Ragnarok Online 2

Ragnarok Online 2 is the sequel to the popular 2.5D original Ragnarok. While the two may share the same developer, Gravity, both games play almost completely different. Ragnarok Online 2 (RO2), features the typical third person MMORPG perspective and hotkey combat which has become the somewhat norm over the years. The graphics and music themselves are actually quite attractive and fans will enjoy the new orchestra inspired music although players may not like the transition to 3D artwork.

Almost all of the original classes have made a return including the Archer, Rogue, Warrior, Acolyte and Mage. The merchant class was dropped in favor a new merchant ability that every class now has access to. Each of these classes will become 2 sub classes at level 25, which players must then choose one.

The card system has also made a return in RO2, with players able to randomly collect stat cards from specific monsters. These stat cards can then be equipped on the character themselves and can at times, unlock special abilities.

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Ragnarok Online 2

Gravity, Inc.
Gravity Interactive
Release Date
May 01, 2013
Windows (Client)
Please note this free-to-play game may or may not offer optional in-game purchases.
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Minimum System Requirements (Windows)


Windows XP


2 GB


10 GB


Pentium 4 2.0 \ Athlon XP 2000


VGA GeForce 8600 or later 256 MB of VRAM

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Specifications may change during development

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Ark 8 years ago
(Ragnarok 2)
Recapped Review
+ 7 Classes
+ Mount
+ English voice actor
+ Pets
+ Guild Wars
- Server issue
- Bugs
- slow update
- Limited Customization
- Hacker can ruin the game
- Very Small Community
- Repeated quest mission can get boring
- Fair Storyline
- Unbalance PVP
- less challenging dungeon

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jjjj 9 years ago
WHY CANt it just be like ro 1 but new I GOING TO MURDER A PIG NOW

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ziki 10 years ago
good game with active gms! :D

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Lai-Lai 10 years ago
RO1 is for very social gamers & requires a shit ton of grinding.

RO2 is very solo-friendly (except for the dungeons & field bosses), has landscape eyecandy, & you'll level at lightening speed all the way to level cap.

They're nothing alike, so it's pointless to compare them. I'd actually say RO2 is more like RIFT in an anime style without Instant Adventures.

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Zee Me 10 years ago
Nice game, also the GMs are very active... most of the huge bugs usually get fixed within a week (max 2 weeks), small bugs get fixed the same day.
But I just noticed that many of RO1 fans hated this game, and they never tell the reason.

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Hikarai 10 years ago
Going to check out this game, looks very fun and clean, anything I should know about before playing this?

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Nolol 11 years ago

Another one word review brought to you by the internet. :)

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uguran 11 years ago
terrible game

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hfetvv 11 years ago
Fcuk this game id rather play ragna 1, this is a piece of shit, they create a another crap ,this game scuks!!!!!!!!!!! what if.STOP updating ragna 2 and continue updating ragna 1

They ruined the game ragnarok

IF you play ragna 2

WHAT A WASTE OF TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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anip 11 years ago
pretty fun game, however it isn't as good a many people have thought (or at least I thought)

some quests are bugged, such as crafting - even tho it says you complete it, but you don't have the crafting material on you, you can't turn in the quest, thus meaning you have to go back out and farm for the material again to complete the quest.

Bag room is an issue at beginning, you filled up the entire bag by level 3 and is forced to throw stuff away to pick up quest items. (yes, you can find bags, but they are still pretty rare, let me see a level 3 with full bags, than we'll talk)

overall, this game is pretty fun to play, but best wait until they fix everything or play this as a side to your main game.

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Rhey 11 years ago
Prove me wrong that the Succesor can be as much fun at its Predicessor

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Nabbs 11 years ago
Initially interesting, Ragnarok Online 2 takes a steep turn into a very dull game.
When you first load up the game, you'll be greeted with wonderful graphics and vibrant colours as you design your character. You're able to choose between four combat professions and four job professions, each which level up individually. The character customisation initially is unique, and not one job class is ideally tailored to one combat class, allowing you to happily mix and match.
After being greeted by a few laggy cutscenes, you'll be thrown into a beautiful and colourful world with rich music. Complete a few quests, and you'll notice that the game hasn't much more to offer than your traditional generic MMO. Kill a few monsters, collect a few drops, kill a boss, talk to this guy... However now and then a timed quest will pop up, forcing you to defend an objective, kill a set amount of enemies, or reach a destination by the time limit. This adds a small amount of variation, however it's not developed into much more.
Eventually you'll expand on your job class, which differs varying on what you chose. Alchemists and Blacksmiths will gather their ingredients from glowing points on the map, whereas Chefs and Artisans will loot theirs from the monsters they kill. This becomes problematic later on, as for the two classes that are required to kill to gather ingredients, you will have to be within a certain amount of levels from the target, whereas the two that can simply gather are able to slip their way into higher level maps and gather in safer areas. This was disappointing for myself, as I was hoping for a job class system that wouldn't be so reliant on combat level. Even as you complete Kharas (Challenges) for certain titles, they are level restricted. So being level 30 in your crafting profession, but level 15 in your combat profession won't allow you to unlock the title of Master Crafter straight away. Aside from this and the relatively expensive materials for higher level crafts, the system seems to work fine and you will fare little to no issue with your job profession.

Back to the game. You will be able to face the first two dungeons single handedly and advance onwards with the story. However you will eventually reach the first dungeon that you will have to party up for, Wolf Cave.
Now, this will be discussed on a later point, but the community on this game is one of the worst I have ever seen during my time as an avid MMO player. Unless you are needed, you will be looked down upon when asking for a party. And even then you will be tossed aside if someone stronger or more valuable comes along. Playing as a pure support healer, I found it relatively easy to find dungeon parties, however note those who intend to be one of the thousands of assassins or beastmasters on the game, you will have a hard time getting parties. So, you've got a party and you're about to set off onto this dungeon... There's a few things you should learn first.
1) When playing with random parties, there will always be at least one person who will loot everything. Even if it's not for his or her class.
2) There will always be someone who rushes ahead and attracts more argo than your team can deal with. Usually this is the same person as number 1.
3) Dungeon bosses can get unbearably cruel, however many people have found bugs to exploit them. If you don't want to try your luck, you can always exploit the game.
I will be honest, the people you party with are going to be terrible at the game and terrible people. They will insult, rush, blame and loot everything. You will grow to hate them.

However now, you've finally done your dungeon quests and want to sell off your loot. There's an Auction House you can use, or you can set up a personal shop.
However a word of warning, the economy is vastly ruined.
It will take you a while to earn your first gold, or zeny. As you level up, you will fare better, but not too much in this economy. Common items you will find that fill your bag are put up for excessive amounts of gold. You will be desperate to get rid of many of these items, such as Pandoras Boxes, however people will sell them from anything between 2-6z each... Most the prizes inside are worthless and you will not get your money back from buying these.
If you want to purchase something, think logically how much you would pay for it. Got the answer? Now multiply it by 5-10. That is the price you will see the community sell it for.

Eventually, the game takes sharp drops in quality. The music becomes less interesting, the environments become samey and dull. The quests become longer and have lower drop rates, even with monsters that are slightly bigger than previous versions, or have a change in colour palette. The storyline gets... Well, terrible would be rather generous at this point, as the dungeons and mini bosses become excessively hard to the point where even a capped player may easily die from fighting them. It's this point where many people will quit the game, however if you're eager to continue onwards, you will be rewarded by a temporary change of scenery.
Instead of grass or dirt, you will be rewarded with a desert which branches over the final few maps. I could continue reviewing more into that, but it shows how little the developers became interested at this point.

Now, before we move on to the (lack of) end game content, we have a few more grounds to cover.
Asiasoft. They do not care about this game, and only care about your money.
Easily exploitable bugs will remain open for several updates as long as the only way to exploit them is to purchase something from the Kafra shop. GMs are never active, and events are dull and unimaginative. They will also not respond to their forum, either.
Because of the lack of moderation, there is constant spambots throughout the game offering cash for in game gold. You will be muting at least 2-3 on a daily basis. The spam also spreads to forum topics, which kills the lack of the community on there.

Next is bugs. So many of these. You will be a victim to an irritating or game breaking bug at least once a week. NPCs vanish, meaning you cannot complete your quest. Graphics fail, causing you to see through the floors or mountains. At one point a friend on mine had fell through the map and was stuck for a good half an hour, before appearing on a completely different map, surrounded by high level argo monsters when he had relogged. Amusingly, each update will bring more bugs than it fixes.
Our next topic is the Colosseum, one of the only main events and end game content.
It's a great idea in which every player is leveled out in terms of stats and equipment. Your health and stats will be boosted while you are in the Colosseum, allowing you to fairly fight higher levels.
The intent of this event that you are put in a huge PvE arena, and must kill as many players as possible. However regardless of what damage you have caused, it is the final hit that counts, therefore classes with burst fire will gain a significant unfair advantage here.
Certain classes will struggle. Full support, such as myself, will not be able to kill anyone unless you are rather lucky.
There are many a hacker, bugger, and generally unsportsmanlike conduct in the Colosseum, yet nothing will ever be done about it.

So we're moving on to the final point. End game content.
You have the option of 10 people raids, which allows you to enter one of several extremely difficult dungeons. Every party will require at least two full supports and will take teamwork and coordination. I suppose in many ways, it's nice to see a working party for once. Players who abuse the loot or are generally bad are kicked, however it's too late into the game for this conduct to start to be required. The main issue with this is that after a handful of runs on each dungeon, followed by hard versions of the previous dungeons, you will have the best gear in the game and will be unable to actually get any more content out of the game.
The community isn't great enough to stay behind for, the devs don't care enough to fix issues or add some small content to keep cappers busy, and the economy is too terrible to collect everything.

Overall game score:

Gameplay - Generic/10
This may be both good or bad, however the gameplay is generic. If you like traditional MMORPGs, you will like this. If you're looking for something special, look elsewhere.

Music - 7/10
Beautiful and vibrant to begin with, promises so much but only lets go at the end. You will enjoy some of the NPC voices and melodies while battling, though.

Graphics - 5/10
Beautiful graphics, but the excess bugs where random textures will go missing, and samey locations get boring fast.

Community - 1/10
I have found only a handful of nice people during my stay in RO2, and half of those were friends of people I brought with me. Everyone else is either abusive, uses others, or are just plain idiotic.

Economy - Oh God No/10
If I could go into minus numbers, I could. This happens to be the worst economy I have ever seen in a game. Common drops that fill your bag will go for several gold pieces each. This was one of the primary reasons for my own abandonment of the game.

End Game - 3/10
Reskin of previous dungeons and a few more new ones that aren't ran too many times before you've got everything out of it. A bunch of challenges are added, but teams can sweep them too quickly.

Devs/Publishers - 3/10
Add more bugs than they fix, terrible content in the item mall and the events are a joke.

Overall rating - 5/10
At the start of this game, you will think of this as a 7 or 8. People who have even more of a great time may even think of it as a 9.
Your opinion will change on this, I warn you that now.

Verdict: Avoid OR play for a few weeks then avoid.

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Evans 11 years ago
I loved the first Ragnarok Online, but when i played this...I'd rather play with my own shit.

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Zevach 11 years ago
The game is nice, but it needs something more.

The dungeons later on are more interactive, like you gotta dodge its AoE attack when it comes, or kill the minions it spawns or something bad will happen.

But i don't know, i'd like it to be more.. unique.

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ThatDude 11 years ago
You WILL be disappointed in this game if your expecting a re polished 3D Ragnarok. If you want to try WoW with a new skin but instead of paying for a subscription your paying to get better success ratios and the like go for it. In game economy is already fked up.

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Orikitu 11 years ago
Played the game just now a lil bit. Graphics are good same as the music normally I put my own music but on this game it was different. Pretty nice character creation menu since its just open beta pretty sure it's gonna improve. The game itself feels very standard nothing big just a nice old school mmorpg which some ppl might not like, I like it that way it's like playing that old snes game you liked so much! Card system is intresting same as achviments etc if you like all that good stuff. For some reason I do feel like this game is gona get very intresting the more you play it which I prefer it's also brand new wait until patches for bugs nice, big updates and events! Gona play some more then I will comment again see if I change my opinion but right now specially for beta it's a nice solid game compared to other beta games I've played.

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allenEL 11 years ago
MMMM seeems really awesome something i can get in to mabe i want know till i try it

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KazeZizz 11 years ago
The Play Free Now link to Ragnarok 1 ?

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Kari 11 years ago
This game...
I dunno. I'm trying it out right now and it just doesn't seem very good. But I guess they've got a lot of time to improve it, and I hope they do because the graphics are very good and it seems very interesting. I would like to see the bugs weeded out and a little better battle system :)

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aDkjasdjakdsa 11 years ago
Mounted! :D

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