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MMOBomb Staff
By MMOBomb Staff,

Scarlet Blade has kicked up quite the controversy lately, with gamers on both sides arguing for and against the Scantily Clad MMORPG. So when we were offered a chance to interview the game's publishers over at Aeria Games we jumped at the opportunity to ask some hard hitting questions regarding where the game is at currently and where Aeria intends for it to go.

MMOBomb: Can you start by telling us who you are targeting as an audience for Scarlet Blade?

According to our Closed Beta survey, our player gender ratio is 85% male and 15% female, but we’re inviting anybody of legal age to play an ESRB M-Rated title to come take a look and give Scarlet Blade a try. Most people who’ve tried it are surprised to find that there’s much more to the game than its pretty exterior.

MMOBomb: What are the major differences between Liveplex's original Korean version of Scarlet Blade called Queen's Blade Online, and the North American version?

Our localization team did an exceptional job with the overhauling the game’s dialog and lore for the North American audience. It’s often funny, sometimes raunchy, and is very much self-aware of the mature nature of the game. Localizing is tricky, so replacement of culturally-relevant content was key. The Commander-Arkana relationship is a little different in Scarlet Blade than it was originally, for example.

MMOBomb: According to players, higher level zones have better graphics than lower level zones, will we see any graphical updates to the game in the future?

As with many MMORPGs, the landscape certainly becomes more awe-inspiring as players progress to reflect the nature of their challenges. Players will eventually fight where the Narak originally landed in an expansive open-world PvP zone. One thing that doesn’t change is the art direction and overall design. In later zones, it gets a little more intense, but even in the early zones there is quite a lot to take in.

MMOBomb: Do you have plans for gamepad support in the future?

There are currently no plans for gamepad support, but we’re always listening to player feedback. If this is a popular idea, we’d be happy to explore it further with our developers at Liveplex.

MMOBomb: Scarlet Blade currently has the fetch-and-bring quests that exist in many MMOS, are there any plans for having more diverse quests types?

We’re the publishers of the game, and have little control over the game’s development. That said, the experienced team at Aeria Games brings a lot of different perspectives to the table, and we’re definitely interested in diversifying gameplay styles and systems in Scarlet Blade as new content is added in the future.

MMOBomb: What unique features does Scarlet Blade's combat system showcase?

Scarlet Blade has a point-and-click MMORPG combat system, with the player-favorite skill bars and hotkeys that you’d expect from a modern game of this type. The most unique part about combat is the Mech system, whereby a player can transform into a giant Mech for a short period of time, which allows them to hit much harder. A wave of Mechs can really turn the tide in an intense battle, and the players really love this mechanic so far.

MMOBomb: The pet system starts out by providing a player with stat bonuses. What do pets provide at higher levels? Do they actively play a part in combat?

The pet system starts out by providing a player with stat bonuses. What do pets provide at higher levels?
Pets can provide a lot of cool buffs by having Datachips slotted into their mainboards. Datachip buffs range from things like increases to CP regen speed or Aggro, to things like increases to Max HP or Max SP. They also get an aesthetic upgrade as they level up, which is pretty subtle overall at this point, but may become more pronounced in future content updates.

They do not fight, but they can collect drops for you, and buff you with Passives and Skills. It also avoids the annoyance of your pet disappearing when you die. In Scarlet Blade, your pets will respawn with you.

MMOBomb: Can you elaborate more on what players can do as a guild within the game?

Any player can create a guild, but they need to increase their guild level/grade to unlock new guild hall designs and increase the max number of members. Players can do this by donating gold, experience, and doing guild-specific quests that give tokens.

MMOBomb: What can players expect from the in-game experience in Scarlet Blade? Will there be meaningful gear progression through things like raids or dungeons?

Besides the normal world gear drops, players get the best gear through random drops in dungeons and from world bosses. There are a number of systems that players can use to upgrade their gear – of particular note is the gear enhancement system, which I think is a great example of a game system that encourages recycling gear and keeps continued engagement throughout the leveling curve. This system will upgrade existing stats on a piece of gear using gems found in PvP, quest rewards, and dungeons. You can then use the lower level enhanced gear as materials to increase your chance of successfully enhancing your higher-level gear.

MMOBomb: Do you want to comment on the item in Scarlet Blade's cash shop that makes an avatar completely nude? Was it a tough choice to leave that item in for the North American version?

The Lingerie Unsealer was an easy choice. Scarlet Blade is a very solid MMORPG with plenty of great gameplay and features, but obviously one of its most unique features is its sex appeal, demonstrated by the ESRB rating M. Keeping this item in the game allows Scarlet Blade to retain that uniqueness to a large degree, and community feedback about its availability has been overwhelmingly positive thus far.

MMOBomb: There have been concerns in the closed beta that the mech suit's active time is not very long before it has to be recharged, is this something you will be looking into tweaking? Or is there a reason why it is so short?

The Mechs are very strong, and can really turn the tide in a PvP battle. Balancing this was a tricky one for the developers, and since certain items can buff your CP regen time, or add CP points via a potion-like item, care and close attention to this system’s limits had to be a priority. Our team is always happy to provide our feedback, as well as our community’s, to the developers for future content updates, and we will definitely be keeping a close eye on PvP balance and the systems which affect it.

MMOBomb: Currently in PvP, those who aren't in mechs seem to be unable to contribute much to the battle. This is due to a mech's increased damage, health, armor and an increase in the rate at which you regenerate CP (meaning the mechs can be out more frequently). How do you balance mech use in PvP for players who wish to use their normal form over mechs?

We don’t intend to make Mechs permanently active, because they give a sizable temporary advantage in PvP when they are used. Like leveraging your class skills, bombs, and vial boosts, they’re a part of PvP strategy, giving you a temporary boost of strength and attack power. You need to choose the right time to use it – do you want to use it for a last-second hurrah? To intimidate an opponent? Get into your mech right away for the start-of-battle clash? With that, there is also the Cyberskin suits, which are an alternative to using the Mech as well, and provide their own unique benefits.

MMOBomb: What plans do you have in store for Scarlet Blade post launch?

Scarlet Blade is the biggest launch on Aeria Games history, and we’re all very excited for its long and prosperous future. Content updates will be rolling in regularly and quickly, and our teams internally are all set up to test new content thoroughly and efficiently so that it can be released to the community in optimal time. Level caps, new PvP zones and modes, awesome new gear, items, and Mechs… There is a ton of great stuff in store for Scarlet Blade this year, and we’re looking forward to rolling it all out.

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Discussion (87)

Bic Boi 8 years ago
..."our player gender ratio is 85% male and 15% female".

Aaaaand those 15% females are probably 98% chances are more like 98% male, 2% female. Sausagefest : The MMO. Huahuehue.

Externita 10 years ago
Have been playing SB for 4 months.
I was surprised by the comments of iluvgamez.
Reaching lvl 19 takes me app 2hours. Yes, that part is a bit boring.
The real thing starts at lvl 27 when you can start to be efficient in Caergate and the game is fun at lvl cap when you can really enjoy PvP and boss hunts.
Seriously, the nudity thing, once you have seen one nude char, you just don't care anymore cause you focus on the gameplay.

elexier 10 years ago
I've played this recently and first impressions (after the lolz at the humor) Were good.

Interface is is more or less like most MMO's this is a GOOD thing, It means jumping from game to game does not require re-learning how to move and perform basic actions.

Graphics are good, Better than WOW not as good as Battlefield 3 (EA does kinda have one of the best graphic engines around right now though Frostbite 3).

I love the humor its right up my street, As are the innuendo's and everything else.

Quests/mission, To be fair they are more or less generic But you try making just 100 DIFFERENT quests that do not involve the kill/collect/interact setup. There is always something like it about in EVERY quest in EVERY MMO type game.

As for the being nude/leaving little to the imagination WHATS YOUR POINT, ever seen zena, Heck if you have an issue with running around more or less butt naked watching your female avatar beat the living crap out of anything in her way then this is CLEARLY not for you.

I just wish a BIG company like Blizzard, Bioware or EA (I'd prefer Bioware tbh) Would make a TRUE MMO aimed at adults and that threw the shackles off and create a MMO that had sex in it like that of a game called RLC (Red Light Centre) But had all the flavor of a modern MMO (like wow/warhammer online and this.

Venus rising is looking pretty good.

Don't want to play a game with sex in it, then find another game, there are HUNDREDS or thousends of people that would LOVE a game like this, Heck if they added being able to have sex in this game I'd bet my left nut there subscribers numbers would rocket.

LordStar9 10 years ago
why r all the characters girls -.-

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Rgevake 10 years ago
I liked the pvp system of this game very much. With lots of player of opposing faction meeting at battlegrounds and caergate is hooking.

The story is nice, with a postapocalyptic and futuristic turns. What I didn't like is the grinding that was required after about lvl 18. Still, the pvp and the story is far worth it.

Concerning the outfits, as someone has already said, it's nothing that you don't see in other mmos. But in Scarlet Blade such outfits are everywhere. That's not bad and when you reach the level at which you can enter Caergate and battlegrounds, the visual side of your characters go back in line and the first thing you enjoy is the fast paced pvp and raids.

All in all it's a nice game but I wish the level cap would rise.

XDarkMethod 10 years ago
while it could be considered a F2F (Free To Fap), like others have said if you can be mature enough to get over the whole virtual tits thing, it is pretty fun

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Sama124 10 years ago
I've seen people make an account and just stare at the character. Forever alone.

shadowZ 10 years ago

Captain Faptain 10 years ago
"Scarlet Blade has a point-and-click MMORPG combat system, with the player-favorite skill bars and hotkeys that you’d expect from a modern game of this type."

Please Scarlet Blade, tell me more about how you're a groundbreaking modern mmorpg.

mamadzzz 10 years ago

whocares 10 years ago
game for fappers

wangkal 10 years ago
Personally, there's nothing attractive to me. Age of Wushu is a lot more better. It's a sandbox game but it has its unique. You see its graphics? Like a Kung Fu moive. It reminds me of Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon.

LordHikaru 10 years ago
Kinda wish the word "innovative" would stop being used so much. It's pretty much a dead term that really doesn't mean anything anymore. There isn't anything anyone can do at this point in time that'll be any different than what everyone else is making today. You're not gonna find it nor will anyone probably ever make it. What you see now are pretty much different versions of everything that's been used over the last 10 to 15 years. Only thing different are the way the games look today, which is pretty much the only thing in gaming that is changing. We're sat in a stagnate genre where you're either gonna like the games that come out or not and not just because there's nothing new or "innovative" about it. Feel free to hate a game all you want but let's just recognize nothing ever coming out until the second coming of... whoever brings us true Virtual Reality(yeah I said it).. not the BS they're trying to sell today will ever be different.

That's my rant for this evening. Have a nice weekend when it comes.

sorsu 10 years ago
So rowdy in a few days. Anyway, I'd like for the insults to players to end. If you don't like the game, state it. It's like CoD players saying BF3 sucks and peeps who play it must be gay. But yet again, there they are playing the disappointing sequel to Black Ops. Unless you really have something better to do, don't be inconsiderate to the players. That goes for the players as well; if they don't like it, accept their opinion.

rentherose 10 years ago
Umm you would be very wrong the max I have seen is a lvl 42 lol and the main quest ends at lvl 29 its up to you to grind the rest so sfu and look this up before you comment.

thehorniestlobster 10 years ago
Apart from being a boob-fest,game really has nothing new or innovative to it looks like one of those games you just play for 15mins and qeuit of boredness no offense to anyone who likes it just not my type of game it offers nothing i have not seen before.

RenTheRose 10 years ago
to the trolls and the haters time to set things straight i jest sat down with this game for 22 hours you heard me right 22 hours i have 2 characters at lvl 30+ and i can tell you what the game rilly is like unlike half the comments above me any one who says this is a sex game gtfo now don't come back to mmobomb ever again plzz and thank you every one says this is a bad game go back to you call of duty and grind your way to p2w weapons now lets get this straight. this is mt 3rd language so deal with my typing if you don't like it don't read and leave you computer off because you clearly cant read any post in existence.

this game is well a surprise the story is great character are all different it is rare to see 2 characters the same and even rarer to see 2 of the same with same class so the character creation is not half bad okay then classes well their are 6 classes all are different in how they fight and how they work to gather they each have about 3 ways you can go in a skill tree and will play different then other characters with different skills now the combat well it look nice and is easy to get a hold of but their is plenty of room for strategy if needed. now story and graphic the story is wow that has to be the best part if you read about the game and read each quest you find all the npc have their own spin and looks, backgrounds and all of them are cool in their own way they give out allot of funny one liners to the graphics their very nice though on best quality as i play it the ground textures could use some work but every thing is very tera like graphics. okay so i covered the basics now let me tell you what makes this game shine to me and why i logged 8 hrs in to it. i came in thinking this was going to be another spin off for little kids i did but man was i surprised the first 4 lvls in that skimpy outfit was like wow i saw this coming then i got my armor(i was a healer atm and still am) and i was like this is not to bad. so i Begin to play then i started to find out wow healers are not good at fighting go figure lol so i found a party and wow 6 hours and i went from lvl 6 to lvl 17 and got a hold of my mech this mech you see in the backgrounds of the game yaa you get them and their well op they destroy most monsters in 2 hits and my healer mech can basically keep 8 people alive with ease well after my party died down i had to find more people well that was rilly not so hard maybe 10 mins of spamming chat to find some one played with her for a while and quest grinded my way to lvl 19 i did this all with a healer and never fired 1 shot scenes lvl 6 as a healer i can keep any one alive from most monsters that don't 1 hit thought i cant take many hits with a skill i got at lvl 16 i can teleport around the map away from monsters if needed to i can not be attacked this is basically what i did most of the game and yet i did not fall asleep and i was some how having fun this whole time. that is my day on Scarlet Blade. well so far i am still playing.

so all in all the game is nothing like most people here say it is though still in cbt i have to say i love the game more then any thang out their atm the lore and funny npc and awesome story is keeping me playing its 4 in the morning and after this post i am signing off i jest want to let people know this game is rilly rillly good if you can jest be mature about it you will find your self having a great time. so plzz don't over look this game it rilly is great in its own way people that jest wright it off are jerks trollers an immature kids that cant get over the fact that hot girls can kick some ass to. this is ren the rose saying don't judge a book bye its cover. good luck have fun see you

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Girl 10 years ago
Being the girl I am, I absolutely play to play a game where tits are everywhere...I'll stick to League of Legends, Eden Eternal and Minecraft

Rewmik 10 years ago
It seems that no lesson was learned from the previous Aeria Games titles. I'm going to start the timer to see how long it takes for people to remember.

Shadenexis 10 years ago
What kinda pisses me off here is all these people talking about "Oh if I had my own company blah blah blah!" STFU you DON"T OWN your own GAME COMPANY so you DON'T KNOW Sh iT!

Stop ragging on the company even more so WHEN MOST MMO'S are just grinding bs! Look at WoW "Grind for gear derp derp derp so I can be best at pvp derp derp derp!" just like every other MMO like it jesus this is a decent game haters stop hating lets see your million dollar company make a video game Oh wait......nvm!

This is a game where sex sells and pretty much its working since people are playing huh god I hate when everyone bags on a company for making a game they picked up from a different region of the world and don't do it as slightly good and everyone rains shit I say gratz Scarlet blade your a good game and since it JUST CAME OUT I look forward to upcoming updates and new content.

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PrunePrunes 10 years ago
People sure talk a lot of trash even though this game still has a pretty solid player base, its really mediocre but I don't think its gonna go down any time soon even with all the crap people here are complaining about. "Sex sells is true" and there's nothing anyone can do about it.

ugurano 10 years ago
shame vor pervers guys

voriukas 10 years ago
"Scarlet Blade has a point-and-click MMORPG combat system, with the player-FAVOURITE skill bars and hotkeys that you’d expect from a MODERN game of this type."
Hahahaha i didnt even bother to read more of this bs after that sentence

Shiunsai 10 years ago
I thought the first question was about target audience, not playerbase. This game is a shame, and so are these answers.

dagudman 10 years ago
Another interview where the answers mostly don't relate to the question...

iluvgamez 10 years ago
"but we’re inviting anybody of legal age to play an ESRB M-Rated title to come take a look and give Scarlet Blade a try. "
Well, good luck Aerie, i cant imagine that there are Mature ppl playing this. This already would be shut down without kids playing this boring game. I already stopped there reading because the bullshit already started with the first answer. That Aeria. gg

GamingMaster 10 years ago
This game is an insult to gaming ... it also objectifies women and in my opinion the game must be shut down and punished by law..

This game was made by a group of sick people and people who play it have the same sickness

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SlyFox 10 years ago
Tried it and it is no different than anything out there, but only with big boobs. Also, I never lag in games, but this one is bad. It feels almost like a high school science project you throw together at the last minute. I guess it is good for horny little boys that don't get any and can wack off at almost completely nude "cartoons".

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Akshansh 10 years ago
Lol 85% Boys and 15% Girls . and whats the age ratio ? maybe 70%<18

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Takerukun3 10 years ago
eh that's true. i can't forgive them for locking us in place during combat. it kinda defeats every interest i had in this game. like literally even basic attacks root you in place. so pvp becomes the dullest thing ever, if youre the stealth character you don't unstealth behind your enemy, attack and zip around so they can't get much damage onto you like other games, you sit in place like a rock. it really stabs me in the heart. its sad there is nothing i can do about it because the developers made it this way not the publishers. Seriously its horrendous game design along with the counter intuitive interface. The damned thing gets in my way, and needs to be repositioned every time i would log in. i totally uninstalled after i got to the first kill quest. if you're one for the world's dullest combat then be my guest. The devs were either lazy or did not know how to program good mechanics and focused on the art only. Again, its just marketing towards a lonely male crowd.

Golgo28 10 years ago
That much bs doesn't even come from the mouths of politicians.

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LordHikaru 10 years ago
Ya'll crack me up.

F* this 10 years ago
2 words, fan service. If the fans want eroge, then eroge=profit.

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I don't even.. 10 years ago
Are you serious? You're touting a transformation as the most unique aspect of your combat system? So basically IT'S BEEN DONE. Wow! So innovative! Please...please don't even try to deny that it's just a pretty exterior. You buried any doubt of that with your statement of transforming as a "unique" part of your standard combat system. It's been done, many many times before you. For christ's sake Iris Online has a transformation system with hundreds of different transformations..but that doesn't make it "unique" or good.

Absolute PR garbage. Uninspired run-of-the-mill mmorpg. Nudity tacked on with the hopes of hiding the aforementioned uninspired EVERYTHING.

Vic 10 years ago
I am so appalled that I am at a loss for words. Although I suppose that speaks for itself.

Cacalips 10 years ago
Every disgusting reply is marketing BS. "Our wonderful team and ..." "surprised to find that there’s much more to the game than its pretty exterior"... YEAH bs. It is a copy and paste grind fest, and they never elaborate or can define this "more to the game" aspect. They just give you the basic market: "AND WHEN YOU PRESS SPACE BAR YOU JUMP...WOW...!!". Fuk off ariea.

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Marlblanke 10 years ago
"MMOBomb: Do you want to comment on the item in Scarlet Blade’s cash shop that makes an avatar completely nude? Was it a tough choice to leave that item in for the North American version?

The Lingerie Unsealer was an easy choice. Scarlet Blade is a very solid MMORPG with plenty of great gameplay and features, but obviously one of its most unique features is its sex appeal, demonstrated by the ESRB rating M. Keeping this item in the game allows Scarlet Blade to retain that uniqueness to a large degree, and community feedback about its availability has been overwhelmingly positive thus far."

That's the most diplomatic "Sex sells and this game has a lot of it. So we'll make money out of it" I've ever heard.
Speaking of hearing.. I've also heard the PvP in this game was pretty fun, unfortunately I'll never find out since the PvE is incredibly boring.

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Kelborne 10 years ago
If you really want to see digital boobs go play Age of Conan. They look much better and you don't have to throw money or jump through any hoops to access them. Just start the game and whip em out for free. Helps that the game is much, much, much better than this one.

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Araragi-san 10 years ago
Ero powers on.

View 1 reply
punisher51 10 years ago

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