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About the game:
Title: Lucent Heart
Status: Released Graphics: 3D
Developer: Suba Games
Publisher: Suba Games

Lucent Heart is a 3D free to play fantasy MMORPG widely popular in Asia. The game has in-depth match making and dating features where players can even get married.

Lucent Heart distinctively combines its anime style with inspiration from the zodiac and greek mythology. When players develop their own characters, they don’t simply decide between a Warrior or Mage specialing in crafts or quests, the players’ entire adventure will be influenced by their zodiac star sign. Each day, Lucent Heart announces a horoscope prediction specific to every player, which foretells how their character’s abilities, such as their fortune in battle or love, will be affected. With the power of the zodiac influencing their quests, regardless how players approach the game, their destiny is not always in their own hands.

Like many online MMORPG’s, players travel the lands meeting new players. Some will become friends, some enemies, but Lucent Heart demands a little more than that. Invited by the love-god Cupid, players can be matched up by, amongst other things, compatible star signs. This match-making process brings together players from all backgrounds where lasting friendships, and sometimes love, can blossom. If love blooms even further, players can marry in-game with a full church wedding inviting all of their friends!

Explosive Features:

  • Unique Zodiac System
  • Cupid System
  • 2x experience bonus for questing as a couple!

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System Requirements

Lucent Heart Minimum System Requirements:
OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, or 8
Processor: P4 1.8GHz
Memory Ram: 512MB
Hard Disk Space: At least 1GB of free Space
Video Card: GeForce 4 Series 128MB or better

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  1. (Lucent Heart Review)
    + Multiple Classes
    + Pets
    + Costume
    + Mounts
    + Low System Requirement
    + Mini Games
    + Good Story
    + No Gender Locked
    + RPG
    – Very Small Community
    – No Development Plan
    – Bugs
    Star Rate: 4/5 (Great)

  2. This game may seem bad, and the art isn’t the most fancy- but it keeps a traditional RPG feel, almost like Aincrad in its own way. You can make a lovely house and wear stylish clothing, as well as meet loads of new friends in an ever growing community. I found it detestable when I first started, but I looked past the art and graphics to find a hidden gem and amazing memories in one simple game. ^^

    • I loved this game. i have so many great memories from this game. i really recommend it if you feel like playing a game that isn’t to hard to play. if you want a game that’s easy and fun and has a good story i really recommend this game.

  3. The game is awesome and for those who say its repetitive, it may seem like that at first but once ur a high level enough, it gets interesting. Although the servers may lag sometimes, it doesnt stop people from having fun.
    Lucen Heart game masters update daily and u could find plenty of friends there whether by cupid or by the zone chat. People should really give this game a chance since this game is awesome (and i said that twice now :3 )Those who complain about the cupid system….well its not the game’s fault that u cant be paired up. Lucent Heart is really different from other games and in my opinion, its like a sword art online game version. I strongly suggest it to people xD

  4. Good thing subs games bought the game…I’m do happy to see this game is not taken down before I can even try it

  5. the games back in action 2014 new party and more character system is open for new players sincve i have full diclosure to the game i can tell u whats new and not so find me in the game and i will hand out free items and even could *hopefully* hook you up in the game. sincerely *anonymous*

  6. ok just downloaded and i’m already having trouble. when making my character, it’s just a black figure. so i can’t even see anything. can anyone help me with this?

    • You have to fill out the whole thing on the top first 🙂 I know I got confused too but yeah. You probably figured this out a long time ago but just wanted to help 😛

    • where can I download this LH? when i click the Download from official website which is in subagame.. it always gave me 0bytes of size. >.< i followed already the req. except for the OS i used windows 7

  7. I couldn’t get past level 14 in this game because of the (very predictable) grinding quests tossed in my face every face seconds. I’d sit down with the serious intention of leveling, power through the five “collect 15 of these” quests, only to be rewarded by five more quests that demanded increased quantities of mobs killed. Horrifically boring and the combat leaves a lot to be desired.

    I spent the entire time trying to get a match with the cupid system, but apparently there were no other female players seeking same-sex partners, so that was a pretty big let down considering all the hype revolving around Lucent Heart’s couple system. I thought about making a guy toon, but I feel like I shouldn’t have to lie about wanting a same-sex pairing just to take advantage of the system (and as a result, probably let the other person down).

    As a whole, LH is so painfully generic that I wouldn’t dare recommend it to new players. Anyone who loves it and has played it from early on (before it was shut down) can go ahead and have all the fun they want, but otherwise… give this one a pass.

  8. WTF I cant play because I dont find the registry link can someone give me that link please!!! I get a lot of links that saied its what I want but every time it be the home game page

  9. I wish i could bring good new i love the game but sadly the game move will break the comunity i dont think it will be the same again enless they move the chars over the game is more likley going to change well at least the comunity will so you should put mutch hope in another company picking it up that alone will change the game but a reset would stop alot of players from comeing back on ill have to wright a new review thats how big it will hit the game i pray i am wrong

  10. This game was my first mmorpg,and I can’t find any other games better then this one! I’m a level 53 Dawn Prophet in Lucent Heart,and it is really sad that its closing down…soon. But hopefully Subagames will buy Lucent Heart~! Even if we all have to reset. >_<

    • Same. It was my first and I found a very good friend in it that I have been friends with for the past year even after I stopped playing it. It’s really a fun game and had a great community like Divina did. Someone has to pick up those two games. I really loved them and other people will too.

      • Yes but the good news is that it seems that Subagames is considering on buying Lucent Heart.

        Even though I played it for a brief period of time (due to me having a rather crappy pc at the time) this really was one of my favorite anime MMORPG.

        I’ll probably play it again if Subagames saves it.

  11. so i played for a while to see how this game holds on to people and i have to say i think it’s the perfect Anime mmorpg. It seems to rilly push you to meet people almost as bad as some chat games. it dose have a cool system going for it the with dance partys going on all the time soulmates and friends hanging around town talking. Its a game almost any one can settle in to well mybe not me but thats jest how i am :p the game never rilly pushed me in to buying any thangs but it dose make sure you know it has stuff you can buy as far and lvling classes monsters weapons armor maps and skillz nothing at all new all the classic stuff so it wont stand out much in the anime mmorpg market but its great community and loveing player make most people how feel like downloading it at home.

  12. Uhhhh, i cant play it. for me its saying “The system doesn’t support the screen resolution less then 2024×768” Can anyone help?

  13. When I used to play this game, I loved it. However, people seem to take the soulmate thing way too seriously at times which can really blow a fuse with some people.

    If you are just looking for friends and all, this game is great. Just don’t be one of the people that thinks the soulmate systems is what it says, soulmate. I used it to find friends and that was about it. 😛

  14. i really like the game and i think thats there a lot to do within the actual system,, although i do think that the leveling up is a bit slow, so if they reduce the amount of EXP needed within the lower levels i think that it would be a bit easier… yeah alright i know that games like that arent meant to be easy but still it would make it a bit more fun 🙂 😀 add me on lucent heart — Alasi

    • I think it’s pretty good 🙂 There’s a lot more in the game than some other MMOs, like the Dance System they just put in. It’s fun for players that enjoy socializing or taking a break from questing. For the players that do enjoy fighting, though, the quests are never-ending and some areas (especially the dungeons) can get pretty challenging. I also like that the community goes out of the game and are pretty involved on the forums (where you can get through the main website There’s a lot more I could go into (like the Zodiac Armor!), but it’d probably be more fun if you tried it out yourself 🙂 I mean, it’s free, so there’s really nothing to lose XD

      • Oh how delightful, now I can dance to my hearts content because dancing in real life is too mainstream and troublesome. I like my jelly around my waist!


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