Dragon's Prophet EU Premiere Video

MMOBomb Staff
By MMOBomb Staff,

Last week MMOBomb.com had the pleasure to take a flight to Berlin to visit our good friends at Infernum Productions for the Dragon’s Prophet European premiere event, just for journalists and YouTubers.

We took advantage of the moment to interview Andreas Weidenhaupt, CEO at Infernum Productions and Tony Tang, founder of Runewaker Entertainment hoping to get the most information possible about Dragons Prophet, check the video to see what we discover about the game.

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In this article: Dragons Prophet.

Discussion (25)

mfaustin 11 years ago
this game is just what we need mmo fans,i which more games like this one in next years to come,but off course other classes and not just dragons ,but i mean ,good games are like this ,nice moutnts and pets with skills who fight and help s us fly or run all the way in the map ,just 5 starts,and is not a p2W game

Ezuri 11 years ago
Wow this game simply leaves me speechless.

Qjsky 11 years ago
Yup I think it' not game publishers but the games themselves that disappoint me! Awkward! Thank to Age of Wushu, we have a chance to touch its brand-new game design and mysterious oriental elements.

auan 11 years ago
the amount of new mmo releases this year is crazy, i cantdecide which one to go for, maybe i should start with age of wushu, heard some interesting comments about it.

Rawasa 11 years ago
pass to play it before it releases, yea nice logic......worry not we dont need people like you in this game.

Amanoh 11 years ago
NAhhhh!!!! it seems to me a grab money game.... i pass to play it , i will see videos only because i m bored to test games for free and giving money... i m not a ONG!!!!!

Shouya 11 years ago
I'll play anything that not P2W -_-

ZhaoYun 11 years ago
Fight for terretories.
Not p2w.
Lots of content
Nice Looking mounts
Good graphics
Ofc more of those things were said in the video but if they can deliver what they promise then this will probably be "my tera" since i cant play tera.Hope i can join the beta.
Very nicely done thanks for the info mmobomb

Angeleou 11 years ago
so at lvl 1 do i get a dragon? and how to dragon and the relationship of the player work? does my dragon start as a baby and grow depending on how much a use it? or is it already made an adult with specific skills etc. ?

EE1213 11 years ago
IMO, Sony is becoming the greatest F2P publisher in the world. I've never payed cash for items in a game by any other pub, but their pricing/power/balance is usually well thought out.

PS) I logged in for the Dragon's Prophet beta, and THEY GAVE ME 300 FREE STATION CASH~!~!

DragonBallZBattleofGodsMovieComingSoon 11 years ago
Looking Forward for Dragon's Prophet EU

Torrgurka 11 years ago
This game looks really promising!

nubcandy 11 years ago
The more i hear about this game the more i start to like it :)

Mgamer 11 years ago
Let me play the game already! >,<

Golgo28 11 years ago
did Andreas Weidenhaupt sound like a Bond villian to anyone else or was it just me.Oh and btw Mounted mounted mounted mounted!!


Muphet 11 years ago
i love the awesomenss of beta. you signup first day devs aanounces alpha/beta stage and you'll never get into it.

Adrian87 11 years ago
I did not expect the open world housing. Nice to hear that. I hate the instanced housing system that most of the games have. And to be honest i do not really care about housing system that much, but it is still something nice seeing your house in the open world.
From what they said in the video sound good. I still need to see the F2P model my self to be convinced and i'm curios how much can dragons compensate for the lack of classes, but right now i'm definitely interested in this game.

Spammie 11 years ago
I'm ready for beta, Just bring it (like The Rock would say)

IHateMMOs 11 years ago
Oh god please tell me its hack and slash and not another button masher.

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Adolv schmidtler 11 years ago
İ coupdnt understand alot because of his asian accent (no racist)
Game loola amazing and ..... Dragons are cool?

No mounted thats getting old.....and first is for kids....

punisher51 11 years ago
love this game already ;p

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