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About the game:
Title: Florensia
Status: Released Graphics: 3D
Developer: NETTS
Publisher: Alaplaya

Florensia is a free-to-play fantasy MMORPG game with several islands and the sprawling ocean to explore. In this free MMO game the players chooses from 12 different character classes and create their own ship from five previously defined models. Explore the islands and increase your levels, both in land and sea.

Florensia requires just a free sign-up on the official alaplaya website, and then you’re able to download and play at no cost. Begin your adventure in Roxbury and enter an exciting fantasy world! Choose your character from Explorer, Mercenary, Noble or Saint, battle terrifying monsters, join a party or create a guild with other players.

After building your first ship you’re free to explore the huge ocean, discover whatever secrets new islands conceal and battle strong bosses. Keep on the lookout for valuable treasures and meet new friends that will help you along the way. There are numerous quests for you to undertake and increase your skills, but it’s also possible to engage in PvP combat. Be amazed by the tower with 100 floors that only the most daring players are able to conquer. Find the perfect allies and become a legend in the fantasy world of Florensia.

Explosive Features:

  • Land and Sea Adventure
  • 12 Character Classes
  • Solid Interface and Graphics

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System Requirements

Florensia Minimum System Requirements:
OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, or 8
Processor: Pentium4 1.3Ghz
Memory Ram: 512MB
Hard Disk Space: At least 4GB of free Space
Video Card: GeForce4 Ti Series 64MB or better

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  1. (Florensia Review)
    + Costume
    + 4 Classes or more
    + Good Story line
    + Pets
    + Mounts
    + Low Spec System requirement
    – Very Small Community
    – Bugs
    – Lack of support
    – Hardcore Grinding
    Star Rate: 3/5 (Good)

    • This game will be available in January 2015. Their old publisher no longer supported the game, so they found a new one. According to their Facebook page, they will be up and running soon!

  2. The combat is so bloody slow paced it makes me cringe. Tactical RPGs have reasons for being so slow. This game, however..is generic typical garbage. So really, no reason for slow combat. Slow..just because slow. Or the developers are clowns who had no idea what in god’s name they were doing. Either way, embarassing.

    inb4 mad fanboiz.

  3. It actually can be played on windows8. I’ve checked. Give the game a shot. It’s actually a lot of fun and quit addictive. The quests kind of require you to work with other people so you end up meeting other players. Graphics are pretty sick and combats awesome. There are a few bugs but nothing major. I’d say give it a try.

  4. toooooo many bug, and they never fix it.. already complain toooooo many time but no action..
    free did not mean, just play and do not complain..


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