Ragnarok Online 2 North American Beta Weekend Kicks off Tomorrow

Michael Dunaway
By Michael Dunaway, News Editor April 17, 2013

Back in December Asiasoft Online announced they would be publishing Ragnarok Online 2 for English Audiences. Soon after it was discovered that while the game was to be released for English speaking areas, the fine print dictated that these areas would be limited to Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. So while the game is -to my knowledge- still accessible through Asiasoft, the new-new official English version is gettings its first beta weekend starting tomorrow.

Ragnarok Online 2 will be officially published in North America by WarpPortal best known for publishing ROSE Online and Maestia along with the original version of Ragnarok. WarpPortal's first RO2 beta weekend is set to begin tomorrow April 18th and last through Monday April 22nd. During the beta weekend WarpPortal plans to host several giveaways, contests and GM-run events.

This version of RO2 will most likely be the same as Asiasoft's release with -hopefully- none of the rubber-banding lag issues players experienced while using specific class abilities.

You can find out more information regarding the beta weekend and its respective events by visiting the official site here. If you're interested in finding out what the new version of Ragnarok Online 2 has to offer then be sure to check out our official first look above.

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Discussion (24)

Muffin 8 years ago
dont play this game

Indolight 8 years ago
This game is totally playable in the stats. There is massive lag issues but you can connect and play. I got about 40 levels in before the lag was consistently lethal and I stopped playing.

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Dokkodo 8 years ago
Like many, I really had high hopes for this game. The old RO was a great game, innovative, original and interesting. It was one of those games that help lead the way for others.

RO2 is none of these things. It's just another generic MMO to throw in the pile with the rest. It's one of my biggest disappointments in recent gaming history.

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Friyan 8 years ago
this game really sux... 50 lvls and you get lvls so fast,.

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ugurano 8 years ago
europe version coming?? im tested and europe on this game no working

Bic Boi 8 years ago
Just got off testing it for a few hours. Made it to level 9 thief. Feels a tad simplistic, but then again I'm still low level. Thankfully there's NO LAG..so stuff is actually responsive. I'm digging the art style and I seen a lot of familiar faces from the first game. They have Rockers..ROCKERS. I love those guys! Looking forward to testing it more tomorrow.

Golgo28 8 years ago
Played it,liked it,just I hope and pray it doesn't end up pay to win like some games have.

Angelicxx 8 years ago
Wait Has'nt already been in open beta in the us?

MechroJay 8 years ago
great, i can finally quit playing the on the Malaysia servers.
I got a level 20 thief lol I love wearing my Artisan Job outfit :D
now i can play

ChrisHateZ 8 years ago
Any idea on does WarpPortal also plans on providing the game for EU as well after NA beta?

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H 8 years ago
Aaaand, it's IP blocked to SEA and Brazil.
Oh well. Enjoy it, guys.

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HVTI 8 years ago
Whoever posted this is so excited that he/she spelled "tomorrow" wrong in the title.

Braxtor 8 years ago

spiderxxx 8 years ago
Mounted these nuts .... all u wana be first for what

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