About the game:
Title: League of Angels III
Status: Released Graphics: 3D
Genre: MMORPG Type: Browser
Developer: GTArcade
Publisher: GTArcade

Explosive Features:

  • Beautiful World
  • Gorgeous Angels
  • Challenging Battles

Embark on an epic quest to save world in League of Angels III, the latest entry in the free-to-play browser-based MMORPG franchise. Recruit your team of angels to fight against demonic beasts and their vile masters in a gorgeously rendered fantasy world.

League of Angels III’s simple gameplay and interface puts you in the action quickly, but there’s a surprising amount of strategy involved. Your party’s makeup and equipment is crucial to your success, and you need to choose the right time to activate your angels’ special abilities to maximize your damage against difficult foes.

Boasting a rich and detailed storyline, League of Angels III immerses you in its beautiful game world. With a large map to explore, a diverse roster of characters, and several different types of battles, League of Angels III has plenty of content to keep you interested for a long time.

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7 User Reviews

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  1. andres on October 28, 2018

    es lo mejor

  2. LordelRond on October 25, 2018

    500 topaz ve hediye gönderir misin

  3. Naka Michael on September 24, 2018

    wow nice really nice game, but i would love to have the game so i can play wen ever i want. please can you provide me with a link dat i can download the complete version. Thanks

    • Guillermo on October 26, 2018

      solo entra en la pagina oficial de Gt Arcade, ahí lo encontrarás

  4. Sheri Stuart on September 21, 2018

    I actually like the game. The only problems I have seen were with the dev’s app client, which has a few bugs that they are apparently working on.

  5. user meh on September 19, 2018

    so far i tried no strategy has been needed, a game where i can’t play is not a really a good game

  6. Kitten on August 10, 2018

    Good graphics, decent gameplay but I dislike you cant do anything yourself.

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