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About the game:
Title: MechWarrior Online
Status: Released Graphics: 3D
Developer: Infinite Game Publishing
Publisher: Piranha Games

MechWarrior Online is a free to play 3D simulation style multiplayer FPS mech game that captures the feeling of piloting a gigantic BattleMech. Players take control of one of a variety of towering Mechs which weight dozens of tons. Players are able to choose from various mech weight classes, each with their own unique strengths and weaknesses. For example the heavier the mech, the more weapons and armor it can carry but the slower it moves and turns.

Outside of the PvP matches, players can purchase new BattleMech types and equip them with a dizzying amount of unique weapons and attachments. Players must choose a balance between armor and weapons since their is a finite amount of space and weight available for both the weapons and their accompanying ammo types.

Fans of slower simulation games will enjoy MechWarrior Online. The mechs move slowly and the FPS focuses heavily on team coordination and communication in order to achieve victory.

Explosive Features:

  • Impressive visuals powered by CryEngine 3.
  • Highly Customizable BattleMechs.
  • Impressive Combat Depth.

Featured Video

System Requirements

MechWarrior Online Minimum System Requirements:
OS: Vista, Windows 7, 8 64-Bit
Processor: Intel Core i3-2500 — AMD Athlon II X4 650
Memory Ram: 4 GB
Hard Disk Space: 4 GB of free disk space
Video Card: Nvidia GeForce GTX 285 — AMD Radeon HD 5830

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  1. just played MWO for 8 days first impression … pretty good… on the 7 th day figured out dervs were in matches on comms using “voice changers” to adjust matches that are server controlled to “match OP” players against “newer trial players or PAWGS” so the server is against the new player , the dervs are against the new player as well as the 3 company owners. If u want to pay to have a “op mech” doesn’t make much sense to use that “OP mech” to kill pawgs.. and yes there FF/TK (mostly dervs that play mercs but with differnet accounts) .. not that all mercs are devs : make sure that the OP players win more regardless of tactics or First Person Shooting Skill (if u say its a FPS). so they buy more “newer op mechs) to think they getting stronger and learning game mechanics better. if the matches are set before the round starts (by the servers chooseing wich players are in match and wich team they are on is administratives choice, yes the 3 owners of the game) with more “purchased” mechs on one side and trials on the other it would be bad. HOWEVER the dervs (Pirahnas employees, the ones that “Moderate” the game are going in and helping the “OP team” by using “voice” mods to alter there voices and actually TKing/FFing the trail team of new players using there merc account (mercs can go into most matches) several TK/FF by mercs (mercs have to be in unit or they cant match they the ubber) so the matches are preset before round starts on wich “stacked team” will win or lose: soooo paying for that OP mech actually puts u in a match wich u will win because the “servers” are set up to work that way and your skill at game is pointless. now if your new to MWO and battletech universe I have no idea where u will find a decent mech game at present. But if u like pay to be OP then this is your game , cash in OP up get cool mech drop another 100$ into FTP and wait for game to close with new MechWarrior comeing out …. glad I didn’t waste any more time and definetly no money on this lemon .. wish I had read the “BLOGS” on how Pirahna games “3 guys in office running MWO in Canada + how many ever dervs/friends they got” COMPLETELY shafted there alpha customers out of 120$ each to the sum of …was it 5 million ?? just my opinion of game and company(employees) running it …. peace out ,)

  2. I’ve played this game for a while now. It’s very fun. If you’re looking for giant mech FPS action, this game has it. MWO has the usual FPS MMO problems, though, so here’s a few complaints:

    In Quickplay you’ll be teamed up with eleven strangers and cooperation is going to be spotty, to say the least. Because of that, victories involve a lot of luck. As skilled as you may get, your skill won’t offset the bad luck of winding up on a lousy team. Your official pilot rating, if you care about such things, will never go up as a lone wolf in pickup battles. I don’t care about that myself, as pilot rating doesn’t affect anything.

    In large-scale Faction Play you’ll usually find yourself in very lopsided battle scenarios, with established and skilled teams with voice communication blitzing uncoordinated teams of lone wolves. Whereas in Quickplay the chance of victory is perhaps as high as 50-50, in Faction Play victory will depend heavily on being randomly assigned to one of the few open slots alongside a polished well-coordinated team, so the odds are more like 90-10 against you.

    There are a number of maps and scenarios, but most aren’t very popular. In Quickplay we players get to vote for the map and scenario, so we see the same maps and scenarios over and over again. Probably this selection process should be entirely RNG.

    That all said, this game is well made and immersive, easy to pick up and hard to master. It’s fun to buy and re-design mechs. It’s fun and challenging to figure out ways to survive your team’s strategy of “I’m gonna wander off on my own and get picked off,” or the very common FPS trope, “Don’t mind me, I’m just gonna watch as you blow up,” or my personal favorite, “You’re an Atlas? Get up front and lead the charge! I want to mill around back here with everyone else while you draw all the fire and get cored in about two seconds flat.”

    Surviving vs the other team isn’t as hard as surviving against your own pickup team. But every third game or so there’s a satisfying victory, at least in Quickplay. In Faction Play victories are more rare, but all the more satisfying for it.

  3. This game is Pay to win if there ever was one – they charge for everything really useful. It’s it utter complete rubbish compared to previous Mech Warrior games. The Mech Bay is absolutely terrible and I would recommend playing solitaire the cared game instead.

  4. playing this with a steam controller, works well on this “simulation” style game if anyone cares! just bought my first mech after some research and am just starting to get into the way this game plays, didnt like it at first! quite tricky controls since you need operate legs and torso individually and reversing from the fight is a nightmare but its definitely growing on me as i get more practice in

  5. Hi all…about MWO….its hard to review this game…it is using good engine, in a wrong way..i was not playing it for a long time, but i was kinda adiccted to it before years…but it was really testing my cpu, with look like much older games..i will play it again maybe, because i am curious if they optimized it..if you compare it with hawken…it was worse graphics with higher requirements…but hawken held me only for few hours…mechwarrior for weeks…hawken is more like unreal tournament, and MWo is more like World of must be tactical player to stay on battlefield….so gameplay is awesome, challenging, and offers you a hours of fun…but there is everywhere the same problems like with graphics…some bugs, and not really easy system of mech loadout….you can buy your weapons, put them on…but first will make it just bad like me…i ruined lot of game money for crap mechs which are not usefull to battle….you will find first grey hair on your head before you will learn ho to ballance it…weapons are heating your mech, what will leave you turned off in the middle of fight. so you need to ballance how much heating sings, how much weapons, how much armor, and what engine you will use….this combination can lead to slowest mech ever, or something what can shoot only once before overheat….or just crapy weak mech…i builded few mechs before i did one just good, but it was not better than mech you can choose from offered mechs…so….if there is a plenty of working mechs you dont even need to make yourself new one…also controls was not easy to handle from start, you will fire all your weapons in one time, you can make changes, but i was freaking from that…it was not so intuitive as it could be….i hope they changed the lot, but i am not sure…i will see after i install again….also they had the sam eproblem like Tribes ascend….start with nice good maps, and after that they was adding only crap maps, stupid and ugly…exactly like Tribes ascend…so after months of play i just tried another game, and never came back to it….my fps problems was maybe only my problem, because i found that i had not turned second core in system, but still i was playing better games on full details, and this one was hard to play even on low…so this game is not bad, it was a fresh air to freeplay multiplayer games for me, like a promise of golden age, and really,..after this game warthunder comes..but the biggest problem of free to play games are their developers..they will never hold on working version, and still remade somethink working instead of hunting bugs…thats the reason i never bought some platinum acount for any game i like..because all games i liked are different today..even tribes, even warthunder, even Lol, Dota 2, and all of that games which was awesome at start…At MWO they just added new mechs, but my cpu was still freezing, my mech was stopping by any stupid little object, and on some maps textures was just melting down to weird black look…so it was like if you were on best fun race ever with broken car… i could enjoy it but never be good at it…after i test it again i wil make new review for it, because this game deserves attention, ( or deserved, it is old now:-)) but it deserved even lot of work….if you are looking for neverending multiplayer fun, with surprize in every update, just buy yourself Rust….i am kinda veteran of multiplayer gaming, i played everything good you can find on mmobomb, and more, (without mmorpg, i played them when i was younger, then it became to be the same around and around…)..i played even roboraft a lot, and tried absulutely everythink..soem games here will not even start, you will install them, and them some bug let you be unable to start it…like gunz2, which i could not play…and more…some game will make you happy, like warthunder, and after months it will be ruined by update, fps drops, graphic changes, whole system remade, and more…free to play gaming is good way to have fun when you cant find good game on sale on steam..but if you can..just do it, spend few euros and buy yourself somethink finished, somethink that will not change, and enjoy it…or buy rust, which is changing in good ways, and have so much servers, so you can find yourself a server with features you like…if you will spend your time on games like this, you will miss the gold for copper…best Free2play was deffinitelly Warthunder, and it is weirder and weider by the time, world of tanks is loosing gamers too…warships?? no way…tribes ascend …was one of best too…and now? weird…so i bet this game is only weirder too…robocraft?? they made a moba from it….not really bad choice, but still..weird…all games i loved became weird…i bought CS:go..and it is weird, not so good as cs 1.6…Loadout was pretty funny game, but it is only stupid shooter..survarium looks awesome but still nor so good, and..little weird…heroes and generals?? good..weird….i spend 1 euro for Battlefield 3..and it is really not weird..its fucking awesome…so we should stop be weird, and sometimes just spent some money for really tested finished games, which are awesome, and stop crying for bugs at free games…All games here, even MWo can offer you hours of fun, but you will pay for it with your patience…

  6. It’s a really really good game that’s well made and well balanced. This is pretty much a fact.
    What’s objective is whether or not you will be into this kind of game.
    If games like War Thunder, World of Tanks, or STEEL BATALLION, or Armored Core have ever excited you, than you’ll probably love this game. If you’ve ever dreamed of stomping around in gigantic robots than this could be for you.
    The game is F2P and cash money has no real effect on gameplay. New content is released about every month or 2. Mech-building is fun and addictive. Teamwork has a real effect on the outcome of the game, but lone-wolfs can still turn a battle by themselves if they play well enough.
    I definitely would recommend this game.

    • I definitely would not reccommend this game.

      Pay mechs litter the meta play. there’s 3 game modes and buggy maps, hitboxes, servers.

      a horrible UI and New player experience.

      Matchmaker will throw your basic mech against fully upgraded vets all the time and the economy will leave you grinding for weeks to master anything.

      It’s an unfinished broken game surviving off addicted nerds stomping people into the ground with their wallets, ballance? I’ll never understand the heat on weapons, the ghost heat that’s arbitary values and then quirks that change stuff AGAIN! and the devs are always changng these values year after year invalidating your purchases and creating horrble metas to feul their lates $100 mech packs.

      It’s a stupid game stay away or play the much more fair and detaled older mechwarrior games.

  7. I have played both Battletech and Mechwarrior … Mechwarrior online is nothing like the mechwarrior series … Battletech is the pvp setting for Mechwarrior … Mechwarrior is the RPG setting …
    I have many hours of play with MWO … If you like WoT … you will like MWO … If you do not like WoT … you will not like MWO … You can get some fairly good mechs without paying any money … However if you want the top of the line stuff … you will have to pay money …

    It is partially about skill / partially about the amount of money you spend … and mostly about whether or not you have good clan mates …

    good luck … I dont play this dissapointment any more … if they make it like Mechwarrior is supposed to be … then I would play in a heart beat …

  8. For people saying it’s a simulator, JUST STOP ALREADY.. You can’t simulate what doesn’t exist.. A simulator imitates the reality, you can’t imitate something that doesn’t exist.

    • Wrong. I’m working for a industrial technologies company, where simulation IS part of testing design hypotheses BEFORE they construct the real thing. Mind you, hypotheses. As in UNPROVEN THEORIES. Testing non-existing things before they roll out of the factory.

      Good game for an FP2, no pay-to-win. People might say “don’t be an idiot, buy Clan mechs and it’s P2W.” I’d say no, it’s just you lacking skills. Anyway, with the recent changes (PGI buying out the game from IGP), the community’s hoping for a better future in this game. We’ll see… If not, then, we can kiss MWO good bye.

  9. The thing is, it’s just a shooter. You get a mech and go fight other mechs. The MechWarrior universe has a great story behind it. I don’t see any of that incorporated into this game. It could have been a great game but instead it’s just a time killer and I can do that grinding in STO.

  10. Really a waste of time this game. im not a troll nor am i going to sit here telling you not to play it. it is free it does have a MC shop. The server is in canada only if your Eu or East europe inc russia forget playing it your will lag out bad you go through USA and then into Canada on the backbone routers. If you like lag in your games then this is for you.

    • It seems you have a bad internet….
      I’ve got loads of friends who play and no one had that much lag problems…
      Game is long awaited child of older Mechwarrior games, Devs do tend to make mistakes more than often, but still it gave us some awesome gameplay time…

  11. Fantastic game. Definitely not pay to win. Tough learning curve. Thinking mans shooter.

    It’s free to try. 60 bucks will take you quite far. Wait for sales if your short on cash.

    Super fun when you start getting into better optimized mechs and gear.

  12. Great Game. Completely free to try & play. Everything in game can be bought for the grind, cash just helps speed it up.

    Oh, and a bunch of angry trolls & goon squad guys from Eve that are trying to crash the party.

    Try it for yourself. Definitely worth the free download. Gameplay is amazing, and content coming in looks very exciting.

  13. MechWarrior Online is a very shallow imitation of what the older PC MechWarrior games were there is very little content game modes or even Community warfare. I would rate it a 2 out of 10 as far as MechWarrior games go. Without private matches leagues and even savable mech configurations in mechlab its a play a few matches and forget you ever installed the game. Then there are so many bugs and crashes its a nightmare to stay playing its to bad it had real promise until the devs moved away from true a MechWarrior and made it a World Of Tanks Clone.

    • “””Without private matches leagues and even savable mech configurations in mechlab”””
      UMMMM there is and ummm there is….and
      YOU can Save mechs You have to Own them first…..Why not try and play it for more then 2 games and not just write a review about something you know little about

      But Your right its a bit buggy at times….
      BUT its not a WOT clone by far……..MWO is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better the WOT in options YOU obviously Didnt take the time to look at the cuxtomzation is Way larger then WOT…….

      please play it more before writing a bad review.

      • No there isn’t. he is not referring to thabiltiy to change your mech, he’s referring tot he ability to have 3 or 4 setup presets of one mech without having to either buy 3 or 4 mechs or manually change them every time you want to use a different setup.

        Private matches are premium only, which is no issue for me buy I compltely understand why it would be issue for some.

        • And the customisation being a lot bigger than WOT is exactly why its astounding that this game will not allow you to save different configurations.

  14. Good game, pretty true to the old school MechWarrior franchise. There is a bit of a learning curve, and some room for improvement, but for a free game, NOT PAY TO WIN, this is a solid effort and a worthwhile time sink.

  15. The Customer support for this game is non-existent , they the game and nothing works crashes to desktop constantly, and their community managers are just @ssholes….Shame I love this game. But with all the crashes and non-fixing of….and their community teams are just incompetent….Looking at you staff moderator DESTINED

  16. Hey people of MWO… just insatlling game files and gonna try it out.
    Haven’t fired a C5 mech in a long time…

  17. If you have never played a Mechwarrior on PC before, you probably wont get it. It’s a simulator. They are giant robots and guess what, 90 tons of metal takes a bit of time to get up to speed or turn. It’s a very fun game, atleast was. Initially they were trying to keep a balance between the same old Mechwarrior simulator and the BattleTech board game rules. The developer has begun to make changes to gear toward the general public to give it a more arcade feel alienating the diehard Mechwarrior and BattleTech players. As someone playing Mechwarrior since Mecharrior II for DOS that came free with my father’s PC purchase, I prefer the simulator feel. I admit, I do not like the changes, but what are ya gonna do.

  18. You need patience to play this game as unlike hawken, Mechwarrior is geared more towards a simulator than an FPS. It starts off slow and it takes awhile till you can buy your first mech, but it really picks up after that. So far it’s not pay to win in any way and holds a lot of promise. Community is also nice if you ever get on the forums.

    • What’s it simulating genius? The battlemechs the army’s been hiding? Not pay to win? Really? Might want to check that

      I’ve played ALL prior incarnations of Mechwarrior, and this one is an abomination. Need patience… No, you need to overlook half the game physics and the pay to win/look cool..

    • Hawken is an FPS game with fast-paced low curve learning action type sort of thing, even if it has something similar to mechwarrior as in the robots I don’t think its wise comparing both since hawken has no simulation feel at all, its just a typical fps shooter like any other,just fitted with robots and stuff, so both games are totally different.


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