League of Angels









About the game:
Title: League of Angels
Status: Released Graphics: 2D
Genre: MMORPG Type: Browser
Developer: R2Games
Publisher: R2Games

League of Angels is a fantasy turn-based browser MMORPG that casts players into a turbulent world churning with the forces of evil, on a quest to save a hierarchy of beautiful angels.

This turn based MMO has players in search of gold and equipment in order to increase their hero and parties over-all strength, rallying power to use on their holy quest. Better equipment can be found through question and also special events. Players will

Both the Warrior and the Mage classes come as male or female, and play accordingly to classic tank/caster models. Battle is mostly orchestrated by hero and party positioning, making plan-of-attack the ultimate system for victory. Players can participate in daily cross-server battles which rewards players based on their Battle PvP and resources collected from points spread across the map.

Explosive Features:

  • Beautiful world.
  • Gorgeous angels.
  • Vast mount system.

Each game profile contains useful information about the game, gameplay videos, user reviews, gameplay screenshots, system requirements and more!

System Requirements

Minimum System Requirements:
This game is a browser based game and should run smoothly on practically any PC with a updated web-browser.

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  1. Fun game but major pay to win! Do not play this game!
    To be top 10 you have to pay 5k-10 k a month. This is beyond making money back for development, this is thievery. I once had to pay 100 dollars for a 2 Joker cards to get a summon.

  2. first thing to prepare before playing this game: lots of money. The game sucks.
    Terrible game hidden behind gorgeous nude Angels/goddesses.

  3. Well this game would have been awesome and had so much potential if it wasn’t for its greedy developers. Yes the developers or just DEVs are so arrogant and greedy that they basically ignore anything that can be considered as an improvement to both the game and the gaming experience of the players. All they have ever cared about was their pockets and all they did was to release content that either required hefty amounts of real-world cash to obtain or simply caused havoc to the game. I am still playing this game, yes, but it is impossible to even consider some sort of competition with the heavy cashers(players who spend actual money) and the horrible way they have dropped the amount and number of free items we can earn daily has made it even worse… There are so many contents to name of, but again because of greed most or maybe all of them are well hidden behind giant pay walls. The DEVs also have this repulsive tendency to establish new servers every once in a while which always leave the older servers nearly barren and empty… players have been ranting about it over the forums a lot and the only solution that was given by the DEVs were server merges.(My server’s dead by the way) New threads in support are not usually overlooked by the MODs though, which is a good thing, but all they can do is to *report* it to their superiors and that’s it. And a upsetting thing to add is that there are many stolen art, quotes, soundtracks and etc. from other games that will leave you scratching your head as to how this company has even gotten away with it! XD

    Bottom line, all I can say is that the game has been messed up by avarice(no wonder it’s of the Seven Deadly Sins!) of some developers who barely care about anything else but their own selfish gains. I recommend to try it out and if you have enough time to spare actually play it and you might be able to scavenge something interesting out of this game that you might like, so it’s best not rely on others opinions so sudden. Seeing is believing at times!

  4. Pay and win. The rate off new stuff is unbelieveble. New stuff wins so keep paying to win. Making money for them is more important then fixing bugs. If you want to be good in this invest 300 to 500 a month. If you want to be the best, invest 5 k a month. Bong stopped with it after paying 17.5 k Euro in 3 month, he wasn’t nr 1.

  5. A study found that 46% of 46 million players in the US pay real money to play MMO games. Stupid people and their money don’t stay together for too long.

  6. I love RPG’s and have played a lot of them. I played this game for 10 mintues and knew that this game was absolute garbage.

    Stay away.

  7. What can I say about League of Angels….. The game sucks. I’ve played it for a month and it didn’t take me long to find out that it was worthless waist of time and energy, Free to play?!, give me a break more like Pay to win. This is nothing but a money making scheme made to look like a game, you want to go far in LoA you have to pay for it, oh did I forget there is no costumer service what so ever, so if you get any issues in and out of game, you’re pretty much screwed. If you want to waist time and money then go ahead and play LoA, other wise just stay away from it.

  8. Horrible Games hide with beautiful art. Worst game to spent your precious time. Advise: Run , dun look just run away from it.

  9. This game is the absolute worst.
    Every time they update, they break something.
    It’s full of bugs and glitches.
    The staff has no respect for their players.
    It’s free to join and that’s it, the game is set up to force you to pay just to get ahead.
    If you have thousands of dollars and lots of time to waste, this isn’t even the game for you. Customer service? Terrible. The devs do not care about customers, just money. They nerf rewards for tasks constantly, after half a year of playing this game, I’m done, compared to when I started playing, this game is nothing like it was. You barely get rewards for anything.
    The devs only fixes a bug when it works in the favour of the players, players have been complaining for months about diamonds (bought currency) disappearing and devs have done nothing about it. Their immediate staff doesn’t even try to communicate with users, they just do what they want and lately, they’re purposely destroying the game to force us to migrate to a new one the company launched.
    Seriously, this game is nothing but a scam, run away while you can.

  10. I’ve played this game a couple of years and spent a total of $10. Ranked in top 10 on my server. Seen a lot of people come and go, spend a ton of money then quit etc. This game is all about stats strategy and character building. Boring for some. For me the fun is in seeing what all I can do with limited resources and strategy. If you make the right friends in game they give great advice on the right strategies for character building. It’s not really exciting except some of the PVP stuff which is always at a specific time, sometimes late at night so gotta watch out for that. Nothing against the negative comments, it’s not for everyone but if you know what you are dealing with it’s really not a scam or anything. Have fun out there

      • Your so right about the GM’s and Dev’s as they call themselves…. They have made so many quit… they act like spoiled brats… it is a game to block and avoid at all costs

  11. The game itself could be so very wonderful if it wasn’t:
    1. Extremely awful and almost non-existent customer service/support
    2. Extremely annoying and plenty of bugs which cause a major issue due to the reason no.1
    3. Extremely expensive and abusive for a P2W game ( it IS a P2W no doubt about that)
    4. Old servers suffer constantly from extremely horrible merges which result in ultra mega problems for the players ( characters vanishing, resources vanishing, events vanishing etc.) and of course this is getting even worse due to reason no.1
    5. Constant updates with new idiotic stuff which add to the pile of the neverending que of bugs.

    Bottom line: If you wanna waste your money choose a game which at least will deliver what you pay cuz for sure LoA won’t do that. If you wanna spend your free time choose a game which will actually give you some fun and not messing with your mood every minute and hour. GTArcade, the developer of this game, ended up being one of the most untrustworthy and incabable companies.


    I really recommend you to hear my advice, support is horrible, games full of bugs they never fix except they are the ones losing money, and what starts like a reasonable pay to win game ends with them asking 500-600€/week.
    They only give trash to free players or moderate cashers…. Don’t fall into the trap….. Great games but shameless irresposibles and greedy company.

    • I spent 1 dollar for my 102 character on Phantasm eu server called Apollo
      then 10 dollars,then 20 dollars,then another 10 dollars for my second Ozymankos character and then another 20 dollars last night I think
      about 50 dollars in total,2 more dollars now for 300 diamonds bag
      it is a very nice game,people are helping
      never had any issues
      never dissapeared anything
      sometimes game fails to load or gives me a 1 level char
      due to facebook issues-2 accounts for me
      I need to check to see if my main account on facebook is on

  13. Unlike many people, i actually enjoy the gamd. Yes it is auto battle, but thats not the point. I have been playing for almost three years and the only problems I have had is user related. Bad internet connection makes it glitchy and stuff. Its not so much the content that has made me addicted to this game, its also the cool people i have met on it and become friends with. I recommend this game to all! And just because im not VIP doesntmean i dont have good stuff. Gotta work for it all, man. If you wanna play this, im in S204 Dionysus. Erza Scarlet. Join Scattered or Dark Justice as your guild if you play that server.

  14. It’s a bad game. Let me explain why :
    – Every fight is automatic, you cannot choose which option to attack…even blind you can play..
    – Their support never answers emails…it’s a shame.
    – the music is boring and depressing.
    – I played on facebook and my character was deleted because ?? no idea…
    – the graphics is ok, but the game is much too complicated.
    – it’s a very repetitive game, after some days, I got bored…

  15. worst P2W game ever! i have played more than 3.000thousands games in my life, and kind of game, anywhere, but LEAGUE OF ANGELS ITS THE WORST P2W GAME EVER!!!

  16. I hate this shit. I had just reached level 40 and it set me back to the start. Wtf?! This game is not well developed to be having such flaws. I don’t recommend it to a soul! Not even my worst enemy…. maybe them yea….

  17. generic, boring, uninspiring game with gameplay and mechanics that contain more drudgery than a minimum wage clerk at the post office. i am beginning to think that anything that comes out of the r2’s bowels is not worth a first glance.

  18. Skip it. Have playd for 8 months they keep introducing new features that cost more money. Everything they add creates bugs. They dont reply to support tickets or forum. What interested me was it is a very complex game once you understand the fighting dynamics. But because of the constant bugs and some bugs going back 8 months it is a chore. They have introduced a version of farmville where you can create a baby feed it pizza and take it to fights with you.

    The biggest disappointment is the lack of support. No replies in forum, My 8 tickets go back 8 months not 1 has been resolved. you get automated message then someone may reply but once they see the game is a fault they stop replying and dont compensate.

    I have even had to use paypal to claw back payments as they didnt deliver the bonuses that they offer and wont resolve the issue once you prove to them it has happened. you then dont get replies to ticket no matter how many times you try and write.

    Steer Clear will just frustrate the hell out of you once you have invested $1000’s and 1000’s of hours.

  19. Even though I am trying to steer away from this game, I admit it is addicting. I am/was a F2P on my server and reached top 10. I can say that this game is sh*t. It sucks balls and it’s the same thing over and over. They don’t fix bugs and anything that players post in the forums, moderators, etc. just say the same thing over and over again telling us that their “higher ups are going to fix it.” That’s BS right there. They add so many new things but don’t fix them!

  20. No other way to say it, but DON’T PLAY THIS GAME!!!

    1. One of the most P2W games around.
    2. Auto-combat.
    3. Extremely repetitive.
    4. Frequently glitchy.
    5. Pretty close to no customer service.

    This game is a borderline scam.

  21. I think it is interesting that sites like MMosite.com and others have not reported all of the many issues games like League of Angels generates.

    Let me explain.

    The game is free to play, but to obtain most anything it requires saving diligently or spending and I am not kidding thousands of dollars. I did the math, many items actually cost thousands of dollars, particularly for U. S. or European servers.

    Some idiots actually spend that kind of money, even though there are many issues involved:
    1. the game is glitchy as hell. It breaks and compensation, if it comes, never is equal to the value lost. This means if you spend to buy something in game and it breaks, you will not get that item or your money back, you know like you would in stores if this same thing happened with a physical product.

    2. Customer service is terrible. They rarely address a situation, but when they do it usually results in some variation of “sorry dear player we cannot help you…”. Um, yes, yes they can.

    3. Despite whole forum threads, facebook threads, and more, sites that report on games such as LOA and other MMOs never and I mean NEVER expose this racket, which IS set up similar to high stakes electronic gambling outfits only with this there is never a chance of winning any real money.

    4. Some servers are treated to better deals than others and packages to help them “catch up”, even though other players spent the time and money to be where they are. The game is rigged.

    5. Players and moderators exposed that League of Angels had seed accounts and were rigging events to go a certain way. They had screenshots of proof. LOA did nothing. Many players just quit, replaced by new, unsuspecting people.

    Is everyone in the MMO gaming industry in this racket or do people simply accept it and play on? Seems rather unintelligent to me. Personally, I do not reward bad business with my money. I encourage others to do the same.

  22. I’d like to start a legal action against GTArcade and R2Games, the leading companies that are keeping this game alive, for fraudulent practices. I wonder if there is any organization where I could complain against them.

  23. If anyone from developers reading – stop adding more and more stuff to game and repair old things first. Hecate sword is not matching hero movement and its floating around. Just observation: US east servers cash a lot, european servers not so much. US style is “how I spent much” while european is “how I get it free”. Try to play S1, no chance to be 1st in ranks, but new players comming every day. Why do you want to play games? for fun? or masturbation over your 1st rank? Once more – its just a game, play for fun…

  24. Hi, I played LoA for a while, never spent a single penny on it and I can be in top ranks and I’m no cannon fooder. You know how to play it or you can can compensate your lousy play by cash or blame it on cash spenders. There is plenty of servers and every server has its own social enviroment, so dont judge it by experience from one single server. Its good time killer, just dont try to find some deep philosophy in it. Its ordinary commerial game. There is nothing wrong or super excelent in it. Yes, some people are addicted to it and spent too much, but it can happen in any other game. If you want to play a good game search in abandoware for early 90’s games. I will get LoA my recomendation, its fun to play, just dont spent money on it, dont take it too seriously and dont try to find deep meaning in it, dont live in it. Its just a game. And one more thing… Its made in China. So its obvious that some cultural references might not be to your liking.

  25. if you like wasting time and hate yourself, play this game. If you have better things to do like… sharpen pencils or organize paper clips, I suggest you do that.

  26. the game is alright, i must admit i really dont like the fact that they have the women’s boobs half show and all that, but in all of the games i’ve seen all the women all like that..most of the time.. anyway i have a character on loa, it’s server is S2Boadicea, has 270k br is level 58, i have never ever recharged on the acct, yet i am above average br for my lvl. Why am i saying all this stuff? Because…well i guess i just want to tell you people that you really dont have to spend money unless you do some things: 1. Be active, 2. try to check in everyday, if you play the game you’ll understand, 3.Make sure to at least attend some events if you can, 4. Make sure to enhance, socket gems, try to do all the things.. game spoiler: you get little helper when you get to a certain level, what does the little helper do? does most of the things of course! Ask people in your guild about things. oh and btw, if you happen to go onto gtarcade Loa and get onto S2Boadicea, friend me, my username’s Amythestral.. another btw, dont know which guild to join? join Crust, awesome guild, the people in it are helpful and fun!

    • I love the angel helper-I got automated simple battles on my realm stuff and beated some levels I was never expected to beat at my 102nd level on my main Apollo char

  27. There seems to be a lot of angst and stupidity on these postings so in the interest of leaving a review of some usefulness to someone who is considering playing this game, I decided to comment. But first there are a few points I must address.

    1. “This game promotes slavery!”
    Its a game, get over it.

    2. “It’s all half naked women and boobs. Sexist!”
    I really doubt even most of the female players want Bertha, the morbidly obese angel of temperance and modesty.

    3. “There’s mods playing this game taking up the highest rank spots to get people to pay more money. Scam!”
    Its a business, get over it.

    Now with that out of the way the best advice I can give to someone considering playing this game is to give it til about lvl 60 with your first char to get an idea of the game mechanics and the best methods for upgrading your character before you put any of your own money into this game. Certain methods of upgrade are more productive than others and if you mess up early, you can find yourself wasting some cash on a character that will never quite be in the upper echelon. Take the time on your first character to pay attention to what hero combinations work the best, what aegis work best for a particular scenario, and what gem combinations work best. Make use of the view details button on the top players on the game to see what they are doing different that put them on top, because the differences between good chars and mediocre chars are often (besides their ability to go through large stacks of cash) very subtle.

    That being said, this game is at best decent. Glitchy doesn’t quite begin to put into perspective the tweaks that could be made to increase the quality of game play. It is quite repetitive and to REALLY be the best player on the server, you will have to spend some money.

    In short, despite the numerous downsides, this game can become somewhat addictive and due to the fact that this game does pander to a slightly older demographic, the mindless flaming is not as bad as many mmos. Give it a try, I would give it a 6/10.

  28. I played LoA for about a year, just quit couple of weeks ago. Spent some money on it, because if you dont like your butt being kicked all the time its a must. But untill recently you could spend resonable money (20-30£) a month and with good evonomical and strategic skill you could be really strong. This however changed because too many noob big spenders were loosing to smart low cash players. Gta made some tweaks to the game and now low cash stand no chance. This game is a total ant utter scham. Devs dont really care about players, not even mid cash (100-150£ a month) all they care about are the big spenders and some idiots spend serious bucks on it. AVOID THIS GAME! Free players in LoA are just cannon fodder, so unless you are willing to spend 100s of £ you will get your ass kicked all the time.

  29. I swear there will come a day when all of r2games’ games will merge into just one and it will be called “Bouncing Boobies”.

  30. this is not league of angles this is league of sexy girls
    these days most of games are going to Propound sex in lifes …whats the aim ?

  31. Just saying as I already tried playing R2 games before my last one is Dragon Pals, Guys STAY AWAY from R2 games they will just get your money. Trust me a lot of people already complaining about R2Games

    • Unfortunately i played this game for around 10 months, soon found that if you didn’t spend you don’t get anywhere, Reason I left=
      I spoke in world chat and 1 of the big spenders did not like the fact that a LITTLE player 2 mil battle rating, spoke in his world chat so i ended up with no less than 8/ 6 to 5 Mil Battle ratted players cleaning me out every day.So if you like being belittled and berated sure play League of Angels But my advice would be to give it a very wide berth unless your daddy has a really good credit card….

  32. To be honest any game online and mostly browser game is the worst thing ever happen to you why did I say this the reason just only 1 lost every precious time in your life that should use in a good way every game online and the worst thing browser game like R2game did nothing but to destroy your real life spent money more and more and eventually make addiction which will last long at first browser game was seem to be fun less resource on PC no download free to play pure fun but by the time you try it at that very momment you became lost of yourself spend money more and more addicted to game so in my opinion NEVER EVER TRY ANY GAME ONLINE OR EVEN BROWSER GAME ONLINE IT WILL RUIN YOUR MONEY AND YOUR LIFE use you precious time wisely cause life is to short to begin with and I was lucky to made it and get my real life back but waste my 4 years for online game as well as browser game

  33. Fuck God and gay marriages and I hope you all become slaves and if your kids get on this game then your a bad parent and you deserve to be shot, fuck your values and beliefs and fuck anyone from the Middle East or India. And fuck your gods, I’m gonna go eat some pork. There’s your review.

    • eat pork,beef,fish,rice,veg,non-veg,bread,sauce,rat,cat,mat etc.whatever u want…..but if u r a one-parent born thn speak of ur country name……..and dnt try to humiliate othrs’ country…with love…your only best friend..I trust You Baby..

  34. this game is a piece of crap and everything that was said about seed accounts is VERY true.. which is why i quit the game and left for a better one.. don’t waste your time or money on this game.. full of bugs, devs don’t care all they want is $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ and lots of it ..

  35. Forget this garbage it is a total scam,I had been playing for a year and it has recently been discovered that the devs make seed accounts with unlimited resources to drive spenders into paying more and more,All the top players are plants and win all the events like tycoon,

    They have these planted accounts in every server and they are most all #1 in their servers sucking up all the best rewards.

    They were caught doing this red handed by a GM that inspected an account that had millions of materials and things that the game hasn’t even released yet in there inventory and whistle blew on what has been going on there.

    This game is a total scam they have no customer support and instead rip off their customers with planted accounts not to mention it is completely riddled with bugs/glitches

    STAY AWAY!!! save your self from being scammed by an unethical and fraudulent company.

  36. Forget this garbage it is a total scam,I had been playing for a year and it has recently been discovered that the devs make seed accounts with unlimited resources to drive spenders into paying more and more,All the top players are plants and win all the events like tycoon,

    They have these planted accounts in every server and they are most all #1 in their servers sucking up all the best rewards.

    They were caught doing this red handed by a GM that inspected an account that had millions of materials and things that the game hasn’t even released yet in there inventory and whistle blew on what has been going on there.

    This game is a total scam they have no customer support and instead rip off their customers with planted accounts not to mention it is completely riddled with bugs/glitches

    STAY AWAY!!! save your self from being scammed by an unethical and fraudulent company..

  37. I am currently nr 1. on my server, guild leader of best guild on that server and i am lev 74, moderate spender (not anymore-planing to quit) so what i will tell you believe me it is all true:
    All game system is made around one fundamental principle: get you frustrating and recharging/spending that mean EVERY SINGLE FEATURE IN THE GAME IS MADE TO PUSH YOU SPENDING.
    So if you think you can afford to recharge few bucks per month for p2w you will be happy, that is wrong, moderate spenders in this game is 200-300 usd/ month.
    Because in majority of situations when you use diamonds for buy some items/heroes/angels and so on is preceded buy an draw YOU ALWAYS WILL GET SCAMED BECAUSE THOSE DRAWS ARE NOT FOR REAL and because of that you will spend far too much for everything. (they have different drop rate for valuable items).
    If you think you will put 500 usd in game to buy all the best and no more recharge that is wrong too. 500 usd is less then dust in this game, you won`t get almost nothing for that and THEY CONSTANTLY BRING NEW BETTER MOUNTS/ ANGELS/HEROES AND SO ON SO WHAT YOU DID BUY FOR RIDICULOUS AMOUNT WORTH NOTHING IN 30-50 DAYS so to keep up you need to keep recharging.
    THEY USE SEEDS ON ALMOST EVERY SERVER TO PUSH PPL SPENDING (that was proved buy 2 players recently and now gtarcade have to face an huge scandal) I copy-past one of the official anouncements:

    Andrzej X from s684, who was the one with the most problems, was owned by one of our staff, who had taken advantage of his job to get his character a great number of rare stuff, which made him almost invincible. After we found this shocking fact, we placed severe punishment on this irresponsible man and took away the privilege. We also assure you that we’ll put much work on the management of our staff, making sure such an occasion won’t happen again.

    ^^^^^^ to beat this guy in event named TYCOON some ppl spend thousands of dollars and he is not the only one.

    GAME IS VERY ADDICTIVE – MY ADVICE IS DO NOT TRY DO NOT TEST AND DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE i keep wandering why i still play this game which i hate right now, all the fun is gone, only the addiction was left right now.
    At the begining i say oo they have gems minigame, oo they have quests minigame, oo they have chesslike minigame, now what was left is oo I HAVE TO DO THAT BORING STUFF OR THAT (FOR SOME EVENTS YOU HAVE TO STAY IN FRONT ON COMPUTER AND YOU HAVE TO CLICK ONCE PER 30 SEC 30-40 MIN for an boring repetitive activity)
    They have some resources which can be collected at some particular time when the daily event is so YOU WILL END UP PLAYNG THIS GAME ON WORK AND DESTROY YOUR REALLIFE

    LAST ADVICE NEVER EVER EVER EVER PLAY AN FREE GAME, MAKE YOURSELF AND TO YOUR CREDIT CARD AN FAVOR AND TEST ONLY GAMES WITH GOOD REPUTATION ON INTERNET. I already spend more on this game then i spend in 6-7 years on all the rest of online games.


    • my major problem is the economics in game are so out of whack.

      its about 5 dollars for 500 diamonds.

      Sometimes for 100 of any of the normal resources…they’ll charge 3000, 5000 or more. None of the resources are realistically worth that much money. They just arent’

      now on the plus side, they made an update so it is possible to get diamonds without spending money now. So there are improvements.
      There is also utter crap like if you bought some of the fairies with diamonds (money), well on the plus side they updated the fairies so they are worthwhile now…but everyone loss their fairies including if we were dumb enough to pay diamonds for them.
      and their help/forum support…they do give you the run a round

  38. Game play can be addictive, there is some strategy to it but to win you have to pay and pay big. You can’t bat an eye without them flashing an add for a new pay to win event, and when something is broken don’t expect them to fix it, instead they’ll drop some gold on you and ignore complaints for weeks at a time before fixing them. Absolutely the worst support I’ve ever seen, if you want to compete and not spend don’t bother it’s not possible. A previous poster said it’s all about the gems yes to a point but a free player will never have the gems to compete.

  39. I have been playing League of Angels for almost a year now. I wouldn’t put too much into some of these negative comments.

    The gameplay is straightforward, easy to learn, as you gain levels, you open new features. There is alot of strategy in the build of your main hero (yourself) and your angels, mount and party. By level 70 you will have opened up some fantastic mini games and group games, as well as have an opportunity to participate in server wide and cross server competitions.
    Some features you will open – mounts, you will start with a basic mount at level 20 and can win or collect parts to upgrade or summon new mounts. Gemology, a mini game similar to bejeweled. gems are then synthed or socketed to expand stats on heroes. Angels – angels add stats to you and your party, you will summon them, bless them, provide cherubstones and assemble them as guardians to your party. Eternal spire, totem system, dragonsoul, Erebus, Team Dungeon, Inferno, Gauntlet, Guilds, Twilight Clash, Elemental training, Awakening skills, Wyrm races, so many things to do…

    It is not NECESSARY to invest real world money, as there are always events that you can obtain goods for free, including the diamond “currency”. It takes paying attention, skill and stratgy to build a strong party.

    You have quests to run, daily events, and all sorts of fun stuff. getting to level 30 takes only a couple days, with getting to 50 or 60 within a couple weeks, after that gaining slows down but the amount of things to do has increased exponentially.

    being an active player with both a free to play character and one that i do use money on, i can say that whichever you choose will be fun, try checking out an older server, ask questions, see what other people are doing and how they are setting up characters. Then, once you have figured it out ( in just about a weeks time or so) either continue on or recreate a new character, and take your learned knowledge to a new or newer server and compete with everyone trying to get that first kill announcement! special events and rewards are available when the server is brand new.
    servers are available in PST, EST, HKT and GMT so that server activities can be convenient for your time zone.

      • No, I’m not a GM, or a Forum Mod. or any other acronym. I do not work for GT Arcade – who in fact is the creator of this game.. NOT R2 as stated in the game description above and in many posts. I do not work for any of the platforms that host LOA,. I am a player enjoying the game.

    • I will say they are very entertaining. But to be competitive they want $$$. The bigger spenders dominate the servers. Some spend thousands or are really good hackers.

    • ur an idot !!!!!!!i been playing over a yr . and i still play ! on two servers .. customer support sux and its all about real money . and i do have and will continue to spend . its my hobby . but every neg. comment about this game is true ! im at the point of quitting but ive spent so much money on this game its hard to walk away from now . real gamers know what i mean .and ive built friendships with ppl accross the world , so im not just giving up . but TAKE IT FROM THE HORSES MOUTH . its a great game , when it works , if u got the money .PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!

    • You are advertising the game and you definitely are from inside.
      I played this game 1 year and 2 months. It is strongly pay to win game, so money is needed, one way or the other if you want to be “good”. Yes, you can play it free but you never succeed to better places like that unless you cheat, of course or if you are insider.
      This game looks more like a continuous sale market where you can buy things to get advantages against other players. And many of those things are really expensive, we are talking about hundreds and even thousands of dollars. And now you probably start telling that “but you can spare and then get everything free”. Sparing takes a lot of time and gets you somewhere but n e v e r among “top” players. Never. And even now they reduced possibilities of sparing by changing demands so you truly are forced to pay if you want something good.
      Worse to that, most of those who are top players are not only cashers, they are also cheaters. eg. there is possibility in Gauntlet to get double mail rewards, which means approximately 45k – 70k totally free Tycoon points during event and gives possibility to kick down those who pay normal way. This is not a random bug but something that can be triggered: there are players who were so greedy that they used it every time, so everybody could see it. GTArcade has not fixed it and probably will not, I suspect that “bug” has been made intentionally by some devs to their own advantages, which has spread to their buddies and to even more players. It is still something that is not told to everybody. But those who know it can get lot more gold to upgrade their equipments and guilds.
      Tarot had bot, people used it shamelessly. Only after long time devs shut it down and removed fusegems. Of course they did that when normal players were to get those fusegems. Didn’t matter that cheaters got them long time before that. Now tarot has been back while and it has at least one bot again which even removes delay in the games so you can get better results without paying. That one is not free bot though.
      There has also been lot of “mistakes” by devside. Due that some players have gotten free heroes, 40 lvl 7 fusegems, endless stamina and so on. I do not even know all, but one thing is for sure, they never took those back.
      It has been proved also that devside is using so called seeds, which mean that they put their own people to servers, these people have free stuff and they get best places and force players to pay things. In other words, those who play fairly, aka just play and pay, they have to fight against the biggest cheaters (company itself). Personally I consider paying to be only legalized cheating.
      About the gameplay: there is lot of automation which is good. That way you don’t have to do your own bots, which of course are illegal.
      But, there is lot of events that force player to be present at certain time of the day if you want to sustain your characters position and strength. To be honest, I am tired of doing Gauntlet every other day starting half past midnight at my time. They could have given players possibility to select time of the day but that not happened.
      Twilight Clash starts at midnight my time and ends little before half past one if guild gets to last battle. TC is totally worthless event, it is bugged and top guilds get cities even they don’t play. Second totally useless event is Domination. Top players deal with themselves who wins and who loses.
      Then there is those other events that come and go. Yes, some of them are good for everybody. Unfortunately some of them are always won by same players, which is result of p2w-gamestyle. I could accept that but somehow it is so sad that people get biased view of what means to be good, in this game it means only how much you use money. And don’t get me wrong, those who use money and cheat, they don’t like people getting top places in events. They may even threaten you and I wouldn’t be too surprised to hear that if they complaint to support about that, you get in trouble and game is also changed because of that.
      Aah, and then there is that customer support of what ever it is. My character on GTArcades server was stuck and I couldn’t play with it. That happened after one update on Thursday. I reported it at Friday and was answered on Saturday that devs are not working during weekends so I should contact them again on Monday if problem still bothers me 😉
      My main account was on R2Games server. During last Tycoon event in July 2015, second day of the event, I came to do my dailies and suddenly noticed that I had lost 3100 diamonds. I still don’t know there I used them because IMO I did not do anything differently. So I sent a ticket and asked what happened to these diamonds. I got automated answer where I was told that nothing is to be compensated and I should be more careful next time. I answered to that and demanded more info but got no answer, ticket was read though. Then I made a new ticket where I gave better description of what happened at that time, but that ticket was merged to first one. I even asked some forum mod to help with this matter. After few days I finally got an answer: according to support of R2Games I had used those diamonds in November 2014, I was again told to be more careful in the future and ticket was closed. I answered by mail to that and told that their date at least is totally wrong, but I will never get any answer to that. So, now I don’t know what happened, was it due of bug in update, did i manage to do something that I even didn’t know myself, did I step to someones toes and insider helped that happened or was my account hacked. My trust to this company is below zero at the monent, so no more recharging and no more playing.
      I wouldn’t recommend this game to anybody.

    • You obviously are from the company.

      I played over a year League of Angels on R2Games server. Money is everything to them and game looks more like sales market than a game.
      Game gives very biased view of what is to be good player, when you can buy advantages over other players with big money. There are also cheaters and rule breakers, whom are treated differently based on how much money they have paid.
      Original game developer is GTArcade and it has been proved that game is using inside players to make people to use more money aka. they get free stuff and when players try to compete them, they must use money. Discussion of difficult things is forbidden especially on R2Games forums. Deleted messages and bans make sure that problems are not talked about.

      I lost during one event in July 2015 game currency and asked from support what happened. After some effort support told me that i had used that currency in November 2014, and my case was closed.

      My first and last GTArcade/R2Games game can’t recommend it to anybody.

  40. Gameplay is decent but there are many bugs. Features often don’t work, prizes often aren’t awarded, and event requirements are often not stated, or not stated clearly. Much of the game is pretty to look at, and it’s an interesting concept, but that’s about all they have going for them at this time. There is a complete lack of support from mods and developers, and game and forum rules are not enforced. They also have a habit of taking unauthorized transactions from peoples bank accounts and refusing to return the stolen funds.

    You can view my posts spanning several months trying to get a refund here :


  41. Who the hell plays these pieces of crap? Every R2 game share the same things in general – boobs, P2W and auto-gameplay (meaning that you only have to click to move into quest location, speak to the NPC, click through the dialog that is full of cliche storyline, get into fight by clicking, and waiting as the angel kills everyone instantly).

  42. One last comment – how does a game with such terrible user reviews make it into everyone’s Top 10 Best Browser Games at almost every game website ever?

    Are reviewers that daft and out of touch? Surely not! Are there so few browser games? Definitely not! Simply put, someone somewhere is paying for their game’s glory. And every website that lists it in the “Best” games is obviously and helplessly corrupt.

  43. This is NOT a game. This is a shameless and blatant cash-grab competition poorly disguised as a pissing-match between who has the biggest wallets.

    There is little strategy to it, and daily play boils down to checking in, doing your dailies, and progressing inch by inch in an infinite vacuum where you are made to feel inferior, stupid, and annoyed because you are not putting in cash like the other good paying boys and girls. True player interaction is limited to chat, if that.

    Don’t be deceived. Even if you do follow the prompts that pop up all the time everywhere forever to pay cash, new servers pop up weekly. Being the leader of a server means nothing when there are a thousand of them, and has as much significance as a fairly large bowel movement. That image is surprisingly descriptive of the lack of game mechanics, follow-the-prompt-zombie-training gameplay, and skillfully polished art of barely clothed women with such inhuman proportions that even barbie would be jealous.

    There are rumors that cheat programs exist. Even if you are paying in cash, are you getting duped by cheaters fabricating zillions of coins at the expense of a button?

    • OMG YES! You are a descriptive word genius!!! Everything you said was spot on balls accurate! Apply EVERYTHING he said to any and all R2 and Kabam games. I get paying to play but this game takes it to the next extreme.

    • There is memory program to Tarot, with which players can get 30k(?) points in day. Because of that devs removed fuse gems from Tarot but that does not prevent cheates to get lot of points. During Tycoon it helps them a lot and they also get lot of elemental chrystals which helps them to develop game characters.

      • they may have changed that. it used to be it was timed and you only had a certain amount of card flips.

        now its just timed…andyou do not get a lot of time back upon winning the round.

  44. i see some people said R2 has a bad service for all games, i also don’t like play games on R2, for loa this game i played on AMZGame

  45. Its a ” pay to win ” game the lvl do not mater in this game i have a character 72 lvl and a player whit a character of 60 lvl beat me every time because he put money in game, every 2 -3 weeks a new hero, mount, angel , wings or clots so you buy and after 2-3 weeks you must buy again to be the best

    • not true ,you don’t have to pay to have a good fighter its all it the gems . i’m a lv 67 and I kick some lv 80s ass all the time .its how you build your heroes

    • they do have a compare function on the chat, you can compare what is different from your character to another.

      yeah level isn’t as important as say gems, element training, fairies now, and evolved angels, and mount.

  46. As someone who played for 2 months I can tell you this, turn around and don’t look back, this game is a complete bin hole for almost everything it is.

    1) Gameplay: Can be addictive at start, but indead very repetitive everyday as its a never ending grindfest and farm to get better.

    2) Features: It promote slavery, thievery and give its player a messed up sense of competition.
    a) Slavery: Free mean to get gold, do nothing bad to the player you enslave but hey, we’re in 2014 and slavery killed millions of people, and it is still going in some countries so promoting something like this unacceptable.

    b) Thievery: You can buy many items with diamonds (500 diamonds cost 5$) and some feature allow other people to come and steal from you (the garden, you can harvest plants, some cost 15 diamonds) and your garden is open to anyone on your friendlist to come and steal if you don’t watch it closely. Its all about taking what others have for progress (which is what happen in most games of that kind) but which isn’t fun if you have to start spending as much as some people do.

    c) Player behaviour: As it is a P2W game, the cashers feel very entitled and have an aweful amount of ego, which give them a messed up sense of competition that goes up to online bullying.

    3) Everything is locked behind money, they lure you with a Free to play advert, but this is temporary and the brainded cashers are there everyday to remind you of this fact.

    Overall, its one of the most pathetic game you can come across, made for pathetic and petty people with too much money and ego, I could play that long because I met 3 nice persons who made it worth playing for me, but I could finaly feel good quitting because I get to talk to them with other means.

  47. Complete garbage game …. waste of time .. its pointless to play unless u wanna use it to chat with ppl, but actually playing is complete waste of time …

  48. RUN RUN RUUUNNN AWAY as fast you can!! Started this game in Jan/14 ending this game soon! Customer Support is MISSING.. tickets go unanswered for months, often never answered. When THEIR servers break and you lose something, even WITH PROOF.. it’ll never been replaced. They won’t even look.. Bunch of thieves hiding behind the expense and complexity of international law. They WILL double bill you, or bill and not give you what you paid for. Use your tool at the bank to charge back for being ripped off, and your account will be banned until 2099. Past 3 days, ALL servers have crashed everyday. It if says GTArcade on the label.. RUN and don’t look back. Or, go play it and when get ripped off don’t come crying to me, you’ve been warned.

  49. league of angels is just a crappy Chinese game rip off generic automated turnbased game that hired a good illustrator to lure players

  50. My boyfriend told me to play this game, but, after just about everything about it, I’m thinking I might as well just break up with him. -.- It seems to be good for female anatomy reference if even that. He claimed it’s a tactics game, but, it seems to be more akin to a click-to-kill, and it is VERY sexist. I recommend any true gamers to avoid this game at all costs. It’s cliche, sexist, and has awful gameplay. So, unless you are looking for a perverted game focused on sexy women in lingerie, don’t even look at this awful game.

    • Sorry bitch but I’m breaking up with you, if you choose to judge me for a game Mari then your no better then your bitch of a mom, have a good short life.

  51. Okay, the site that me to the official website in order to sign up for League of Angels had a angel girl with her hand down her panties looking at another girl on a computer touching herself.
    It’s fair to say that whoever created the art and game were perverts and obviously are seeking to get members that just want to see naked angels.

  52. Find better game and bypass this one. It starts from advertisement where you are told that it can be played free. Game continues with competition who is most willing to use money.
    Game supports slavery and teaches children that slavery is normal: with money you can get other players to your slaves. Text tells that when you slave, you are tortured and you are in pain.
    Game discriminates homosexuals with its marriage system, where only heterosexual marriages are allowed. With real money you can by sex change card, though.
    Only real big cashers (and cheaters?) qualify in this game to upper places.

    • well, to be fair its a RS game so theres really little more to expect beyond the pay-to-win setup they love so much.

      tch, take a look at shadowbound. its barely even a game imo. auto pathing, absolutely ZERO player interaction in combat (all there is during combat is the chat box), pvp takes vip 3 iirc just to access the battle field. sure, thats different from some of the issues you pointed out but my point stands as well.

      i miss the days before micro-transactions became so VERY popular. at least then you could stand a chance in mmorpg’s even if you didn’t pay up. if you really stop and think about it though,

    • Game supports slavery and teaches children that slavery is normal: with money you can get other players to your slaves. Text tells that when you slave, you are tortured and you are in pain.

      ??? What’s wrong with slavery? Look everywhere, slavery is allowed.

      Game discriminates homosexuals with its marriage system, where only heterosexual marriages are allowed. With real money you can by sex change card, though.

      Everyone discriminates homosexuals. It’s WRONG and nothing else.

      Quit bitching about things that are normal. This game is awesome.

    • Do you seriously think kids even play this game? Of course, some do, when their parents are not watching, but this game is obviously not meant for children.

      Also, I have to say, this game is the most complete and utter shit I’ve ever seen.

    • I age, if you have any sense by pass this crap game, support is absolutely awful, they dont check bugs, they dont check your queries and give out standard replies , Angels Treasure Chest started on the 2nd, we are into 4th and they have jumped a day went straight to the 3rd??? Its only been open 2 days not 3. Group events are impossible to do with the multi accounting thats causing mass lag, get attacked while in base but Oh no support cant see this,whats the use..STAY AWAY DELETE THIS CRAP GAME, DONT SPEND ANY MONEY

  53. I tried it for a couple of hours for free and thought it was a boring, 1990’s mortal combat style game. Trivial strategy and the game can be played with a single mouse key. Why bother?

    Art was nice but not much more to see. I don’t recommend it unless you just want to study the graphics.

    • i agree i tried it combat is the shit tat comes from under

      i would give this piece of my shit negative 10 for gameplay and 5 for graphics

    • i agree with 1990 gameplay style i tried it combat is the shit tat comes from under

      i would give this piece of my shit negative 10 for gameplay and 5 for graphics

  54. A very bad game… I just cant understand why they made an idiotic copy of Wartune….. except the fact that this game doesnt have any making of your own city shit….

    The creator must really work on his idead about MMO games.

  55. i have just signed up to this game; does it not let you create your own character or have i just done it wrong?

    • it doesn’t have a “create your own character” feature like say the create a wrestler in the WWF games.

      character is basically picking gender and picking your class (currently 3 classes and 2 genders…male and female)

      the classes at a certain point do…upgrade on their own and you’ll get a message about that. It will change their look.
      But that is the extent of customization

      you can’t pick a body type, can’t pick hair color, no voices period, and each class has a specific type weapon they can equip..

  56. I’m only a couple days into it and it’s not too bad, although a lot of progress is time-gated, so hardcore players will get slowed down quickly. Combat is like Ogre Battle (not Tactics Ogre), where you strategically set up a party formation with certain classes and equipment, and you fight them in automated battles. There’s plenty to keep you busy at first, and most of the “PvP” elements are very non-confrontational.

    Of course, there are many microtransaction cash grabs that entice you to spend money to speed up progress. But these seem mostly optional (at least at first), and for the most part spending a short amount of time every day helps more than playing for hours on end, which might be disappointing to some. Even if you end up not liking the game pacing, it’s a fairly fun way to casually kill some time over the course of a few days. As a bonus, the character and angel art is very nice, especially since they make up a part of your team.

    • I don’t give a sh!t if they’re offering free snow cones, games complete crap in all its entirety. Offers no value other then “bashing this site for even bothering to review this piece of … …

    • yeah the arts great, until you get in the game. Think of the oh 80’s era of retail games. how great the images on the box looked, and how shitty they looked when you actually played it. Inside the game it’s fair+ at best on average, with so many animation and layering errors it’ll make ya ill watching it.

  57. Just like to say upon looking this up I’ve found many people saying it is a scam and just adds a virus to your computer.

      • well thats not his fault.

        The game is marketed as an ADULT GAME. YOur supposed to be able to see them naked and probably doing nasty adult things to each other and everyone.

        But its really not. So that part….whomever is responsible for the marketing…IS OUTRIGHT LYING.

        now maybe they’ll have some adult version for the people whom pay money, but right now if your expecting adult entertainment…you WILL be disappointed.

    • You are a disgusting perv and if you want to see things like that, please take a moment in your day to do that on your own time, and NOT share it where little children and the rest of the world can see. Even though they may not know what you mean, this generation is evolving quickly and can more than likely figure out what you’re talking about. So in summary please keep perverted comments and thoughts to yourself.

      • You. Sound like a cop judging people for what they like besides only cops and government tells people not to talk freedom of speech

        • no, its called polite society.

          Something that has not survived in this generation.
          same as common decency, common courtesy, and probably a few other things.

    • Lul i like this guy at least he is honest. Why else would all the game adverts show a bunch of scantly clad females anyway except to apeal to horny nerds? Big whoop people be actin like wanting to see females naked is something new or something. Oh gee there could certianly not be any content of nude people on the internet, that would just be rediculus!

      • True. Blood and jade is a similar game that offer you recruit only half-naked godesses .. give me that picks and delete that shitty game…

  58. LOL no creativity. Basically just made Wartune without the building up your city thing and with slightly different combat. If you are going to make a game, make a game not a cheap copy of a different game. ZZZ


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