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About the game:
Title: SAO’s Legend
Status: Released Graphics: 2D
Developer: GameSprite
Publisher: GameSprite

Explore the world of the popular anime Sword Art Online in SAO’s Legend, a free-to-play browser MMORPG from Journey through a vast world and take on challenging dungeons to level up your character and your gear, and you’ll even find a few friends along the way, both real and AI!

SAO’s Legend has all the elements you expect from an MMORPG, including guilds, mounts, daily events, and gear you can upgrade by polishing or adding gemstones to it. At higher levels, you can unlock a Divine Weapon, greatly increasing your battle capabilities. You can even find a girl friend in game, ranging from a Dragon Master to a Berserker Healer, who helps you in battle.

Explosive Features:

  • Based on Sword Art Online
  • Wings and Stylish Outfits
  • Divine Weapons For Ultimate Power

System Requirements

Minimum System Requirements:
This game is a browser based game and should run smoothly on practically any PC with a updated web-browser.

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  1. yeah when you create a character at the bottom it allows you to change your name. also you can turn off auto battle, you drag the cursor to the opponent you want to attack and click on them.

  2. “Best failure ever created.”

    The whole game is just about clicking “confirm” button. Seriously, I saw the ads everywhere so I tried to play and it gives me a big disappointment. After the loading screen, what I did was just clicking “confirm” button and nothing else, I even went level 50 only in one day of clicking “confirm” button. From the scale of 1 to ∞ I would give it -1.

    • eso es cruel solo porque ese juego es haci no te da el derecho de dejar mala fama a los juegos aparte el juego es mas de experiencia visual tienes que apreciar los pequeños detalles y si yo fuera tu no me quejo soy un gamer pero se por lo menos que justificar un juego solo por su contenido es malo tienes que apreciar el esfuerso y dinamicas que proporciona si no entonces eres de esos haters que lla hicieron desaparecer una lista larga de buenos videojuegos y lo digo por experiencia propia hay juegos para disfrutar visualmente y juegos de accion y emocion pero la gente que prefiere estar un tiempo leyendo el transfondo de la historia ver cada descripcion y ver cada minimo detalle en el juego a esas personas son mas de centrarse en la historia que en el juego.

  3. When I started playing this game, I was very intrigued into how the gameplay would be like. When I started up the game, all I was met with was disappointment. You can’t make a custom character. Being able to make a custom character would allow people to put themselves or an avatar that would allow them to represent themselves within the game, and not just a default model without an customization option. This is one of the things that disappoint me. I was hoping that this game would allow for actual character customization. One other thing I don’t like is how you level up quite quickly, it doesn’t let you play the game at your own pace. Its one thing for someone to want to level up, but leveling up should take time and effort. This is so that leveling up actually becomes rewarding, and doesn’t come easily. Other than that, I would recommend that players actually play Adventure Quest Worlds by Artix Entertainment. That game is actually an RPG that I find to be a great classic. Sure there might be stuff that may be restricted to people with membership only, but you can play through the game without membership. I’ve done it before, and i’ve been fine with it. SAO Legends is not a good game, I would say its needs a lot of improvements. This is my review.

  4. Absolutely the worst browser game I have ever played. Practically everything is aimed at getting you to spend money, even more so than other games of this nature. It’s shoved in your face constantly, with every flashing icon geared at those who spend ridiculous amounts of money.

    A complete disgrace to the browser MMORPG genre.

  5. Not a good game. You level fast get tons of items very fast, everything is fast… but has no content thus makes no real sense to play. perhaps very young children might find this game attractive

  6. Today is the first time I come to this game. My friend introduced me about this and I saw a lot of reviews on YouTube. And when I come to the game by myself: “HOLY CRAP!” I said this when the loading screen was loading. It took 2 MINUTES to load. Every MMOs I played just took me 15 seconds or 30 (longest is 1 minute). The “job” selection loads. I chose “Swordsman” or Kirito, to play. THE GAME LOADED. Holy cow, when I first meet the “Game Designer”, well, he is “Kayaba Akihiko” in game, or something else. AND, it auto play! But, it’s useless when you just interact with the GUI, not the map. In 5 minutes, you can advance to level 15. But, when I tried to chat, it just let level 40 or higher players, TO CHAT. Chat, is the way to communicate with friends, and other people. BUT, they don’t let NEWCOMERS to chat! SO STUPID FEATURE. AND the NPC names is NOT named by SAO characters’ names. Instead, they used general names like “Berserk Healer”, “Dragon Master”,… So, I made a video about it, and if I have to grade in the 10 scale, I will grade negative 1 (-1). The game is useless, and boring. That’s all.

  7. If you’re a fan of “playing” games that play themselves, then this game is worth looking into. However, if you come into a game with the expectation of actually playing the game, you’ll only leave with a lot of time spent staring at a screen and very little interaction between yourself and your character. This game features both an automatic path finding system, as well as an automatic combat system, making it so that the only interaction really needed from you is a click to accept a new quest and turn in a finished one. An occasional click to upgrade your gear, and that’s about it. On top of that, they’re constantly shoving in your face anywhere between 3 and 7 different options which all require you to pay real money for diamonds. There is minimal challenge to be found, and within the first half an hour I was able to reach the required level to chat (level 40). This “game” is very much pay to win, and in my honest opinion, not worth spending a penny on.

    TL;DR – Pass on this game. It’s not worth the time.

  8. It’s a money game period. They have CONSTANT NETWORK ISSUES, your lucky if you can get through events without the “network” problem that EVERYONE has but support says it’s you. It runs very much like a BETA game, I would suggest you keep looking it’s a negative -1 on a scale of 1 to 10.

  9. Game is pay to win. They say that it’s free but you cant even upgrade to decent gear without spending money. If you are a free player, you will be worthless and die in .001 second to anyone who has paid for the game. Some players spend thousands of dollars on this game, so don’t bother. Also their game support is terrible. I spent money on this game and lost my upgrades and diamonds from a bug and they wouldn’t do anything about it. Skip this one and go play a real game.

    • I don’t get these kinds of reviews. Is it only thing which matters that you can win in pvp? And if you, can’t the game it worthless? I have played many of these kinds of games, and I never do pvp. The games typical have many other things to offer. Pvp is not everything, and I couldn’t care less about it.

  10. its a strait up money base game no matter what seaver u go on u got some has thron thousands in to a game??????????? ware u can bild your self but still uses money to get stong then the game throws in your face over and top off this top off that nothing u go into duent have to do u sending youg money and not a small amont ya they giv u a 5 dollor spot but u get nothing good from it not till u spends 30 but even then to get the good stuff matters u got to poot in least 30 bucks in and that still only poots in 1200 dimons best pack has 40000 dimon in it u can get what u bespending on that 1000buck sad part thats not going to help u now with lvls armor changes so u get what im saying lol by the time y can even ge me a car or house do that the math lol i did game play not bad till treyd daily event out nope thare to being hit ever time u go into and after u get in them u got to deal with 1 hit cash players and lvlen up and upen stats not going to help still im lvl 85 u be hit like u are lvl 0 no money no chance so daily events are a no go and and dailys same cant money in least two to three dailys u cant to every day so in my eyes that throws out free to play out the window the one daily is to kill a boss in a daily event o cant do that one hit wonder cash players thats out the window to but i can go all day on this cus 90% of the game based on spending money so sao legend is the bigest insalt to anime i gever seen im my 36 year

  11. Way too little interaction between the player and the game. I would say I played it for an hour, but honestly I mostly watched the game auto navigate and auto battle its way past level 50 with minimal input required from me. Maybe if things went by a bit slower, gave me some time to get to know what the game and its plot/story is about (and yes, I’ve watched the anime, and I still was quite lost as to what my character was trying to accomplish), and required more than me clicking to accept quest starts and rewards, I would have been drawn into the game, and been willing to invest more of my time and even some of my money. But as this game is, I just don’t see myself returning to it.

    • defenitly this game got super boring after the settings didn’t let me play. THE FRE***** ANIME IS BETTER THAN THIS!

  12. instantaneous bulls**t as soon as you chose your class your name is picked there is only auto b battle and it is a freaking overload and i just got the game two minutes ago

    • yeah when you create a character at the bottom it allows you to change your name. also you can turn off auto battle, you drag the cursor to the opponent you want to attack and click on them.

  13. ok playing this game for pretty long now. game is practically afk with exception pvp but sometimes even in pve is better to kill manually. there is practically 0 game-play before lvl 50 so don’t be to scared :). game is full ptv but if you invest some time you can manage to be in higher positions then people who donated some money but for easy beginning its better to invest 5 dollars. in game almost every week we get new content and updates so its getting a little better. if you want to start play chose server who opened that day because its easier to start this game. overall game is fun but sadly most ppl drop it in 1 monht time from server start.

  14. I highly recommend staying away from this game. It’s okay if you don’t mind a P2W game, except that you play for free. I played and got to VIP 6, then encountered issues with my game, constantly messaged customer support for an entire week with absolutely no help. In the end, they tried to pin the mess on me instead of help me with their poor setup and never offered a solution. Money terribly spent. The company does not care about you at all.

      • you must not play many browser rpg games if you think this is good. there are many good rpg on browser that don’t require you to spend money and you can actually play. Like maplestory 2, for example.

  15. it’s alright. i play it and the leveling isn’t too bad. what makes me upset is upgrading the wings, mount and divine weapon after a certain level with the time limit. not cool. and when you pm more than one person, you have to be careful or else a message meant for someone else might end up in the other conversation.

  16. Yeah I decided to try it out. Honestly I got bored after 5 minutes and can’t use the chat till level 40 is kinda frustrating. But one thing I do admit it’s alot more fun then the browser games this one company called Artix entertainment games makes and a few other companies that I know of which is probably why I wouldn’t mind playing this.

    • I change my mind this game sucks. Artix entertainment is 100x worse but this is clear paid 2 win. Go elsewhere and I apologize I didn’t tell you all sooner.

  17. This game is almost like every other browser game, just way better in my opinion and one extra thing that keeps me playing is the Lover option.

    I suggest you check it out and try it for yourself, new server’s every day pretty much!

    4.6/5 Stars

    • How is a game that makes new servers everyday a good game? Seriously? That is one of the reasons I stopped playing League of Angels.

    • They are creating new servers every day because servers are DYING!!!! You get a few people on each server that spend hundreds/thousands of dollars on gear, and they crush all the other players and the server becomes a ghost town: So they open a new server. Great economic model. Miserable for the players.


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