League of Angels III








About the game:
Title: League of Angels III
Status: Released Graphics: 3D
Genre: MMORPG Type: Browser
Developer: GTArcade
Publisher: GTArcade

Embark on an epic quest to save world in League of Angels III, the latest entry in the free-to-play browser-based MMORPG franchise. Recruit your team of angels to fight against demonic beasts and their vile masters in a gorgeously rendered fantasy world.

League of Angels III’s simple gameplay and interface puts you in the action quickly, but there’s a surprising amount of strategy involved. Your party’s makeup and equipment is crucial to your success, and you need to choose the right time to activate your angels’ special abilities to maximize your damage against difficult foes.

Boasting a rich and detailed storyline, League of Angels III immerses you in its beautiful game world. With a large map to explore, a diverse roster of characters, and several different types of battles, League of Angels III has plenty of content to keep you interested for a long time.

Explosive Features:

  • Beautiful World
  • Gorgeous Angels
  • Challenging Battles

System Requirements

Minimum System Requirements:
This game is a browser based game and should run smoothly on practically any PC with a updated web-browser.

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  1. this game is a money scandal,you play,get addicted,when they ask for money u will give them because u fill u have no choice what you will be left with will be a sad life and an empty account

  2. Worst game i have ever played.

    I was an actual tester for the game, and i can tell you that the company behind the game are scammers.

    It’s part of a huge pyramid scheme, and the positive reviews you see are made by people who either work for them or get paid to give them positive reviews.

    The volunteer GMs that started at the same time as me have mostly left because the same reasons i did.

    The game draws you in with a ‘promise of uber this/that cards’ but what they leave out is that in order to progress, you need to fork out a ton of money because if you don’t, it’ll take months or even years to get anywhere near the top 10 on a server.

    Want to get some progress done on other aspects? Pay up or wait for hours or days before you can continue.

    NEVER trust that scam company.

  3. Can I add few things that people dont mention so far about this game .
    1st You can get high raithing and mithic heroes ( not that easy but u can get them non the less with no pay )
    2nd This game give’s u free diamonds depent on your rank and the daily’s ( for me around 4k per week so u can get insane amount of diamonds per month for the event .
    3th Yes there few heroes that are broken I prefer not to mention ( but yes there are few )
    4th Power comes kinda easy each month if u save u diamond’s for the right event u can get really OP ( for free – daily diamonds no recharge )
    5th They are adding new stuff as we all know for the money but I agree with the DEV’s and the players .This game need money so it can keep going .So far that line of games is still running .
    6th Not soure about the lags or not but since I started no bug’s or lags and I’m around 2 or 3th month in a roll so far it’s really good .

  4. GTarcade is not trusted company , the games is normally with full employees, with hi level work like a runner rabbit , who get a lot items with normal players do not have access ( code, gifts ….) the support even with response off your inquires most time never return your lost items, LOA3 is basic the same as LOA2 ,with only items you normally do not need evolve in loa2 need spend in Loa3, the server is almost empty, and just for sort my opinion, most off items acquire is only numbers you will see players how stop play 3 years ago with 2 billion off Br won battle with players who stop play a 2 months with 52 billion off Br, with no explanation, if you wanted try you can try but beware if in the end you fill just a person who lost time and money .

  5. I want to ask why I opened the LOA3 account, I was told to make another account even though it was already lvl 124

  6. 5 million + BR free player here. All I can say is that once you get to the top of the rankings, suddenly problems start happening.

    1. Suddenly cant enter mystic domain or any of the domains.
    2. Suddenly more lag and disconnections
    4. Cant enter guild or world boss.
    5 The game knows what you need and do its best not to give it to you.
    6, Game devs play on different servers and give themselves br boosts. One such Dev game himself dragon bane even before dragon bane was introduced.

    basically, this is a rigged game. Go F yourself GTARCADe

  7. wow nice really nice game, but i would love to have the game so i can play wen ever i want. please can you provide me with a link dat i can download the complete version. Thanks

  8. I actually like the game. The only problems I have seen were with the dev’s app client, which has a few bugs that they are apparently working on.


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