Mechwarrior Online Starts Pre-Orders For The Hatchetman, But No, Don't Expect Melee To Be Added To The Game

Kind of weird for someone named "The Hatchetman" to not have melee...but it will have multiple "bolt-ons."

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Just a few months after the Hatchetman mech was introduced into Mechwarrior 5 (which by the way is getting its own new expansion DLC in January called "Rise of Rasalhague"), the traditionally melee specialized mech is coming to the free-to-play Mechwarrior Online.

Piranha Games has opened up pre-orders for the entire Hatchetman bundle for $40 and thrown in the usual slew of premium time, in-game currency, bolt-ons, titles, and other items.

Some of you MWO fans may be wondering about something, though. You see, Hatchetman is coming to a game that actually doesn't have melee combat in it. That's right. MWO doesn't feature melee combat and according to the Hatchetman FAQ, it isn't planning to add it any time soon. Instead, Hatchetman's.. well... hatchet will be treated as a bolt-on (of which there are a few in the pre-order bundle) like some other "melee" weapons are currently handled.

Yeah... it's a bit weird, but fans of the frame should be happy with the look and feel of the mech and its variants that will come out in 2023.

Hatchetman itself will release on December 13th and, if you do decide to pre-order the bundle prior to January 3rd, (yes, that's actually the date the site currently has on it) you'll get a bonus of 600 GSP when Hatchetman releases on December 13th... also the date it currently says... I'm not lying here.

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