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About the game:
Title: Prime World
Status: Closed Graphics: 3D
Developer: Nival
Publisher: Nival

Prime World is free-to-play MOBA with an interesting overworld progression system. Players choose from over a dozen different characters and customize them, picking from hundreds of different shared and unique talents. Talents are permanent and allow you to customize your hero to your playstyle. Talents and abilities are acquired by spending “Prime”, which you earn in battle by defeating enemy hereos and minions. Players can compete in multiple different arenas, including Outpost, Dragonwald, Homeland, and Borderlands

Outside of battle, Prime World offers a castle-building progression system, in which players trade time for resources, similar to many brower-style RPGs. With the resources these castles produce, players are able to craft new talents that can be used to prepare their heroes for future battles.

Prime World also will allow players to sign-in using their information from social networking sites, to allow for more social gameplay and to access special in-game acheivements.

Explosive Features:

  • Social Connectivity
  • Persistant Champions
  • Unique Progression System

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System Requirements

Prime World System Requirements:
OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 3.0 GHz, AMD Athalon 64 X2 6000+
Memory Ram: 2GB
Hard Disk Space: At least 1.5GB of free Space
Video Card: ATI HD 3850, GeForce 8800

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  2. Is a totally rubbish.
    Want to CHEAT? Buy last hero and for 1 month you can destroy an entire opposite team alone.

    Then they came out with this excuse: ” Sorry we rebalance that hero in the next patch.”
    I stopped to play because other that they don’t fix bugs that exist since ages, unbalanced MM and huge talents costs.

    If you play for free you will take 1000 years to complete all heroes.

    Dirty management ever!

  3. Among old problems they make new heroes on propose OP to sell them. Then after 1 month they come with any excuse to rebalance it. Worst management ever. Old bug never fixed. Unbalanced MM. English forum is full of complain. Huge costs to move talents between heroes. Ages to upgrade talents. In one sentence: Worst moba ever.

  4. Well i love this game even though the amount of english speaking player are less… well if u are here to play just play …you are not playing the game to chat right !!!. I havn’t played LOL or Dota2 so i am not going to compare it to any of the main stream MOBA games.
    Feature I like about the game.
    1. The Hero build varies from player to player. You can choose what traits your hero should have.
    2. With right build and a little bit of common sense any low cost (means the one that can be bought for silver which you will get as reward after each match) Hero can be a badass.
    3. Personally i don’t think the money spenders has any real advantage in this game. Gold coins is the currency corresponding to the real money and it can be used to buy hero skins and heros( all heros can be bought by silver as well which you can produce in you castle as well as will get as reward).
    4. The hall of fame tab in the hero will show the build of the top ranked player .It will be very useful for deciding how your Hero build should be.
    5. Talents which is classified in different levels with Orange talent being the top can be forged in castle (Need Luck though) and also will be provided as reward for 1500+ ranked games.
    6. Weekly quests / Offer are available which is kind of awesome.

    1. Match making need to consider hero power and hero level as well.( It might be fixed in near future).
    2. Sometimes match making takes around 1 minute

    I would recommend this game.

    NOTE : Sorry for my bad English(Not my First language).

  5. Prime World is an awesome Moba game, I have been playing it for some time now and I like how you can build your own village for some extra income and resource and the talents that you can pick off. That is something that no other MOBA game ever had such a unique thing if you ask me, they do need to fix some things like matchmaking, but other than that…. it’s an awesome game and I’ll recommend it to ad least try it out.

    • Yes, if you understand Russian, since 99% are Russians. Still sucks, first of all because it’s a MOBA. 2) Because you can fight levels 25 purple at any rank. And third: Because it has no EU or N/A servers.

  6. worst “MOBA” ever even because if u write smth polite in FB they ban u message.

    and more: they give u a week end bonus and after that they rise all stuff (hero price, unassign talent… and so on..)

    they play a dirty game with players…

    • Yeah, I don’t really like social games in general (only play three: two on FB, one on Kongregate) so when I played this for a few minutes, it became clear that you need X amount of resources to build something to boost your hero. Even then, construction will take about two real-time days to complete (slightly exaggerating here).

  7. PW has unfair mm system, where levels 20s fight against levels 1s.

    AND on top of that, when a battle seem lost from begining your team declines to surrender.

    MOBA= Multiplayer Online Bitch Asholes.

  8. What I would give to have a a real RTS game and I don’t mean MOBA,TBS…

    like the classic games age of empires, rise of nations ..etc

  9. This game is bullshit, it said my video card is not powerful enough to run prime world when it can run WoW. Wasted my time downloading this piece of crap


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