and Updates

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Jagex Delivers On Compensation Promises To Locked-Out RuneScape Players

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RuneScape Fan Produces 1,000-page History Of The Game, Spanning 20 Years And Countless Details

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RuneScape Mobile Launching This Summer, With Bonuses If Enough Players Pre-order

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RuneScape’s Newest Quest Has You Going Back In Time To Fix Old Quests

Finally, some RuneScape news that isn't about its login woes. Today, Jagex announced the release of the Once Upon a Time: Flashback quest, which...

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System Requirements

RuneScape Minimum System Requirements:
OS: XP, Vista, Windows 7
Processor: 1Ghz CPU
Memory Ram: 512 MB
Video Card: 128MB 3D Graphics Card

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  1. I LOVED this game. I really did. I started playing to help me escape while I was in foster care at 12 years old, and have spent a lot of real money over time whenever I was a member, both as a kid, teenager and adult. but i’ve been permanently banned. On one of the recent double xp weekends I stayed up and played a lot longer than I usually did to reach 99 cooking, though sadly i reached 98. well i was exhausted and took a break for a few days and to my surprise I found out I couldnt log in. It was a sinking feeling in my chest because yes im 24 now and this was my main account for all this time, almost half my life in a character. Jagex never responded and so I lost all the years, money and time I sank into my character. I’ve never botted, okay well I tried it once but on a seperate character, never on the one I wanted to play for the rest of the game, what was listed in the ban were things that i’ve never done, and now I lost my character forever. anyways let it be a warning, i remember runescape classic and was there when it went from rs2 to rs3, but Jagex doesnt care a wiff about what i think or all the years I invested into the character. anyways besides that I really enjoyed this game even if I wasnt a hardcore player like Zezima and whatnot, it helped me wind down and escape from my hard days, after my best friend got me into it i couldnt put it down, though ill always look upon it with fond memories, ill never log in again.

  2. I just installed the java plugin on firefox on linux : it works !
    First problem 1/, when I logged in again, doing a quest, the arrow showing the path to the quest don’t appear. So I am lost, don’t know where to go.
    Second 2/ : graphics, my pc is slow, I have to set to minimum, but it looks ugly.
    Third 3/ : there are advertisements at the top of the window.
    Fourth 4/ : the game is too complicated, maybe they should simplify it.

  3. When I was young
    I used to adore runescape
    I loved it
    Thought it was the greatest mmo ever
    It’s 2015
    I’m 18 now
    And I see how greedy jagex is,

    If you’re not a member
    You only have access to 20% of the map!
    You don’t get to do half the stuff members do, and EVERYTIME you click on something
    It says “members only”
    They force you to become a member
    When I was little
    All members had was a garden to go to
    That was it,
    Now? Now EVERYTHING is members.
    Want to fight trolls? Members
    Vampires? Members
    Do more then 20 quests? Members.
    I would rather have the whole map and do no quests then only 20% of the map and do like 15-20 quests.
    tbey even put members only stuff in the dubbed “free to play” zone
    Like actual members are going to spend time there, they probably did everything they could there when they were non-members, it only serves to lore people in.
    I love the game’s style and everything
    But I can’t love it anymore if everything is members only.
    If being a member was free, I’d recommend it.
    But it’s not,
    And If you want to play the old old runescape, from 2002 or 2007,
    You have to be a member too,
    If you’re a “free player”. You won’t see any actual members because they’re all in members only zones, you’ll see bots and other free players who don’t realize what a sham the game is.
    All you can do in free is either:
    Some quests
    Or go in to the wilderness and fight other players or die.
    Me and my friend got bored and we just did the latter.
    I mean it’s a seriously well done game
    But if you’re looking for a FREE game
    This isn’t it.
    This game just forces you to pay
    And it seems like they’re not even updating the free to play section
    I logged In after 2 years and they made a free area, members only
    And they also didn’t do anything new AT ALL for the free players.
    They’re greedy
    Don’t give it,
    Much better actual free mmos out there.
    I know that companies exist to make money
    I know jagex needs money to support the servers, but this is ridiculous.
    So again, unless you’re willing to pay actual money, as in paper money,
    Money you work for
    Money you buy food and such with,
    Don’t bother.
    Can I say it’s worth the membership?
    It probably is. I mean they give you a huge amount of stuff and a big world
    BUT! That doesn’t make it right.
    This game shouldn’t be labeled “free to play” then. When the only people who would play it are:
    People who have never played an mmo
    Or kids.
    In fact most of the population that’s free is kids who can’t afford a subscription or people like me who just want an mmo that’s free to relax and meet people and make friends and have fun,
    Runescape is good for making friends but paying to do so, just isn’t what a “free” player like myself wants.
    It’s a very very well designed game
    But the limitations make it horrible for a free user.
    Half the time the game doesn’t tell you what is members only and what isn’t
    You just have to wait for the NPC to stop speaking.
    This game literally entices you to join,
    “Journey across the dangerous desert and fight all kinds of fearsome monsters and meet new races”
    That’s one of the descriptions.
    So again and lastly,
    Its fun for a couple of days
    But after 3 days or so
    You’ll realize that you HAVE to be a member to have actual fun.
    Not free anymore,
    Not when you’re restricted to 20% of the map just because you don’t want to pay.
    When you have no quests to do
    And you’ve explored that 20%
    You either leave and come back later to see if things changed or become a member out of frustration.
    And let me say,
    Things won’t change
    Jagex doesn’t care
    They only serve their members
    And only care about them
    im hoping the “free” part drops soon and nothing is free, just to stop fooling people and crushing our immersion/fun.
    I miss when all members got was a stupid garden..

    • i used to hate runescape and never understood the hype and love the other kids had for the game, it looked ugly.. i prefered mabinogi / ragnarok / maplestory back in the day.

      but maplestory has changed so much so i find it difficult to get back into it

    • Are you actually complaining that you have to pay like what.. $8 a month to fully enjoy the game? If they updated their free to play and barely gave members anything exclusive, they wouldn’t make any money at all.. because why pay for a game if you could access most of it without paying for it? They would go out of business if they didn’t cater to their members. It’s not being “greedy” when a company is trying to make money and stay in business.

      Maybe you should reconsider playing video games if you can’t afford something as cheap as $8 per month.

    • There’s no free to play areas that went member’s. But in RuneScape 3 there are new quests and areas for free. In OSRS there are new bosses, new minigame, (Castle Wars) and you can pay for membership with in-game gold on either versions. (Bond in RS3, Old School Bond for OSRS)

      And really, I prefer free to play to be content restricted instead of having the game be pay to win as heck. That’s the whole reason Old School RS is doing better than RuneScape 3. (Yes some people also don’t like the combat but let’s be real despite the memes the MTX is the big killer like any game. The combat update was the last straw after the fact. Not to mention power creep.)

  4. Well i return to this game to only find:
    1. Bots are back
    2. The game more owned my players (jagex need to create new content with there own ideas)
    3. The new raid is not even a raid
    4. The community is a lot worst in 2015
    5. How many more adults play this game more then kids?

  5. I took one look at the new UI and closed the window right there.
    It then asked me if I was sure I wanted to leave this page, I said yes.

    It really is disappointing that Runescape has taken the turn they have. It kinda feels like they’re trying to make a Browser based MMO that looks like WO
    They have really wrecked the game and I see their player base dying quickly.

    I’m a hardcore Runescape 2 and classic fan so it’s good to see you still have the option to play those versions.

  6. I have played this game ever since the begining. I must say that when i first started it was quite fun, but after Jagex bought the game, it started to get boring as f2p player got less stuff to do. Runescape 2 was still ok to begin with but as it went on, the battle system was updated and most players quited the game (I was one of them). Ever since then i played this game on and off, reaching the max lv and other stuff. But as Runescape 3 was released, it wasn’t the same game it used to be, heck it got worse, and i quited it for ever.

  7. So I decided to start playing after 2 years, and once I logged in I noticed some very disturbing things. For example, I paid for a membership 2 years ago, I earned A LOT of skill progress in skills I specifically remember leveling, and now all of that progress is mysteriously missing. I also noticed quite a few of my personal items were missing, along with quest items. Another thing, some of the quests I had finished are no longer highlighted in green because my skill requirements for the quest are no longer available, therefore resetting my quest progress as well. I’ve been with RS since it was in beta testing, and I am extremely disappointed in the lack of customer service the Jagex team provides these days. It was an almost impossible task to get a hold of them, since their “Help Center” did not list my problem, nor did it do any good. I hoped by chance they would respond to a complaint on their twitter, or google+ pages, which luckily they did. The only problem I have here is the way they dealt with the situation. They sent me a response saying that “There is no evidence to show that you acquired the levels in the skills you mentioned. The account (username) which is linked to your account has the levels you described. If you would like information on how to recover your account please visit (yadayada).” First of all that is my boyfriend’s account (we share the same laptop), and second of all that doesn’t tell me why all of my skills and information from 2 years ago mysteriously vanished. Even my boyfriend noticed the missing progress. I tried to argue my point further but have yet to see a response from Jagex and it’s been 1 month. They obviously didn’t try, or they didn’t dig deep enough into their records, because the membership I paid for 2 years ago was basically a cleverly devised plan to steal my money then wipe my account progress. I’ve been with Runescape since it was in BETA and you would think they would treat someone like that with a little more respect. Jagex has become extremely corrupt, which is ridiculous to say the least because the majority of their fanbase is gone. Barely anyonee plays Runescape anymore. So basically Jagex is telling me I imagined paying for a subscription 2 years ago, and I completely imagined working my butt off earning all of that progress. So apparently I’m crazy now. Never playing that awful game again.

  8. hey runescapes the shit still after 11-12 years of playing on n off it had its ups n down but things are goign strong n mellow on its ups n down as there no more or to 1 out of 10k players bot or afk and look like bots lol but bots are gone

  9. Okay i played it for a little bit im not into the point and click gameplay i prefer using the arrow keys or AWSD for movement but over all its a neat BIG game with massive ammounts of possibilities

  10. Hm Id love to give a reveiw but it will have to wait until i can actually get the game to run properly for some reason it doesnt want to auto setup my graphics and it just goes blank

  11. I’ve been playing RuneScape for more than five years. There are times when I ‘quit’ the game, but I came back. Why? The reason why I keep on coming back to the game is not because it’s addicting, but because of the fact that RuneScape has kept me playing with its plethora of content. I do not enjoy the Evolution of Combat (EOC) update. However, I am still playing the game. Many players have quit the game. I understand majority of the reasons why they quit the game is because of the EOC update, Squeal of Fortune, and Solomon’s General Store. However, in my own opinion, the game is not ‘dead’ to me.

    Now, for those who are going to try out RuneScape for the first time, let it be known that RuneScape is obviously massive. Of course, there are free-to-play and then there’s membership. Free-to-play is fairly large enough, in terms of content, that lasts for a very long time. In fact, as a free-to-play user, I am still achieving the many goals that does not involve membership. If you do get membership, then it is another whole level for you-hundreds, if not thousands, of hours playing, fulfilling various achievements and goals. Give RuneScape a try. The game is very massive that after completing the tutorial, one might not know where to start. So, reading a beginner’s guide is highly recommended. There are a lot of guides, tutorials, tips and secrets to RuneScape.

    The community within RuneScape is friendly, but expect the opposite. However, there’s always the Report system, but only report players reasonably. RuneScape’s main website has a forum, where players and JaGex employees communicate and discuss with each other through various topics.

    Overall, RuneScape is massive (emphasis on massive) and free to play. Buying membership brings you to more hours of content. As always, there will be content that many do not like, causing them to hate or quit the game. For instance, I do not enjoy the Evolution of Combat and the Squeal of Fortune content, but I’m still playing the game, for it does not affect me as a high-level skiller; I do not have have to participate in the Squeal of Fortune nor do I have to participate in combating players/enemies.

  12. Go by this simple idea: Runescape is a game.
    Others Games are other Games.
    Don’t compare WoW to Runescape. I play them since the start till now and both are ‘EXTREME’ different from eachother.
    Don’t go by the comments of people that say 1 sucks and the other doesn’t. Go by your ‘MIND’. Check it yourself. Play abit of it, discover things of it.. Don’t join in, look at the graphics and then quit. Because if you do that, you will never find your answer and you will never know if the game is good.
    Runescape is awesome. Jagex who runs runescape, just made some updates that kinda ruined the game abit but its still good, so give it a try.

  13. I’ve read all these reviews and well, I’ve played both Runescape and WoW. I enjoyed both of them xcept that runescape was boring as you weren’t able to do some things. WoW, well, I played on retail for like 2 months then quit for a private server… and stayed there for 2 whole damn years!! Runescape was cool, but with no things like WoW does… u dont really cast spells in RS, and in WoW, well its PvP is just effing awesome. WoW is addictive, but once you’re about lvl 40-50 you start to get bored whereas in Runescape I never got bored. I was 10 when I started playing Runescape and I quit 9 months later. I’ve played WoW ever since, and I STILL play WoW. WoW has better graphics, better system of PvP.. it sucks cause of its repetitiveness! And runescape’s graphics compared to wow just SUCKED!! For me if you want something durable.. play runescape.. If you’re looking for the extreme then play wow…

  14. bad game.
    since the evolution of combat update, jagex has been claiming 2013 will be the year of the player, yet they have been constantly ignoring what most people want. Instead of fixing/updating their existing game content, they keep releasing updates that will just be another dead content after a day.

    believe me, im a brand new p2per and all the quest ive been through was actually outdated and unappealing, all of the minigames are dead, most ppl jus hang at the grand exhange(where u sell ur stuff) and u dont see people adventuring anymore.

    one dude said that the game’s feel of adventure and mystery has been lost and everything is already at the back of his hands.

    So i suggest, u guys skip this one as it will only disappoint u in the long run.

  15. best game ever, why people never quit the playing it forever no matter how much we complain and rage because we got hacked or you dont like the new updates they put in the game the flies always take the honey and runescape is that honey good job riot keep it up

  16. I consider Runescape to be the best multiplayer browser RPG game, and it is quite unique in many ways that haven’t been equaled or copied in the variety of RPG’s available today. It is a Massive game with 26 skills from like fishing and cooking, farming, fletching, crafting, mining, summoning and magic that can immerse you with the closest simulation to living in an actual fantasy medieval world that I have ever experienced.

    Each skill goes from level 1 to 99 and the maximum combat level is 200. Combat can be played with a combination of abilities for each melee, magic or ranged or you can set the combat to work as effectively without you using the abilities. You can PVP or PVE against original and traditional creatures, entities and npc’s ranging from goblins to giants, dragons, insects, undead and bosses.

    There are hundreds of quests of varying difficulties and a very deep and characterful lore and storylines. Lots of side quests and minigames in a diverse, detailed well thought out world.

    If you haven’t already, check this game out.

    There are a couple of major problems with the game but you may not even notice them.

    Altogether even after 10 years of playing Runescape casually, there’s still loads of content I haven’t even looked at and its all very interesting and customizable.

  17. I started playing RS back in 2004 with my son. He moved on, but I continued playing.

    Sadly Runescape did a major update a while back called Evolution of Combat (EoC). It ruined the combat for me…But I was still able to work on my Skills and was still enjoying it.

    More recently they upgraded to the new HTML5. We now have Runescape3…I know many new players like it…But I’m Old School.

    Which thankfully Runescape brought back an older version for some of us older fans. Runescape2007.

    Runescape had a great thing going when it first came out. There was no other game like it. Sadly…Now it’s just like any other MMORPG. It’s too complicated for an old gal like me 😉

    I found your site and am looking for a new online game…that was much like Runescape was before the brought out EoC. (No luck so far) I am open for suggestions 🙂

  18. This game is awesome… until your account gets hacked, making you lose 80 million, full bandos, saradomin godsword, fury, steadfast boots, adivine spirit sheild, and 8 years of work.

    • Well shucks. Have you tried using the e-mail recovery that usually takes weeks to get there?

      Have you posted a ticket in hopes of getting it back? Usually ignored anyways.

      Hmmm… Have you considered calling th… wait nevermind.

      Great game, shit community, and “wonderful” support team.

      Played since 2002, never liked MMG myself.


  19. After 7 years away from this game, I came back to it and enjoying it again once more, so much has changed, and PKing is no longer possible with the new combat system.

  20. Please do not mind thie idiot named Golgo28, he’s off his pills. I’m not a runescape fanboy but the game is fun to play as a casual or hardcore player. With so much to do it isn’t forcing anyone to grind for levels and there are lots of minigames to take your mind off of the regular.

  21. The game was crap years ago.And it’s still crap now.Sure little kids that have never played a good mmo like it.As do house frau homemakers with no lives.And the shut in basement dwellers.If your the kind of person that enjoys the garbage games on facebook then you will feel right at home on this steaming pile.But in this day and age where there are so many great quality f2p mmos out there.Why waste your time on runescape.Oh and unless sitting in one spot grinding for hours with no real purpose is fun to you,your gonna need a subscription.And truth is this game isn’t worth a sub.Avoid this game if you have a functioning brain.But if your brain dead and have never played a good game go ahead and try runescape.But when your brain tries to escape your head to get away from the terrible abomination of a game don’t say I didn’t warn you.AS a side note to the runescape fanboys that will get butthurt about me telling the truth about this game get bent.And save your temper tantrums for when your mommy takes away your cookies and candies.

  22. Ok first off Runescape was a great game, key word “was”. I have a lvl 128 and a lvl 74 pure with 1 deffence. I have been playing since 2004 taking a some breaks my latest being this year which lasted almost a full year. As previous people have stated the community for this game is horrible, people will back stab you for less than 100k gold, which in this game is nothing. I have lost many of my friends I actually enjoyed playing this game when it came out and none were there to replace them due to the fact that the growing community is extremlely greedy. Bots and the makers of the game itself ruin the game in my opinion. The new combat system I feel ruins the game in a sense. Some new updates make training skills extremley easy…I had 99 Firemaking before skillcapes and was utterly mad when they released bonfires and other methods to make it extremley easy. Another skill being slayer I got 89 the hard way by actually using the skill instead of mini games.
    Anyway I did enjoy this game and do recommend it to anyone who likes MMO’s and are a little tight on cash :), such as myself hurrah for schooling…
    Anyway if I do end up logging back on and anyone wants to add me my characters name is “A chimp”-for my main and D0CT0R D00M- for my pure…Hope this helped someone.

  23. I was a runescape player for like 8 years already. I will give the best review compared to the other guys here who only talk about number of players online.

    There are more than a dozen skills from which you can train from, such as attack, strength, mining, fishing, etc. Though if you want to have the opportunity to train every single one of the skills ( more than 20 skills ), you will have to subscribe for membership. The starting level for each skill is 1 (except for hitpoints which will start at 10 ), and the maximum level for each of them is 99 (except for one skill known as dungeoneering which ends at 120) Some skills tend to level up faster while some other skills, such as mining, can take like 6 months to get to level 99. Some skills are actually quite enjoyable, such as hunting, so that even as you train to level 99, it doesn’t get boring, but skills such as firemaking starts to get real boring because the whole time you are really just doing the same repetitive method to get to level 99.

    One unique thing about runescape would be their quest. Compared to other games, where during a quest, all they ask you to do is “eliminate 20 of this monster”, but when it comes to runescape, they have amazing quest storylines, puzzles , boss fights, rivalry, challenges, cutscenes, etc.

    Overall, I would rate this game 7/10

  24. Runescape 2007 servers are LIVE official.
    Yeasterday on old rs there were 324568 people currrently online and on new rs 289652 people currently online together smashing the milestone of 2006 350k online.
    Togeather 614220 people currently online,yeah runescape definetly sucks asppecialy now with half a milion people online this vote site sucks there putting in all the crap browsers which have like 10 k online at maximum and runescape with at maximum over 600k they are not.

  25. Runescape has gone to shit recently. Jagex only care about money now and shrug off anything players say as useless because it is not what Jagex wants to put in the game. They post all kinds of things talking about listening to community and being for the players yet contradict it by using their normal greedy lies.

    They mentioned lessening the Microtransactions updates but they still to this day add in weekly new items to their microtransactions stores. They completely neglect their Loyalty Programme which rewards you for being a longtime subscriber and solely focus on microtransaction shops.

    The updates are getting worse and worse where the highlight update for Feb 2013 is a new quest in which they give away 800k exp. There is no challenge in this game anymore as Jagex gives out exp monthly and at least 2 times a year in very large portions, usually for doing almost nothing.

    If you try out Runescape you can expect tons of bots that Jagex does nothing about, huge exp handouts where if you can play you will get it but if you cannot play at that certain period of time your f**. You can expect none of your suggestion or feedback about RS to be truly listened to (only Jagex claiming to have looked into it). You can except constant additional game items that cost real life cash. You can expect heaps of dead content and most team or group content to be dead or dying out.

    • I think your one of these people
      a WoW player
      someone who lost all there stuff from dieing
      someone who is ranting cause they didn’t get a reply for an idea
      a lonley hater

  26. Hi 😀 I just wanted to start off by saying, This is a GREAT Game! The graphics are great & the community is nice. Leveling is great & the quests are fun. It is a Browser game so no installing is needed. Now, I have or was been playing this game since 08, & back then it was great. Now the game is horrible. As great and as fun as the game is, the lag is TERRIBLE. No matter what kind of computer you have, you WILL lag, as well the game updates so much it gets hard to tell what is what. 2012 compared to 2009 has changed, more then it needed. Too have fun on this game you need to be a newer member, fore the game has changed so much over the few years it’s not worth the play at all. Other then that, it is a okay game, like mentioned before it all depends on if you’re a new player or an old member. But this game is REALLY bad for lag. Worst game for lag I have ever played. Other then that it’s great (:

    • Either your Internet is terrible or your settings are screwed. Make sure your not running on safe mode if your graphics settings are high, that might fix your problems.

  27. Runescape was the first MMO I had ever played, I started back in 2006 and I was only a Free Player for the first couple of years I played and i have to say it was amazing. I could not stop playing it but f2p gradually got a lot worse over the years and now it is just terrible.

    You have to be a member nowadays to have any fun at all, even though it will never be as good as it was for the first couple of months back in 2006.

    Btw Jagex (The creators) are the biggest bunch of money hoars you will ever see, and because of that they have released some really shit updates, which was just a way to make money.

    But if you can afford members, play it. If not do not play it, simple as that.

    • Jagex is starting to turn this game into a cash cow. I’ve played since 2002, and can say now that I despise this game. Same thing with Flyff, turned into a Cash Cow, now there are a max of 20 people online at once.

      If you like games you can sit all day and play, try out Runescape.
      “Veterans” like myself frown upon it now due to the new updates, but new players may find it just like settling into a new adventure.

      I remember the 3d version of the game was released to members only, Runescape 2, and Runescape Classic died instantly. When Runescape 3 was released, many people like me complained and asked for a re-release of RS2 while keeping RS3 for others. We get the 2007 version instead of the 2010 version we asked for. Beggars can’t be choosers, but they knew exactly what we wanted.

  28. One of my favorite MMO games, and I’ve been playing it for six years now. I love the variety of things and people, and the quests are always interesting. I really recommend the game (:

    • UnKnowN, obviously you have to, Java is what makes Runescape able to run in your browser; without Java you’d just be sitting there looking at a screen displaying something like “java plugin needed, please click the link below to download java”. On a better note, it’s not that large of a file, or you can just download the runescape client which is 22.5 mb and play! All in all, if you haven’t tried it, you’d better.

  29. I have played runescape for 5 and a half years. once it hits 2013 it will be 6 years, i admit that i am 12 and i started when i was 7 years old and it tought me many things while i was 7 YEARS OLD i learnt how to count to 1000, 10 000 , 100 000 and 1 million in just a day I SWEAR! it is a fantastic game and people with kids should try and let their kids play it BUT u dont need to im not forcing you to but if your child is a fast learner like me than probably yeah.

  30. game is alright but the segregation of the player base ruins it also Jagex has yet to improve account security or recovery so get use to being hacked and getting your account stolen

  31. Woot! And to the game I always fall back on, Runescape. I first discovered the game at the age of 7 on Miniclip 😛 when I was asking my older cousin [11 at the time] if this game was fun. He said it sucks. A few months later he’s playing it.. anyways. I started playing this a few years ago and I gotta say, it is one of the awesomest games out there. I don’t even care that awesomest ain’t a word. Runescape has so much content, so many things to do that it doesn’t get old. Now in 2012 though Jagex is trying to get more money out of it, which is admittedly annoying.. but it doesn’t stop the game from being fun. Lots of skills, takes quite a long time to max em, and a huge world to explore. Countless quests [if you’re a member] and music is great. I used to love the old graphics but ahh well. Change isn’t always good. Maybe more people like it this way. Wow this is a long review. o_O Basically, this game is totally worth playing. I don’t get what the hate’s all about – don’t judge a game by it’s graphics [or the rumors]. ;P Have fun playing!

  32. This message is for all of you that haven’t tried RuneScape.
    Runescape is a NR.1 MMORPG game that has hundreds of millions of registered users.
    It has lots of stuff to do, like PvP, PvM, and there are lots of skills you get to train on, like
    mining, woodcutting, farming (members only), thieving (members), Construction (members) and lots
    of other skills that you will have fun playing with. Very strategic PvP for members, for Free to Play
    the strategy of pvp reduces since there are less weapons and magics, but its still fun.
    Only 7 dollars per month was last time I checked, which is like 5 euros! It is worth it!
    You won’t have time to experience all the fun for a month, of course, since there are lots of stuff to do! ENJOY! Trust me. Free to play first, to try it, then pay! HAVE FUN!!

  33. I have played Runescape for four years, still a long way to completing it. Runscape is having gold bott issues, but they are working on this. Good game 4/5 graphics, 5/5 chat system, 4/5 combat system (which is getting updated as I type}, over 300 quests from novice to elite/ task system ( u get rewards based on ur skill and quest levels), 25 different skills (one skill has a lvl 120 rest is 99),
    This is not a one year game, If ur looking for a easy to beat system look towards WoW.

    This is a good game to met people from all over the world.

    If the operators could just get a hand on the bott problem this would be a great game (its botted cuse of its popularity )

    You can play free for many months ( I played 9 months b4 upgrading to mem


  34. I’ve been playing runescape for quite a while, starting circa 2004. Looking back, most of the updates made by jagex screwed the fun in game. the GE dramatically brought down the price of coal from 600GP each to a mere 150. Big bones were constantly fluctuating from as little as 50 GP to as much as 1k gp. the opening of more places to get both coal and big bones and BOTS have caused the price to drop so much that it’s almost impossible to make more than 20k per inventory of coal. Also, the prices of weapons dropped. I got a full rune set for less than 200k. back in 2006, the price was skyrocketing to 1 million, just because everyone completed dragon slayer quest around then, 6 months after deciding to take on the quest. the introduction of the GE was to prevent scams from happening. it still happened. there were reports but most scammers have about 5 or 6 accounts so it’s simply scam using this account, pass to other account, let that account get blocked. and repeat. in the end their main account has about 2-3 billion worth of items and gold, all skills maxed out, wearing the best possible armour and using the best possible weapons in the most dangerous places. It’s worth playing if u wish to just do some mind numbing stuff but other than that, it’s not worth it unless you’re a member. even then, a friend of mine who’s a member, said that once you’ve completed the quests and done all you can, it’s easier to let it go with nothing left to do.

  35. Runescape is so far the best MMORPG i ever played.With 200m+ players this game has far more gameplay worth the money you pay.Ive never thought of quitting rs and it is not at all boring.With tons of updates weekly this is the best game with over 25000 hours + gameplay.

  36. I, as a former member, love this game and think its amazing! I love the graphics, the quests and the seasonal quests that change each year with unique items =]

    • You can try to set one up with google but you will need their apparvol and also Jadex it is hard though to get one you might end up spending your money and it get canceled I recommend just to try another game if you do not like Runescape so much anymore

  37. I have been playing Runescape for a long time now, and I have to say,Runescape is a very good and addictive browser game, very nice graphics and a lot of things to do and explore the gameplay is outstanding, probably the best web-browser based MMO, although there are some very small problems Runescape is an excellent game.

    The first problem: Free to play members are VERY limited, very few quests and skills, but membership is not as expensive as other MMOs

    The second problem: Bots…Bots everywhere, Jagex released bot nuke but still bots….

    The third problem: The last problem or you can say CON, is the community, as Inescapable said, the Runescape community is very unfriendly and most of them are kids who will try to lure you, although there are still good people from 2006 that are very friendly to you and will trust you.

    • I hope you are aware of that your name are the following:
      1. Misspelled.
      2. Without a capital letter.
      3. Nooby as f**k.

      “Noob game” does not count as a review, people like you are what makes EVERY online game annoying.

    • To play World of Warcraft, you must first:
      a) Buy the disc copies and download the files
      b) Download over 35 Gigabytes of data.

      Downloading Java and a few core components is not a big deal. Welcome to online gaming.

  38. ———PROS———

    -Was a fantastic, balanced game in it’s earlier years (2003-2007), encouraging players to explore, meet new people, and develop their stats in various ways that would make them unique to other players

    -World is large and fun to explore, although many areas require high level stats and quests to gain access to

    -Runescape is easy to access, and easy to jump right into the action

    -Graphics and game mechanics are fantastic for a free browser-based RPG

    -Membership is cheap compared to other MMO’s


    -Now (2010-2011), most people are just completely maxed out because the game has turned from laid back, leisurely stat development to intense grinding, where only 99’s are acceptable and now commonly seen

    -A few good people still around, but a majority of the player base is greedy immature children who will try their hardest to fuck you over to better their own character (whether it be by scamming you, luring you, or cleaning you with flower gambling)

    -Community is very unfriendly and unwelcoming of new players

    -Bots are a huge problem

    -Player interaction has decreased largely due to the fact that everyone is only out to grind and make their character better than anyone else’s

    -Real world trading is prevalent in runescape, creating an unfair atmosphere

    • That is a true ass story.
      I have played this game for like 6 years and are not even close to the major league, i play casually, laid back and give away stuff to newcomers, and what do i get? Taunts from 11 year old kids that think they are so cool because they RWT.

      • I am considered a major league on that game. Been playing since 2002. I, unlike many, have that sought after ability to annihilate the teases and taunts I get by killing the sender. I used to be found at the starting area, until some dude who just started told me to f*** off after I asked if he wanted any help. Community turned to shit when the Grand Exchange was released in my opinion.

        Started playing private servers. Tiered as the best, “Near Reality”, was shut down by Jagex because it became a viable threat. Near Reality was pulling in so much money that Jagex threatened to sue for copyright, and had the server shut down. Right after this, I quit the entire game. It showed me that if Jagex doesn’t have all the money, and I find that Runescape has turned into a Cash Cow, then they freak out and try to fix it by adding new things you can get by just reaching into your pocket for your wallet.

        • 1. private servers are breaking the law by copyrighting the game.
          2. jagex is a business and like every business it needs money to survive.
          3. adding new things is what ALL games need to do to keep people playing it.
          you will never be considered major league if you think playing on a private server is a good thing

  39. Guild Wars 2 be better, I already pre-purchased it. 😉

    In new GW2 you dont need to pay every month so it is better than this.
    Runescape have been good in old. But after they updated it, It now lagg like a heck and i hate it now.

  40. If u play runescape u could be one of the almost 200 million people to play. i do recommend to buy a membership bc u can get more skills. but not being a member is still really fun

  41. Love runescape. Free but a downoadable game, Vindictus makes runescape look like crap. If runescape would make moving urself go from the mouse to arrows it would b much better.

  42. My first MMORPG Ever started in 2005, it was much fun.
    It was a good game in the beginning but now i havent played it since 2010.
    After playing Lego Universe, Sword 2, Guild wars 2 beta, and WOW i forgot all about Runescape.

    • Maybe a flash player, other than that there shouldn’t be. You CAN download the game for less lag but other than that, not that I can think of.

  43. Ive Been playing runescape since classic and it has come along way its a game one should try out if just bored or looking for a new mmo to play i was hooked on the game for 5 years no joke. i still sometimes play today its for all ages too. got myself a level 134 at the moment with some pures and other low level accounts. for new comers try the game for free if you enjoy it become a member it makes 20X better i even make new lvl 3 memebrs mwahah well with the new thing they added you can be a member for free for 7 days when you start or something 🙂 ty alll c ya

  44. Just don’t play this game..
    The SoF institution simply devalues time played.
    RwT plays a crucial role in this game.
    Not reccommended to any player not willing to drop $100 on this game in their first few months.

  45. My brother has played RS for ages, but is considering quitting due to a huge performance drop after Jagex’s so-called “bot nuke” campaign. Apparently, about 1/3 of the game’s population find the game unplayable hovering at about 5 FPS on systems that used to play it at the cap of 50. I do hope Jagex gets that solved, or they’re probably going to find “bots” will be their only remaining players.

  46. this game is really old and i have played for a long time. I could say this game sucks and they could better at java but 70 000 people will still log on every day

  47. After 2 weeks of play, I dont see the point in playing RuneScape? What is the point? What I have seen sofar is chat being spammed, rudeness, offensive names /chat and characters botting their way trough mining, fighting and bots collecting items dropped in battle. I am pretty much annoyed by the superficial community and this has only been 2 weeks. I dont expect it to get better.

    • Man I wish I could just quit like you it’s a fun game and all but I’m getting to old for it and I souhld focus for on school. If anyone has any helpful tips on quitting please tell me I’m dying to quit.

  48. this is the best game ive ever played i have a lvl 129 with 99 att 99 str 99 def 99 hp im working 99 slayer i have 95 at the moment ive been playing this game for about 6 years now and i still play it.i remember when my friend first told me about this game he said “this game will take your life away remember i told you so” lol he was right i mean i still have a life but i didnt when i first started playing thats all i did was play runescape i was no lifeing pretty hard haha but if you are looking for a free browser mmorpg look no further you have found it.this game is amazing every thing about it is awesome the people,the game play,the updates.its hands down best mmorpg there is.

  49. If your computer is lagging from having runescapes graphics up too high… you obviously haven’t had a chance to know what a good game is (now days). You can’t even play most of the shitty games out there. Those who said that WoW is OOKKKK but there heart lies with Runescape are IDIOTS. I HATE WoW and I’m willing to say that. And BTW WoW does not cost $30 a month. But if you’re looking for a good game that will be free to play and has top notch graphics. Guild Wars 2 will be in open beta in the near future

  50. To those that think otherwise about these reviews:
    Yes, Runescape is a very good game. I have played it for over 4 years, about 4 hours a day. It wasn’t until a couple of months into 2011 when I saw the problem. Runescape is run by Jagex. Jagex resets the skills of players that they believe to be cheating. Not only that, but the entire market system is corrupt. Jagex had released the Grand Exchange in 2008 (9?), and it made the game a lot better. In 2011, Jagex returned the free market to the players, allowing them to pick their own prices, allowing people to “flip” prices and make money whilst doing nothing.
    As I said, the game is awesome, but the controllers of it are not.

      • Someone give these two above me a giant pile of cookies. I don’t care what kind. Frank, you just hit every single nail on the head at once. Cyrus, the entire game now revolves around cosmetics than anything. New releases on outfits that you have to burn your wallet for, or the most expensive things on the Grand Exchange. Blue Party Hat, a little burger king crown looking thing, is now worth maximum cash, probably double that if you even want one from players.

  51. this is a very good game and i recomend it to everyone… but if you play more than 5 hours a day stop! because its highly addictive. also do not play in on internet exploror 9 for it will say runescape has crashed. try it on google crome or firefox. oh and long live the CORINTHIAN LEGIEN OF TARSALA!!!!!!!

  52. If the only interactions between players were the chat and the Arena this would be an excellent game. The way it is now, however, makes it not worth playing. PKing is for feeble little morons that hide behind their computer and get their thrills off of trying to screw someone else over. The world, the Real World, would be a better place without them.

    The trading system in Runescape is so ridiculous that players can literally buy their way to level 99 in a lot of the ‘skill’ categories instead of actually having to play the game and earn their levels. Most of that came about due to the little cry babies saying that the game was too hard or that it took too long. You know, the sorry rear ends that think that the top of the high score list should be available to them from day one even though those at the top have played for years and put in thousands of hours.

    The required interaction with other players for some quests, access to some areas or for achievement capes is total bull crap. The community on this game for the most part sucks. There are some alright people that play, but the majority fit into the categories previously mentioned in this review.

    I played for over 4 years mostly as a member. My character name was jim_vierling and I think it is still in the high scores. I am not the only high level player that quit because the morons at Jagex kept caving in to the most pathetic of their customers.

  53. It was fun back in the good-ol’-days… Till all the updates came in… And when the actually “good” CEO was replaced… Jagex is far too greedy… If you actually want to have fun in the game, you have to pay for it. Which is $10… Used to only be $2 so wtf happened? Also their ads they put up lagg the hell out of your computer. Then they add the most over powered weapons ever… (Not sure of the name but its a 1 handed sword with higher stats than a godsword and its spec is a garunteed hit of 50%, 100%, or 150% dmg… ONE HANDED) Than after that I just quit… I heard they brought back the wild though, but as soon as I try it a go a get binded and piled at the first few seconds… Thats BS. If you guys played when the game came out and during RS2, than present rs would seem like sht…

    • I agree with this guy. After 2008 or so, the game became bad pretty fast with crap updates and such. When RS2 (now known as runescape) was first released, it was absolutely amazing, and it stayed amazing for a long time. I have to say, though, Runescape classic is one of my most favourite games. I wish runescape would make it free, but those bastards obviously won’t. :/

  54. I hate that Grand Exchange. Back in the days, you had to bargain and shout thins like: “Selling feathers. 2 gp each! 200 for 350!!!” Now there is no fun in playing that solely…

  55. be aware… runescape is extreemly addicting and it fun…..but you will be addicted…no lie this will interfere with your life i swear so relly think bout playing this game… it fun but not worth being addicted…. i know kids who had killed themselves over this game because they had lost rare items or whatever……. think about it this game is extreemly addicting caution……..

    • I agree. This game will interfere with your life. Runescape was the first one like MMORPG I ever played. I randomly found it years ago and I am ashamed to say it stold years of my life that I can never get back. I played Runescape before there were skill capes. When the skill capes were introduced I spent months …years ( several hrs a day) fishing, woodcutting, runcrafting to name a few. I don’t care who you are or how much you game, Runescape is a dangerous place to go. I have played many online Mmorpg’s and NONE of them got me as cracked out as Runescape.

  56. I have personally played this game for a quite a few years and reach level 135 on Runescape. I’ll give my review on this game.

    Runescape is a pretty good game that offers a ton of content for anyone to enjoy. There’s a wide variety of skills and most of them are somewhat fun to train with a variety of options to train other than grind your way doing the same thing over and over again. For example, there are a lot of minigames which anyone can try to gain exp in pretty much any skill. But if you want the highest exp, it is usually grinding and using money to buy raw materials.

    Quests are actually the most amazing I have ever played, and I played World of Warcraft. Quests range from funny and epic and Runescape really makes you feel like your quest matters! There’s cutsceens, epic fights, secret suprises, and more that await you! And of course, incredibly difficult quests that will challenge you or give you a tombstone.

    The community ranges quite a lot of the people that play runescape, but the majority are usually 10-35. Higher levels are generally older because it takes a while to level up all the skills Runescape offers. Since it has free trade, there will always be greedy people who want you scam you. So, watch out for those people. Luckily, there is the Grand Exchange (GE) so you can look up the value of each item before trading someone. The GE is available to all players.

    If you want a fun experience to play, try out Runescape. It was really fun for me, but got boring for me after I experience most of the end game content.

  57. As anyone can see, The majority of users on this game are kids. I have played this game myself and conjured up a review on it.

    -In-game trade center
    -Unique browser based game
    -High quality graphics
    -Frequent updates
    -Wide amount of classes available

    -Limited area for F2P players
    -Magic attack spells weakest in game(unless membership purchased)
    -Strength skill overpowers all others, other skills under-powered
    -Quests offer little reward upon completion
    -Slow skill leveling
    -Large user base of younger players
    -Low quest count for F2P players

    Think that’s it..anyone can rant about it, just wasting their time since I won’t be looking back at it.

    • Like in every game, even WOW if you think about…
      But the small difference is that you can become 126 Free in runescape and 138 Pay…
      In WOW you can become 20 Free then if you want to play untill 90 is payable.
      Such a big difference.
      I find out runescape more fun simply by the diversity it has… 😉
      In WOW you play 1-20 Free then you pay to do BOSSING and PVP…
      In runescape you can become 126 and do about 14 skills/PVP and if you pay you can do 11 more SKILLS 20 MORE MINI GAMES, alot of BOSSING and PVP aswel as have access to much more stuff.
      Don’t be mad because you have to pay to play, it’s like that in 90% of the games. Runescape isn’t a exception…

    • @ Mr Rebellious

      They are no “classes” You are not confined to only being a mage or warrior or ranger.
      Magic is the strongest attacks you can use at low levels even on f2p
      Slow skill leveling? You sure you played Runescape? You do realize you can’t level up if all you do is talk in game, you actually have to play the game to level up.
      and go try to kill someone with 99 defense if you think it’s “under powered” and good luck hitting anything if you don’t have an attack level.

  58. The best mmorpg I can find is still Runescape. So much to do. I have several accounts myself, (testing out a different skill pure on each.) Great Game.

  59. i fixed problem downloaded java i rate it 9/10 its good but not perfect but definitely best browser mmo out there

  60. I’ve been playing for quite some time now and it never gets old. I have a level 81 and I’m on a lot. You guys who haven’t played it you should try it. I’ve been playing since ’07 but I quit because I didn’t have a computer to play it on for quite some time. RSN: ChEeSeY PuNs feel free to join my friends chat any time.

  61. This game is awesome,but the storage problem for f2p is still annoying. Maybe it is just me having problems with getting rid of ustless junk on the bank.Hope for more clan updates!

        • I’ve never considered the cost/hour of entnetainmret before..thanks for the analysis!I used to play WoW for a few years (mostly played in the battlegrounds). Stopped playing a few months ago because I thought it was a waste of money (not so sure now after reading this article) but every now and then I get the itch to get back into it.Another cheaper alternative to monthly fee based MMORPGs are free-to-play MMORPGs such as Lord of the Rings online or Dungeons & Dragons online. These games are supposedly similar to MMORPGs that charge a monthly fee, but they’re free to play, only charging money if you want premium content.

    • A veteran from playing MMO’s since 2003? damn then I must be older than dirt having started out back in 1998 Or then again damn I just feel old

        • wait what i thought he released in 1998 09 player 😛 always wish stuff is free i like 10 Evolution Of Combat did ruin runescape 😛

          Super FalconPunch 100% More Damage It’s also harder to level up too
          Game is also full of members so it won’t be long til no more free players

  62. Definatelyyyyy play this game this is the best game EVER! It’s a character-building and (of course) MMORPG. But I highly recommend this and there is over 20 skills I think! It’s no-download (Unless you don’t have JAVA) Takes a few minutes to update updates (lol) but i rate it **************************************************************** star’s, best game ever!

    Add me: Pl8 body4
    Add me: Johaiya
    Add me: Fiyrcrushpk
    Those are my accounts.

  63. I’ve played RuneScape it is okay I’ve been member before but it is a pay for game and I find it okay not great in My opinion but it is a great game I go back to it every ones and awhile But I’m a little hooked on Drakesang Online right now it is in closed beta and I’m a player in it but I prefer Hack ‘n Slash like Drakensang Online but mostly looking for a game that is the best MMORPG on the browser but retards that think Rune sh** is the best go fu** your self da** retards

  64. people say runescape is grinding, and in some ways it is, but only if you chose to play like that, theres like 23 skills, everything from your standard herblore smithing crafting mining, to things like hunter for catching animals, summoning, farming, a skill based around huge dungeon instances with puzzles, bosses, keys, everything, thieving skill, fishing, player housing, with an entire skill built around it that you can level up by creating things for your house to put better things in it, the slayer skill which is basically go kill x number of x monster which if you like that sort of thing can be endless, the game has like 20 minigames, alot designed to remove grinding by rewarding you with things that boost exp in certain skills when used for certain periods of time, there’s so much variety in this game, yes the graphics are crappy, but theres 2-4 big content updates every month, and something like 160+ quests and this game has the best quests in any mmorpg i’ve played BY FAR (i’ve played wow, perfect world, runes of magic, requiem, lord of the rings online, rappelz, priston tale 1 + 2 and many others)

    it has its flaws, sure, the pvp is awful in my honest opinion (my character is level 138) so if you’re looking for a good pvp game i’d say avoid runescape, but if you want variety, great quests, instanced dungeons, tons of unique skills and challenges, then nothing can beat this game.

    • Ever since the Evolution of Combat, PvP and PvM have been taken to extreme heights. The graphics on its best qualitysurpasses WoWʻs compatabilities by a mile. Runescape is now the best game ever.

      • I agree the EOC really did improve the game, many people think that it ruined the game though lol. But the graphics are not that great, even on the max settings. It will change though when it is converted to HTML 5. XD

  65. I play this Game now and then on and off with WoW I like both of the games. But, my true heart lies with Runescape. Suuuurrrrreeeee WoW may have a lil bit more better graphics then RS but, the days of today the graphics remain about the same. But, if your looking for a game with way better tech support or for more universalethalty pick Runescape hands down it takes a lot less time to get some creator or staff of the game then WoW does. WoW takes forever to get help from. I am a lvl 97 in Free Server and a 101 in Members. Right now I am a Free Player and IT does take awhile to hit those 99’s but, you just gotta keep training and don’t stop then you will hit up them lvl 99’s I wish they would move greens at least to free server and allow crafters to craft green dragon gear it would be so much easier hitting that lvl 99 crafting and I can get my combat skills up much faster. Not to mention how quickly for Monks to get their 99 pray faster as well. But, I do like both RS and WoW hit me up if you wanna chat I get on at least twice a week. Cid Orlandu. On WoW I play in Darrowmere Server: Orlandeau.

  66. Regardless of whether or not you are a member, there are still literally thousands of hours to be had in the world of Runescape. I myself have never been a member, and am one of the original thousand players of the game.

    Character: Demigorgan

    Nevertheless, it has been several years since I have been active in the world but let me tell you a few things about little old Runescape.

    Not only do you (as a free member) have the opportunity to PvP in “the Wild”, explore countless dungeons, level your many available skills, (Which unlock awesome abilities as they increase), chat easily with friends or random characters, wear a huge variety of different weapons or armor, and complete rich and immersive quests…

    There is no download, Virus protection is relatively secure, updates are constant, support is readily available, and the walkthroughs and help texts are seriously informative.

    Not to mention that the world of Runescape itself is beautifully colored with rich pigmentation, and has a very unique design layout. Rare item drops are extremely exciting, the economy of the game works very well (Which is why most of you are complaining that certain items are too expensive… they have to be) and for the love of god, millions upon millions of people enjoy this game every day. And it’s FREE.

    Membership itself only compounds the huge array of fun to be found within. Different and unique lands, bonus skills, different game options, a RIDICULOUSLY large amount of new items, and dozens and dozens of fresh quests. With weekly, if not, monthly updates.

    To wrap it all up, this game started as free, everything that started with it is still free. You pay for the extras, not the necessities. And it would be well worth it.

    P.S.- those of you that are hating on something that requires no download, has tons of hours of play, has a great spam blocker, is browser based, and is FREE… should really wake up and look at the reality of this world. The only other things that are free are napkins. Be happy.

    • Yes i can agree with everything you say, except the fact that JAVA RUNTIME ENVIRONMENT does a great job of relaying the contents of your hard drive to jagex, making it their personal stash, ect. Also they changed the single most important thing in the game, the combat system, into some douchey hybrid diablo/WoW action bar crap. Just saying that if i need abilities other than Special Attack and Prayers to kill some fkn noob when i have 97 range at level 70 (pre-eoc, level 100 something after), and i worked COUNTLESS HOURS and basically FOREVER to achieve this, then its not Runescape. End of story.

  67. Most awsome browser based MMORPG, theres no download, you can play it free – or become a member.
    I have been playing this for about a year and a half as a member, and it still dosn’t get boring. Theres no game out there that can beat RuneScape. OF Course World of Warcraft is awsome, but its somthing you have to install (Takes up disc space) and its like $30 CAD a month…. TOTAL RIPOFF!!! RuneScape membership makes the game soo much more fun, and its only $5.95 a month. That too, if you dont want to pay, play the game for free. Theres a huge world to explore, and explore it in amazing HD graphics. 24skills to master (And thats somthing that could take months if not years). Become a master at skills such as fletching, cooking, crafting, combat, mining, and soo many more! The game is huge, with people all over the world. Make new friends, do quests, become a master at skills, or even one of the strongest players. With about over 130 MILLION players and counting, as well as a huge database of monsters to battle, this 3D free MMORPG is a game you HAVE TO TRY!!

      • Ha! I’ve played both runescape and wow they’re both fun addicting games. I have 4 85s on wow and 3 99s on runescape with over 1 bill so I’m experienced with both games. Right now however I’m playing runescape more.

      • Yea ok. Go play WoW with the older nerdy 10 year old boy/girls. Let us play the good games without you kinds of people filling up the servers with trigger-happy retards

        • I’ve played Wow and Runescape and eve online for around the last 10 years. Runescape has better graphics than WoW in my honest opinion.
          Runescape has a far better leveling system than WoW.

          The only thing that WoW has atm over Runescape is the way you can set up groups. You can’t “invite” people to a group. I enjoy being a healer on WoW and I do hope one day Runescape will come up with a role for people wanting to play healers.

          @ CrypticCube… I don’t know if you are trying to throw off on Mentally Challenged people or not but if so, was not cool… not cool at all.

          • One thing: Lunar Spellbook.
            Have you completely forgotten Heal Other, Heal Group, Cure Other and Cure Group?
            Vengeance other also seems like a support spell.

  68. One of the best non download games i have played. I actually play this game a lot, i have a lvl 20 with 70 defense. Graphics are amazing in high details, but if you do run in high detail your computer will more than likely lag. The game is OK if your a non member, but it really only gets fun if your a member. You do have to pay for all the fun stuff, and the free stuff is limited. You get like 10% of the game if your a free player. I think the game is worth the payment. They have just came out with a download to the game that does not run with flash, and they do in fact update the game weekly. if not ever other day. It is a MMO, and is played by thousands of people a day. and you will always see at least 20k+ people playing it at once. All in all i give this game 8/10.

    • Haha, good review, though I must say I should correct you on a few things. 🙂

      1st – Generally, you can log into the game at any point of the day and see 80k-100k+ players. There’s generally about 500k-1 million unique logins per day.

      2nd – The members’ expansion unlocks the expanded game, which includes 180+ more quests, 9 new skills, and a game world over three times the size of the free world. The free game itself has around 20 rather fun-to-play quests, a really large game world, 16 skills to train, the challenge system (so you never run out of things to do in the game), and so forth. In comparison by James Gosling (the father of Java), the free game is like the North American continent, and the members’ expansion is like the rest of the world, though it’s not spherical and can expand indefinitely and infinitely.

      3rd – The game runs on Java at this time, not Flash (Flash couldn’t handle the game’s graphics xD ). The downloadable client is for users who have trouble playing it in the browser. Jagex (the devs) are working on transferring RS from Java as its platform to HTML5, which will increase game speeds immensely. They’re also working on massive graphical updates that will make the game look better than just about any other MMO on the market nowadays.

      All-in-all, you had a good review though. 🙂

    • Believe me i have played many mmos but never found a game like runescape so it is really the best. i played wow but decided to leave it but i can never think of leaving runescape ever. its quest they are really sencible unlike killing certain monsters repeatetively to complete them like in wow, you can have too much fun doing quests. and dying that really matters. if i have to say i would write too much about rs and my experience in it but not in a mood of writing a story. Just say Rs was best untill 2010 but still it rocks nothing can compare to it.

    • It used to be the best until all the updates for the worst. Now exp and in-game cash are somewhat buyable. Ever since the EoC and RS3 updates it has been nothing but bugs and glitches everywhere. If you have a small computer screen your now at a disadvantage because of the new interface system. If you are just starting Runescape this game has a constantly steepening learning curve. The tutorial alone is about an hour long. The servers are constantly crashing, it is extremely laggy unless you have a desktop worth $1000s, and players are constantly stuck on a blank black screen.

      The game updates weekly with new content, new features, etc.. which used to be a good thing but now each new update just adds to the growing learning curve, intense lag, and large amount of bugs and glitches that are tearing apart the game.

      • I haven’t noticed a major lagg storm since that 2003 incident with Jagex’s network. The new updates, I can frown upon. The black screen is being worked on, and the servers were fixed last week.

        This is an MMORPG like no other that I have seen. Some of the skills go so far as to separate from combat. Whether you do or do not like killing things, Runescape is a great game. For anyone who has never played this before, I say give it a go. No download, and good playerbase. If you don’t like it, you don’t have to uninstall.

        I’ve played this since 2002, back when scorpions could and would kill you. Now you can stare at them and smile. I find it ridiculous, because I am titled as a Veteran. Others that have never played the game before would find it enjoyable and will never find another game like this.

      • I’ve played Wartune a lot lately and so going into a game like this will be great. Thanks for the review!

        –Endou of the Immortals Guild


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